Yoo Ah In To Set Foot in Beijing For Secret Love Affair China Promotion


Yoo Ah In is reported to visit Beijing on May 27 for Secret Love Affair promotion.

One of the biggest media outlet in China, Sohu Media House, has bought the copyrights of Secret Love Affair, to broadcast this Summer.

Secret Love Affair drew massive audience in China since its first airing. It drew more than 22 million views as of April 7 during the online broadcast in Chinaโ€™s premier website Sohu.com

To promote this drama, Sohu Media House will hold a press conference in Beijing on 27th May, and invites Yoo Ah In to attend the event.

An exclusive introduction video will be shown at the press conference, in addition to that, the company will hold a special fanmeeting with Yoo Ah In after the press conference.

The event will take place in Sohu Media Headquarters in Beijing, 14:00 to 16:00 pm. Twenty lucky fans will get the opportunity to participate in the live interview and the Meet & Greet With Yoo Ah In.


Yoo Ah In is slowly building his popularity since the broadcast of Jang Ok Jung in China last year. Secret Love Affair was predicted as the hit show to take the mantle from My Love from the Star. Along with that Yoo Ah In garners more China fans.

Sohu quoted as saying, “Born in 1986 in the high competitive 86-liners of Korean actors, Yoo Ah In is yet to ride the highest popularity of Hallyu Wave. However, he’s been long well-known for his distinctive image and excellent acting skill that left a deep impression. Yoo Ah In has the ability to give performance which is beyond his age.”

Since the China visit will be on the same day with Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony, it’s highly unlikely that Yoo Ah In will be attending the ceremony.

One cannot have it all and gotta choose, right? It’s still really nice knowing that Master Sik will meet his fans in China. He sure will have some fun ๐Ÿ™‚


Translated by Admin007/Sikseekland

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Source: Sohu, Baidu

9 Responses to “Yoo Ah In To Set Foot in Beijing For Secret Love Affair China Promotion”
  1. jomo143 says:

    OMG China is going to lose its collective mind watching this. We saw how YfaS captured their imagination, and SLA with the music and forbidden aspect. Wow, I can’t wait!!

    • Furbabe says:

      I’m sure it’ll be doing great! Chinese netizens already brought SLA to #2 most watched online drama after The Heirs this month.

      • Alexandra says:

        He goes to Beijing because knows he will not win any award at Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony. Usually, the actors who win prizes go to the ceremony. If so, I am very sorry for him because I consider him the best korean actor.

        • Furbabe says:

          Many people said that Baeksang has lost its credibility since years ago. If they can’t see the magic in SLA, then maybe it’s not worth coming/seeing. Apart from this, the China event was, apparently, a personal invitation from Sohu to Yoo Ah In, which is quite a big thing, because Sohu is one of the biggest media company in China. So I think I’m okay with this “swap”.

  2. cecile lumer says:

    This comment does not have to do with the recent post. I have been reading about Gangjeong Island and the the protests against the military base being built there. If possible, I am interested in YAI’s opinion. I don’t speak/write Korean, so I can’t go to his Facebook page, and I don’t even have a Facebook page of my own. But, if possible, please convey this question to him. There is almost nothing about this in U.S. news. It upset me to read about these problems on Jeju Island, especially as it concerns the U.S. military. Thank you.

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