Secret Love Affair Wins Best Director And Best Scriptwriter at Baeksang, Kim Hee Ae’s Warm Speech

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The 50th Paek Sang Arts Awards (also known as Baeksang Arts Awards) just announced its winners this evening. Secret Love Affair bagged 2 awards out of five nominated categories.

Secret Love Affair PD Ahn Pan Seok wins Best Director, while writer Jung Soong Ju wins Best Scriptwriter. (Even with these two awards, they still didn’t win in the Best Drama Series category, which I find odd).

PD Ahn and Writer Jung with their critically-acclaimed drama Secret Love Affair beat other contenders in the directing field such as Reply 1994, Good Doctor, You From Another Stars, and I Hear Your Voice.


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In his short speech, Director Ahn said thank you to everyone who participated in the work, and he especially said a million thanks to Kim Hee Ae and Yoo Ah In. PD Ahn received the scriptwriter award on behalf of Writer Jung too.

Yoo Ah In didn’t get to win Actor Top Excellence Award.Β But I already had a hunch about it, because Yoo Ah In himself didn’t attend the ceremony, instead he attended the Secret Love Affair China Promotion in Beijing on the same day. The winner is senior actor Jo Jae Hyun (Jung Do Jun), which I don’t mind at all because he’s such a good actor and humble person too πŸ™‚

There’s one funny thing happened, though. Kim Hee Ae was the one to announce the Actor Top Excellence Award. On the stage before announcing the winner, Kim Hee Ae confessed that she was rooting for Yoo Ah In. She said although she had not seen the results yet, to her, Yoo Ah In was the best. And if he won she would give the trophy directly to him. Aww…so sweet! That’s a special praise, Ma’am!

Β Giving a special praise to actor Soon Hyun Joo :p


In this ceremony, Kim Hee Ae won a special award Best Fashionista. In her cute and heartwarming speech, Kim Hee Ae thanked her stylists for making her look younger in Secret Love Affair. She also thanked Secret Love Affair viewers.

She said that it’s thanks to her role of Oh Hye Won she won this award~ because she got the chance to have a romance with a cool man 20 years her junior [audience screamed “Yoo Ah In!” and she said “Yes, beautiful Yoo Ah In” and laughed], to show the appearance of a woman in love, a business woman, feminine woman, and a teacher altogether.Β 

Kim Hee Ae also thanked everyone for the love they give to her character Oh Hye Won. “I want to sincerely thank the viewers of Secret Love Affair who sent us so much love, and I’m more thankful because it seems the viewers understood our true heart. To the viewers who cheered Seon Jae and Hye Won til the end, I really wanted to greet you on behalf of the casts and crews.”

And lastly she said, “To those who have a life like Oh Hye Won and want to be Oh Hye Won, hopefully through Secret Love Affair, you guys will think about your life and love yourself more. Otherwise, I will punish you severely!” LOL!

(Thanks to cecilia and greenwood96 of Soompi for translating this awesomesauce part)


Check her speech video here~


Congratulations to all the winners, especially to Secret Love Affair that brings home 2 awards! Secret Love Affair daebak! For Master Sik, I’m sure this is just the beginning of your awesome journey~ keep it up and fighting! πŸ˜€


Source: TVDaily, baekn

6 Responses to “Secret Love Affair Wins Best Director And Best Scriptwriter at Baeksang, Kim Hee Ae’s Warm Speech”
  1. RENATA says:

    Congratssss SLA! Two awards for a cable drama against the terrestrial dramas! This is a breakthrough. YAI should have won Best Actor and this should have won Best Drama too, but it’s still awesome!

  2. jomo143 says:

    IT is almost as if they are saying, “Pssst! We can’t give you best drama, but, actually, this is the best script EVER, and you are the best director EVER. We don’t want you to be mad at us for being afraid to pick something controversial. So here.”

  3. Laura says:

    A bit disappointed that YAI didn’t win Best Actor because he totally deserves it. But happy for SLA team because they win in two prestigious categories. And I heard the US-based Asian channel “Hulu” will buy SLA and broadcast it there! More fame to come for Master Sik too!

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