[FULL TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In’s Interview With Sohu TV China 2014.05.27

We’ve posted the brief translations of Yoo Ah In’s interview with Sohu TV yesterday. And today, Piano Conversations translated the full interview.

Before the interview started, Yoo Ah In took an “office tour” with Sohu Media House staffs and owner. Here’s the clip~


After the Sohu TV interview, Yoo Ah In went on to the marathon interviews with some other Chinese media. Here’s one of the clips~


Hopefully we get to have the translations soon.

Now here’s the in-depth interview of Yoo Ah In with Sohu TV translated by @seungshinl from Piano Conversations



Translator: @seungshinl 

Author: @junebugg

Pictures courtesy: SikSeekers International Fan Club

Against a large banner of Seon Jae, the host begin with her introductions. Before the interview begins, a montage of Yoo Ah In’s many roles from over the years, set to Beethoven’s Appassionista, is played in the backdrop, along with lines from his movies and drama interspersed throughout the clip. Upon seeing the clip though, we begin to wonder, if the event is about Secret Love Affair promotion at all, or a moment of recognizing Yoo Ah In’s diverse choices as an actor. Although, its somewhat satisfying that Secret Love Affair’s scenes take up majority of the screen time, among the potpourri of screen clips included.

As he walks to the dais, it appears that all the world’s a stage, not just to the actor in him, but also to the celebrity with a surprising social consciousness. He is dressed in his self-designed gray…

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7 Responses to “[FULL TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In’s Interview With Sohu TV China 2014.05.27”
  1. Baby Beagle says:

    Thank you for all the translations! I watched video twice and really enjoyed! Right now I so want to know how is our YAI ‘s feeling after Beijing trip!? He must have ton of thoughts……

  2. seungshinl says:


    I just saw this interview for the first time, this is another great interview by YAI, uninterrupted, just his words. A lot of insight into his acting and what he thinks of it.

    He speaks, without commas, periods or breathing it seems… his words just spill out of him…. I would love to know how this was aired in China in terms of translation. If it was by subtitle, they would have had to cover the whole screen with what he said in each screen shot. Very interesting actor indeed.

    • Furbabe says:

      I’d like to know too if all the Chinese captions and subs conveyed all his words. Asking my friend for the translations from Chinese to English^^

  3. Laura says:

    Thanks for the splendid interview translations!

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