Yoo Ah In in A Journalist’s Eyes: An Actor Who Overcomes The Boundary

This is an article that was written by a reporter who knows Yoo Ah In well and almost is like a father to him. We are sure people will know Yoo Ah In even more after reading it and get to know how hard he works and great he is as a person in real life. Thanks to Fandomscape for letting us know about this article 🙂


Yoo Ah In, overcomes the boundary between a good actor and an outstanding young boy


Posted by Choi Jae Wook, 2014/04/28

Translated by YAI Sikseekland’s K-translator: Little Birdie

Edited by: Mathed



Misconceived perception in the tenacious communication through SNS, is redeemed by the best action in a drama Secret Love Affair.


While we go through the social life, there are some people who seem to stand out even though they’re still, because their colors are too strong. Also, there surely are some people who are unable to communicate with others even though they use the same language, and make others perceive in a totally different meaning even though words have the same meaning.


Most people are cautious about those who have a strong unique personality. That’s because of our social atmosphere, which does not allow us being outstanding without living in a harmony with others. People in schools and workplaces look coldly at those who are noticeable. Most people don’t try to understand their thoughts or opinion, but just have resistance. If they open their minds and listen to their stories, they might catch some clues of communication, but they tend to close their minds too fast. That’s why we’re living in a tough world, people are getting hard-hearted.


Entertainers are special and outstanding more than anyone because they’re full of so-called ‘talents’. They have lots of trouble when it comes to communication with the public since they’ve had no chance to experience the general social life and had only limited gatherings.


If they close their mouths, people misunderstand them being not wanting to communicate with the public. If they open their mouths, they are suffering from dilemma which demands sense of responsibility for what they say just because they are famous.


There’s only one way for them to raise their voices. That is doing well at their jobs. Actors must act well, and singers must sing well. Office workers must work well, and students must study well. Once they are doing their jobs perfectly, nobody blames them. People try to listen to their opinions carefully and understand them which never happen before.



Since I worked as an entertainments reporter for a long time, I’ve often seen some entertainers who are misunderstood because of lack of communication skills. Among them, the one who makes me feel sorry is Yoo Ah In, an actor, who has gotten the hottest attention recently from the drama Secret Love Affair (written by Jung Seong Ju, directed by Ahn Pahn Seok) of JTBC on air every Monday and Tuesday.


He shows his concern toward all places in his society and enjoys communication with contemporary people because his blood is hotter than any other actors in his age. But, he sometimes cause a stir using speech which shows his thoughts and feelings without filtering at all on SNS. His tone is so honest, straightforward and even aggressive that makes people frown.


When you read his SNS writings, written with his own speech without being refined, you might think of him being lack of basic manners or etiquettes as a celebrity who should have a sense of responsibility for his words and action.


Whenever it happens, I feel sorry for him because I’ve known him for a while. When you read his writings carefully, they seem to have well-versed tone, but also they sound like a voice of a lonely boy who wants to communicate with the public on the other hand. In fact, there’s a big gap between his actual feature and the public’s image.



I’ve seen Yoo Ah In since he’s in early 20’s. From a little crazy teenage boy with soft hair in his early 20s who got a bluff while his ego grew, to his mid-20s who grew as an actor humanely, I’ve watched him becoming a good actor and a nice guy who used to be a pretty cute boy.


I’ve always supported him with his effort to work up from the bottom step by step and to make his own image as an actor. Many people think he might be rude, arrogant and head for stardom because of his a little tough speech. He has strong ego and he is definitely stubborn. And he is still unique, smart and crazy.


But once you meet him, he is a really good guy who is polite, kind and considerate towards others. After so many years, his pure passion towards acting is still the same. Whenever I meet him every one year or two for promoting a movie, I always nags Yoo Ah In a lot with love. While other actors tend to let it go in one ear and out the other, he always listens to me even though he complains.


When I met Yoo Ah In before the movie 깡철이’(Tough As Iron) was coming out last year, I kept nagging him. Then, he said to me ‘This is the feeling when I was taken to my dad’ and we laughed out loud together. Actually, I meant to nag him at Secret Love Affair press conference last month. That was because his language in the raw on SNS caused controversy a few days ago before press conference. I wrote and memorized what I wanted to say on the paper the night before and planned to tell him ‘Please, stay away from SNS’.



However, I changed my mind while I watched the highlight movie clip at the press conference that day. His overwhelming acting closed my hasty mouth. I knew he would do well according to a screenplay I got beforehand, but I never expected he did such a good job. There was no Yoo Ah In who is 27-year-old. There was only 20-year-old Lee Seon Jae who was pleased with meeting a person who appreciated his talent for the first time in the drama.


I was astonished at his acting which expressed every single text of the screenplay perfectly. I was really impressed with his possession by Lee Seon Jae just the way he is even though the movie clip was too short. After the press conference, I visited him at waiting room and couldn’t help but say ‘You did a great job. Keep up the good work’. That was the moment I realized ‘An actor tells everything with acting’ once again.


People learn and grow from their own mistakes. I’ve watched Yoo Ah In growing up, keeping his belief after a great deal of trouble, either as an actor or a human for ten years. Also he always agonized and tried to come closer to the public rather than being a far-away star. His way to access is a little bit different and rough. If the public has more patience and keep an eye on him, I believe they’ll see the birth of a truly good actor.

Written by Choi Jae Wook, Pop culture critic.

Photos: JTBC

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

8 Responses to “Yoo Ah In in A Journalist’s Eyes: An Actor Who Overcomes The Boundary”
  1. Andrea says:

    I love the first part of this article on how tough it is for people who stand out or who are talented. Komapssimnida Choi ajussi.

  2. curlynoona says:

    I have always admired Yoo Ah In. I am someone whose emotions are right at the surface, and I think he is the same despite being a confident person. I think he finds the idea of not always being himself bewildering, and I like that.

  3. Angela says:

    Hi, it’s Angela again. Can i translate this article into Chinese and post it on our website?
    i’ll put this address for source. Thanks for your reply.

  4. Angela says:

    Oh i forgot to tell you that our website is YAITW (a Taiwan’s fansclub for Yoo Ah In)

  5. Furbabe says:

    Reading this made me so happy, knowing that Sik has someone watching over him, being his “dad” who contantly keeps him in check. Thank you Mr. Choi Jae Wook for your faith on YAI and for your compassion.

  6. ichahan says:

    Reblogged this on ichahan's World and commented:
    i like this!! it make me adore him more. thanks

  7. Mariana says:

    Many thanks for translating this great article!

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