Petition For Secret Love Affair Director’s Cut DVD. Let’s get right on it!



This is a special announcement to the foreigners/fans who live outside Korea.


Secret Love Affair is conducting a survey for Director’s Cut DVD version. It’s more like a petition for the production team to release the director’s cut version of this drama. Normally, every Korean drama does the same thing after the show ends, as a special gift and an appreciation to the loyal viewers who became huge fans of the drama.


If you’re an avid fan of this sophisticated drama, you might consider to grab the Director’s Cut for your own collection. With Director’s Cut version you will get a lot of benefits that you won’t  get anywhere if you only purchase the regular version.


From my experience with Jang Ok Jung Director Cut’s DVD, we can get exclusive bonuses such as posters with actors’ signatures, behind-the-still cuts, interviews with the actors and director, NG scenes, extended scenes, deleted  scenes, director’s commentaries, the original script, and more. Not to mention, an exclusive pretty packaging. Of course, this comes a long with pricey set due to the additional production cost. But it’s worth the purchase, especially because this is Secret Love Affair~ the winners of Best Director and Best Writer in Baeksang!


Remember, join the petition does NOT mean that you are obliged to purchase the DVD, nor do you place the advance order. The purpose of this petition is to show our enthusiasm towards the Director’s Cut version to the drama team. You simply add your name to the list so that the Secret Love Affair production team can see how many people are interested in the Director’s Cut. The more people sign their names in, the bigger chance for Director’s Cut version to get produced.


If you’d like to join the petition, please send your message (in English) by email to with this format:

Email subject: SLA Director’s Cut DVD
Email body: your nickname, your email address, your country, and how many DVDs/Blue Rays you want. Example~

Name: Sikseekland


Country: USA

Quantity: 2 sets


Go Go Go!

Source: SLA DVD Daum Cafe and DC

4 Responses to “Petition For Secret Love Affair Director’s Cut DVD. Let’s get right on it!”
  1. RENATA says:

    Thank you! Waiting for the background soundtracks CD too!

  2. rosy says:

    done..!! thank you

  3. Vera says:

    Any progress?? …since it is already April 2016…

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