[PHOTOS & BRIEF INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In Charms People at Secret Love Affair China Event


Yoo Ah In participated in the promotional events of Secret Love Affair in China on May 28, and once he’s done with the press conference local media touted him as the “new emerging Korean star”.


News reported that the drama ranked #2 as the most-watched online drama this month. One of the biggest media outlet in China, Sohu Media House, invited Yoo Ah In personally to attend the Secret Love Affair Press Conference and Meet & Greet events.


Yoo Ah In arrived in Beijing one day before the events. He wore a casual summer outfit and kept smiling despite the hot 38-degrees Celsius temp.

Donning Newkidz shirt that he designed for a charity project, Yoo Ah in charmed the local journalists and fans by his sophisticated mind in the interview session that was broadcast live yesterday. Check the recorded interview video here.


According to my friend fandomscape who understands Chinese, all the hostesses and hosts of Sohu have a big crush on Yoo Ah In, claiming him to be the top one of every aspect.



Even though the theme of this event was Secret Love Affair Promotion, the focus of the interview was completely devoted to Yoo Ah In as an actor. The questions revolved around his acting philosophy, including how he was able to grasp Lee Seon Jae’s character, and his outspoken criticisms towards social issues through SNS. He also shared his impression having appeared in the drama, saying that Secret Love Affair is his path to grow steadily as a person and a better actor.



Here are some brief points on his interview. The full translations will come soon in Piano Conversations Blog ๐Ÿ™‚


When asked about his working experience with Kim Hee Ae, Yoo Ah In said that he and Kim Hee Ae have different acting style. While Kim Hee Ae had the perfect preparation to avoid making a single mistake in her lines, Yoo Ah In just went naturally with the flow with some improvisations.


“However, even though we have the opposite style, we were able to share our heart. As long as you put your heart and feelings [into your work], style does not really matter at all,” he said.



Yoo Ah In was very surprised seeing the enthusiasms of people in the studio, and said he was impressed by the questions in the interview.


“The questions are deeper than those I had in Korea,” and he joked, “You all seem like taking the photos of me a lot. Should I stop talking?” to fans inside the studio who were busy taking his pictures during the interviews.


Talking about his motif behind the SNS, Yoo Ah In said that as a part of the society, with a profession like his that constantly keeps in contact with many people, he wanted to exert influence of his values over others as well, because “Yoo Ah In lives with a sense of purpose”.


Talking about the criteria in picking the scenario, Yoo Ah In said, “How much I can relate to the character and how close the character to mine, is important to me. Because that’s the basic of acting. If I’m not able to empathize the character, I cannot be that character, since I won’t be able to understand how to play this role.”


Yoo Ah In also talked about his two movie projects after Secret Love Affair. In particular, for the first time he will play the role of a villain in Veteran. Yoo Ah In wishes that through this work he can show his underlying strength that he has been cultivating during his “short” ten years of acting career.


Yoo Ah In also showed a special love towards the Chinese historical dramas. When asked about the possibility to work in China, he said, “I want to appear in historical drama in China too if there’s a chance. There was a time when I only watched Chinese period dramas during my junior high school days. I think we have the same color and culture, and in terms of (geographic) distance we (Korea and China) are very close.”



After the interview, Yoo Ah In exchanged gifts with his fans and the broadcast company. He gave them his Newkidz shirt while his fans gave him a set of fine handcrafted ceramic cups. He took group pictures with them as well ๐Ÿ˜€


On his way to the studio and back to the hotel, he greeted fans who were not able to get into the studio and waiting for him outside ๐Ÿ™‚


He also had a marathon interview with some other media at the same day~


We are sure he’s still having a fun time in Beijing today. Have a nice break, Master Sik ๐Ÿ™‚

Check more photos from this event here


Translated by Jay of YAI Sikseekland

ยฉ Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

All the photos belong to the owners as tagged

Source: tvreport

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