PD Ahn Pan Seok Speaks on Secret Love Affair & Yoo Ah In

Secret Love Affair has created a cult following, and it’s thanks to PD Ahn Pan Seok who did the works of magic which exercise our brain in a beautiful way. A dedicated blog to this drama made by Soompi SLA thread members, Piano Conversations translated a very interesting interview with PD Ahn. Here you can also read his thought on Yoo Ah In.

Part I: How 100% piano-playing synchronicity was achieved
Part II: Yoo Ah In’s acting as Lee Seon Jae
Part III: Blown away by Yoo Ah In’s acting in episode 2

Part IV: Coming soon

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Translated by @seungshinl

Exclusive Interview of Secret Love Affair PD Ahn Pan Seok
– maxmovie.com 5.20.2014

 What he is most proud about the Secret Love Affair:

PD Ahn Pan Seok started the interview with a wave of his hand. “I have told the story in 16 Episodes what more could I say?” When he began, he started by saying he is most proud of the fact that he was able to complete the Secret Love Affair project while giving plenty of time for the staff to eat, sleep, and rest.

How he got involved in Secret Love Affair:

It’s a long story; it goes back 2007-2008.  At the time I was under contract with “Drama House” production company.  It had been approached by “Future One” production company to do a collaboration on an adaptation of the novel “Tokyo Tower” written by Ekuni Kaori.  Writer, Jeong Seong Joo was at the…

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  1. cecile lumer says:

    Thank you for translating and presenting this interesting and informative article. Really fascinating.

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