Yoo Ah In Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Update 14~17 May: Secret Love Affair Afterthoughts


I had a little conversation with fandomscape a while ago after the end of Secret Love Affair. While critics say that Yoo Ah In was Lee Seon Jae, because he embodied so well with the character, fandomscape enthused that Lee Sun Jae is Yoo Ah In’s reincarnate, not vice versa.I thought her idea has put him into a new light.

PD Ahn Pan Suk personally asked Kim Hee Ae to call Yoo Ah In for the casting. On the interview before the drama aired, PD Ahn said he saw Yoo Ah In’s acting in Jang Ok Jung and he caught his attention. However, it wasn’t just for acting that Yoo Ah In got into the best team in dramaland.

Secret Love Affair is not just about a love story, let alone the noona-dongsaeng romance. Like all PD Ahn’s works, it upholds the ideal that he wanted to deliver through Sun Jae and Hye Won. In order to deliver the message well, he needed his actors to understand the idea so that they could grasp their characters totally and be that ones.

Yoo Ah In has been known for making honest remarks upon social and political issues through SNS. He bears the same values as Lee Sun Jae’s, he’s an idealist like Lee Sun Jae. This is what Director Ahn saw in Yoo Ah In. And as we’ve witnessed, he (and the drama) did so well because he comprehended PD Ahn’s views. In particular, we can feel how much he loves his character because he’s just be himself.

On May 14, Yoo Ah In wrote a long note about his thought on Secret Love Affair in his personal Facebook. In his afterthoughts, Yoo Ah In pretty much summed up his feeling about the drama very nicely. One can see how much he enjoyed working with all those actors, director, writer and all the team members on this project. He wished to express all his thoughts about the drama and with all the co-workers while all the feelings are still fresh in his mind.


(photos: DC)


In his Facebook he posted a manga picture along with his writings. The picture was taken from a manga written by Kyosuke Usuta (うすた 京介). Usuta is Japanese manga artist, primarily known as a gag-manga writer. Usuta often creates strange characters in normal, realistic surroundings~ which actually can apply in Secret Love Affair too.


Now here are the translations on his afterthoughts written on his Facebook by our K-translator Little Birdie~

It’s already Wednesday morning since hot Mondays and Tuesdays are over. I’m on my way to the new workplace, not Secret Love Affair.

As time goes by, I’m afraid that senses of Secret Love Affair seem to be dull to another routine like this Spring. I want to write a few words about it quite early when images from the drama still linger in my mind.

Hye Won, who wants to ‘be a high society person’ said, “It’s me who had abused myself into misery. Furthermore, I gave wounds to many people I couldn’t even remember and put them into despair. So, I intend to accept my sentence.” she confessed.

At the end of the drama, Hye Won atones her past and steps forward to her real life as a real owner of herself, who used to deceive herself for a long time.

At the moment, I think Seon Jae is an angel rather than a genius. I mean, he’s like a mirror that saves and shines all souls of ‘Oh Hye Wons’ in the world.

TV dramas can be close and friendly entertainment which gives us comfort during our hard days. They can be mirrors that shine us all the details of ‘lives’ and ‘human beings’, and life through passage.

While playing Seon Jae, I was able to become a very honest inflectional mirror and a distortionless passage for the viewers. It was my best honor that allowed to me as an actor to meet the viewers this way.

I not only enjoyed the drama with eager anticipation in front of the screen, but also spent precious time as Seon Jae, in front of a mirror asking questions like, ‘What is a real human and a real life?’

Would I make myself a slave from what I had and what I want? Would I live a valuable life as a real owner of my life?

Even though it sometimes caused awkward feeling because it was too serious and heavy, the spring of 2014 was a precious time that I could check assignments I have had to solve, every moment for the rest of my life, and have a firm answer which used to be dim.

Affair ended up collapsing, love blossomed, now Hye Won stretched out and slept comfortably.

I played Seon Jae thinking of best ending, that is Seon Jae’s last line ‘I’ll be back’.

It’s not easy to show the stories in realistic system called ‘drama’ even though it’s regarded as a conventional art.It’s even more difficult when it shows through stories the stages which are hard to say and deal with.

Producer Ahn Pahn Seok and writer Jeong Seong Ju, the upright grownups who created the world of Secret Love Affair, solving all the procedure interestingly and steadily with the drama technique without being buried in the system. I really appreciate and show my respect to you two who showed enough chill and truthful truth.

I feel sorry that I had a moment not to move fast enough in that world.

I was happy that I could breathe in the same world with you guys, all the senior actors like Kim Yong Geon, and actresses, juniors and staffs.

And, my best partner, senior Kim Hee Ae, thank you. It was my pleasure even if I was pinched on the cheek and was given a good telling-off.

Lastly, all the viewers who sent us best love and enjoyed Secret Love Affair honestly until the end. Now stretch your arms and legs and have a sweet dream. See you next time.


Then on the 17th May, Yoo Ah In quoted Madam Lily Han’s part in Secret Love Affair episode 14. Obviously, Madam Han’s statement represents what most people have in mind when they spread false rumors to bring down the others. [Red color = Madam Han’s words]

Yoo Ah In shared his thought on Madam Han’s statement so spot on. [Black color = Yoo Ah In’s thoughts]

Master Sik pointed out that this kind of thought is ironically funny in his next tweet~


Back on May 15, Yoo Ah In was doing one of his jobs~ promoting his self-designed t-shirts for the charity under the Hangeul Fashion Project which had launched last weekend.He posted the picture of the shirt on his Instagram with a comment: I♥ㅅEOUL


~which appeared in his twitter feed too.


And of course he had to post a picture of himself wearing that shirt with hashtag #newkidznohant 😀 Our Master Sik is a master in marketing too, folks~

Quizas Quizas Quizas (Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps) is Nat King Cole’s song


Can’t wait for more projects coming ahead! Thank you Little Birdie for all the translations 🙂


© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

5 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Twitter/Instagram/Facebook Update 14~17 May: Secret Love Affair Afterthoughts”
  1. cecile lumer says:

    quizás quizás quizás is not a Nat King Cole song. It was written by a Cuban song writer and is very popular in Cuba.
    Other than that, thank you so much for translating and giving English speaking people like myself the chance to read YAI’s thoughts.

  2. curlynoona says:

    He seems like such a smart guy.

  3. Laura says:

    He’s such an amazing deep-thinker. Thanks for the translations!

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