Secret Love Affair: I Love Sun Jae ❤ Because of Schumann

An actor who pours his heart and soul into the role he’s playing, lives up the character nobody else can do. An actor who said, “This is the happiest Spring in my life, because I live as Lee Sun Jae.” Yoo Ah In is Lee Seon Jae, Lee Seon Jae is love. Here’s a nice love letter for YOO~




Jomo's Findings

What took me so long? Is that what you are asking? Here’s the deal. I struggled against Yoo Ah In’s portrayal of Lee Sun Jae for weeks, telling myself he really isn’t that good. It’s just me being impressed by the production and the writing. Sure, there were brilliant bits here and there, but I determined it was only Yoo Ah In in the reflected glory of Kim Hee Ae. I wasn’t going to be blinded by pretty, but remain completely objective in my assessment of this beautiful specimen of a man experienced actor.

HA!  The many moments of awe turned into a stream, then a river, then a deluge.

Finally under the weight of the vastness of awesomeness required to pull off that freaking Rachmaninoff concert, I caved. This isn’t a good actor playing a good role, this is YAI acting his fingers off in the performance of his…

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