Yoo Ah In Confirms for Sado Followed by Kim Hae Suk, Moon Geun Young, and More


Following the news on Yoo Ah In being courted as the Crown Prince Sado for the movie Sado, Memory of Eight Days or 사도 (working title), director Lee Jun Ik officially announced the confirmed star-studded casts that will be the frontliners for his project today.


Media outlets stated that Director Lee Joon Ik, who responsible forThe King and the Clown; the highest grossing Korean film of 2005, and the award-winning movie Wish (2013), is making the strongest line-up by adding four new names in his casting line.


Previously reported, senior actor Song Kang Ho, has confirmed to play King Yeongjo. Yoo Ah In, who has just finished the hit series Secret Love Affair, will take on the role as the Crown Prince Sado, whom his own father, King Yeongjo, ordered him to climb into and be sealed within a large wooden rice chest till he died.


Moon Geun Young, making a comeback to the widescreen after eight years, will play as Lady Hye Gyeong, Prince Sado’s wife; the mother of Yi San who became King Jeongjo, and she will witness her husband’s execution. Later she wrote The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyeong, detailing her life as the ill-fated Crown Princess, her husband’s descent into madness and deeds for which he was eventually put to death.


Yoo Ah In reunites again with senior actress Kim Hee Seok, his mother in Tough As Iron who will turn to his grandmother, an influential figure Queen Dowager Inwon in this movie. Very well fit! Queen Inwon was King Sukjong’s concubine and became the queen consort following the death of Queen Inhyun and the execution of Jang Ok Jung. And as we know, Yoo Ah In plays as King Sukjong in Jang Ok Jung, Live In Love. What a nice coincidence here!


Actress Jeon Hye Jin (Obsessed, 2014) is introduced as the Crown Prince mother and King Yeongjo’s wife, Lady Sonhui (also known as Royal Concubine Lee Youngbin). Her boundless love for her only son prevented Lady Sonhui from blaming the Crown Prince for all the turmoil. However, the fear about the future of the four-hundred-year-old Yi dynasty led her to a momentous decision: she had to protect the king, even though it meant giving up her only son.


Meanwhile, actor Park Won Sang (Medical Cross, 2014) also confirmed the cast as Sado’s father-in-law Hong Bong Han.



During the 19th century, there were rumors that Prince Sado had not been mentally ill, but had been framed. Political analyses suggest he was the victim of factional power struggles. Such analyses claim that Prince Sado, who possessed an impeccable character, died because he sided with a losing faction.


Sado’s death remains an issue of debate to whether his death was a retribution for his actual misconduct or if he was the victim of a conspiracy by his political opponents. With complicated character that Sado had, Yoo Ah In is expected to bring the new spectrum of acting as the wretched crown prince.


In his recent interview with cine21, director Lee Jun Ik said that he was inspired by Masaky Kobayashi’s movie “Harakiri”, and he would create Sado in a saga/imagination style. The idea of making Sado is based on his thought that they’ve got mountains of stories about fathers killing sons and sons killing fathers, but barely a story about Yeongjo-Sado tragedy. Although there are so many stories relate to Sado, most of the time they were more about the Great Yeongjo and Jeongjo while objectifying Sado. Therefore he plans to make Sado in a new and different point of view.


Sado plans to crank in on July this year, and will release sometimes next year.


Master Sik and confirmed Saeguk movie? Unicorns and rainbows united! Let the good times roll!


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Source: newsen, Sportskhan

10 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Confirms for Sado Followed by Kim Hae Suk, Moon Geun Young, and More”
  1. Suzy says:

    Sado’s father-in-law Hong Bong Han/Lady Hye Gyeong’s father was the prime minister. I bet he had something to do with the king’s decision to kill his own son too. Yoo Ah-in played Sukjong and then will play Sado his grandson. Very interesting!

  2. jomo143 says:

    I love the idea that he gets to act with the awesome SKH. While Yoo is a method actor, I don’t think Song goes after the character in the same way. This adversarial relationship will be as exciting at the Tree With Deep Roots pairing of Song Joong Ki and Baek Yoon Shik.
    Han Suk Kyu and SJK played the same person, but did have at least one scene that I remember together, too. The old guard training up the younger kids. I like it.

    • Furbabe says:

      That’s why I feel the butterflies in my tummy because this is too good I’m afraid bad thing will follow. LMAO! All is well~ all is well *chants*

      • jomo143 says:

        Nothing bad happens when success comes from hard work. YAI wasn’t lucky in SLA, he was really good. No worries that this director won’t be a great guide for the young actor.

        • Furbabe says:

          You mean Baeksang? Well, I knew he wouldn’t win since he decided to go to China today instead of coming to the ceremony. Yeah it’s just maybe these two new projects are sooo good I don’t want them to fail 😀

  3. Laura says:

    impeccable prince will turn to a smexy impeccable prince because of YAI :p can’t waiiit

  4. primie94 says:

    Hmm! can’t wait to see Y❤️❤️ as “SadoSeja” ,,, now watching ‘Warrior Baek Dong Soo’ ,,, quite interesting story of SadoSeja (Oh Man-seok) But mainly for my other crush Yoo Seung-ho:) also love Ji Chang-wook in Empress Ki >///< btw SIK is always my BEST ;D

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