Yoo Ah In Designs Shirts For Charity in The “Hangeul Fashion” Project. Here’s The Process


Not only did in Secret Love Affair where he showed off his hidden talent in music, Yoo Ah In is channeling the artistic side of him in the new clothing line sub-brand “New Kidz” of Nohant Korea.

Touted as a chic and modernist style, Nohant goes hand in hand with several top artists in South Korea in creating the new designs. The first artist collaborating with Nohant is Yoo Ah In. He got involved in designing their new sub-label for Summer collection, “New Kidz” under a project called “Hangeul Fashion”.

The Hangeul Fashion Project was uncovered yesterday, showing a street sensibility and strong personality style that fits young costumers. Yoo Ah In has been collaborating with his friend and designer Noah of Nohant for the past two months on designing t-shirts that had Korean and English designs on them. Nohant stated that Yoo Ah In represents the fashion conscious culture and the youth spirit, which fits the spirit of the campaign as well as their model.

Yoo Ah In said all the profits from his self-designed t-shirt will be given to the “Beautiful Foundation”, a non-profit for poor Korean children. Yoo Ah In has been a regular fundraiser for The Beautiful Foundation since 2012. It was reported that he quietly donated around $70,000 for the foundation in late 2012.



Yoo Ah In  and his friend designer Nohant planned out everything for the t-shirts, from design to production. Yoo Ah In’s self-designed t-shirts will be available for purchase from May 16 to 25 in selected pop up stores and Nohant official website www.the-nohant.com 

And now let’s check the 2-months design process that Yoo Ah In did with Nohant. It had been a hella busy couple of months since he was in the middle of shooting his drama too!



Is there another way to advertise Hangul, besides from the contribution of K-pop? Well, this is what Yoo Ah In did~

▷ 서울=ㅅEOUL

▷ 파리=PAㄹIS

▷ 뉴욕=NEㅠYORK

▷ 도쿄=TOㅋYO




Can you see how those letters and Hangul consonants collaborate perfectly? It looks simple and yet has the value of eccentricity. Anyone can easily relate to the actual meaning. In addition to that, it looks stylish. Yoo Ah In created the collaboration of Hangul and English that anyone can understand. As he said, this is a paradigm shift.



So, the hero called “Super Fashion” Yoo Ah In was born. With his best friend-slash-designer Noah, the two prepared a very long and slowly but surely for Hangul Fashion Project. 

What was his reason to join in the project? It is this single biggest reason: “to devote my talent to my ‘neighbors'”.

As widely known, Yoo Ah In is always interested in the social issues, especially the underprivileged children. He campaigned the “Child Care” for schools, and opposed the government’s plan on cutting the spending of school’s lunch program. Same goal with this project. All proceeds from the sales of the shirts will be given to the ‘Beautiful Foundation’ which supports the underprivileged children.

Dispatch came to the working site and witnessed the designing process right on the spot. It took around two months of work starting from March, in a workshop located in Shinsadong, Seoul.



The brainstorming started and they debated over the sketch. We didn’t see Lee Seon Jae of Secret Love Affair, instead it was Young Geol from Fashion King.



Yoo Ah In was very active and outspoken, continued throwing ideas that came to mind. He was very convincing and looked as good as a professional fashion director. When the idea stuck, he squeezed his head. Don’t you think he looks sexy even when he is under pressure? 😀


“I’m trying to express my idea”


“Will this work?”


Yoo Ah In said, “I don’t want to force people to contribute. It would be better if they buy the shirt as a way to donate. However, the costumers have to be fond of the design first, so that they will feel this as a truly bonus from giving a donation. So, we have to try harder [to make a good design].”

Great idea came out at the end of a fierce debate. It’s the collaboration between Korean Hangul and English that came from the aspirations of wanting to spread the excellence of Hangul to the world. The desire of wanting to achieve the globalization of Hangul, it’s definitely a huge goal. But it’s totally possible.

With Hangul consonants and English vowels, you can express everything. And since Yoo Ah In and his friends wanted to make it global, they picked six famous cities in the world. So there you go, the Hangul and English lettering shirt is born.


“Collaboration of Hangul and English?”

“It’s fun! It’s possible!”

▶ Yoo Ah In’s drawing sketches. Looks like the signs of distress, but they were going in the right direction 😀


“R and ㄹ sounds and looks alike

“Can you read ㄹOVE?”


The whole things from the ideas became materialized, and the planning work had done. Yoo Ah In still had to finish his primary task, that was shooting for Secret Love Affair on the next day. A few days later, we met again in the studio.



It was one late night in March. The Hangul lettering has become more specific. Next is picking up the fabric, so he went to the operational working line. He had to think of the materials, colors and t-shirt designs. Again, the meeting was in progress.


“What do you think of the fabrics?”

“Do I have to worry about this now?”

“This looks better than expected”


The time went fast too. April quiet afternoon. Yoo Ah In concentrated on the monitor. This time, they planned to aim Summer Season to throw the limited edition shirt into the market. They had to look for something bright and cheerful. For Nohant, Yoo Ah In was a fantastic partner. He stroke with his flowing ideas. And the result is, for a cool summer, they made the series configuration of “neon signs”.


Yups work work work~

“This time is for the summer collections…”

“Worry, worry, worry”

“Let’s use lettering”


▶ Want to see The Summer season sketch? The point is the witty lettering in neon colors.

“Happy is mounted on the shoulder”


“The Birth of Nohant ‘New Kids’ Line”

“How am I doing? Expressive sketch, isn’t it?”

Quizas Quizas Quizas, a song from Nat King Cole


Yoo Ah In poured out his passion for the last two months in this project. And now it’s ready to launch. His self-designed New Kidz t-shirt for charity will be available on 16th May in pop up stores located in Seoul, Busan and Daegu. Online store will open soon as well. Yoo Ah In’s acting, talent, and contribution deserve an expression of praise. 


Check more photos here 


Translated by Admin007 / © Yoo Ah In International Fans Community


Source: News20, Dispatch, Kdramastars, W Korea and Vogue Korea

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  1. jomo143 says:

    WANT ONE of each FOR ME!
    (The man and the T.)

  2. mpc226 says:

    And me also, want to have it! How to order online and how much?

  3. mpc226 says:

    And please post the complete designs collection of YAI for the New Kidz, thanks!

  4. Laura says:

    So cute and smart shirts! I wanttttt!

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