Sexy Yoo Ah In is Back in W Korea Summer Photoshoot

Yesss, our pretty and sexy man Yoo Ah In is back posing in front of the camera again post-Secret Love Affair.


This time our “Lee Seon Jae” transforms from that boyish modest pianist haircut into a dandy pretty boy with dyed bangs, for W Korea Summer fashion spreads. This one will definitely be irresistible, for sure. I mean, look at this~


Cool and sexy summer in the forest. Don’t mind the bugs. We are drooling together.


Even when he buries himself in the greenies, that neon red suit and those sexy lips will help us not to miss his trace.


A very nice angle you got there, Mr. Photographer. It emphasizes his sexy chin, and we spot a glimpse of man’s boobs. Oh yeah.


W Korea stated in their website that the photoshoot takes on Yoo Ah In’s ultimate hideaway no-body-knows-except-us-lucky-crews concept. “And now we feel SO grateful for having a chance to breathe the same air and be in the same space with Lee Seon Jae, nay, Yoo Ah In.” So please be jealous.


W Korea with Yoo Ah In fashion spreads will be out July 2014.



Source: W Korea

5 Responses to “Sexy Yoo Ah In is Back in W Korea Summer Photoshoot”
  1. Baby Beagle says:

    Oh, yeeeeee…! I am dying! Waiting for more sexy photos! Love! Love YAI!

  2. curlynoona says:

    Sooooo good-looking, in such a unique way

  3. RENATA says:

    Aackkkk I wanna have the mag!

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