[PHOTOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Twitter/FB/Instagram Update 2014.05.22~2014.06.14: Colorful Life

Spring and Summer always lift up Master Sik’s mood and bring out the quirky side of him. Moreover, it’s the vacay, relaxing, and parteh time!


Since the filming of Veteran comes to an end this month, Yoo Ah In’s schedule is always shooting and shooting. However, he’s still got some times for amusement and leisure with his loved ones, being a DJ/VJ for us and introduced some of his fave music and movies. The busy days will be peaking again next month, as Sado, Memory of Eight Days will start crank-in on July 1st.


Now let’s take a look at his twitter and facebook updates first~

On May 25, Yoo Ah In shared Coldplay’s new single “Another’s Arms” from their new released album “Ghost Stories” in his Facebook. He quoted the lyrics from the song too~

Sounds creepy yet sexy


On May 29, Yoo Ah In posted a link of Melon site to Kim Chang Wan Band‘s 2006 single “Hats And Spaghetti” from “The Happiest” Album.

Kim Chang Wan is an  actor who plays as Dean Min in Secret Love Affair. He is most well-known as a senior psychedelic rocker, a former member of Sanulrim rock band (1977-2008)~ one of the most influential figures in the Korean Rock scene, and still active in music industry until now. 

Here’s the translations~

“Hats And Spaghetti – Kim Chang Wan Band bit.ly/RrYvTr #Melon If I miss you, there’s no one else could miss you more than I can do.”

Hookay…so may I conclude that you missed someone at the moment, Sir? *winks*


On June 6, Yoo Ah In gave a shout out, using the Hangeul-English mashup writings just like his own Newkidz t-shirt’s design~ “ㅅEOUL, I ❤️ U!”

It was Seoul’s Mayor Election 2014 Day, so we presumed he was satisfied with the democratic process that happened in the election.


And the latest “editions” from his instagram~

A sexy back of his head when he was starring at the sunset/sunrise sky with a view of the Han River Bridge, June 12. Feels like hugging!


The next day, Jun 13, Yoo Ah In posted a photo of a book in his instagram.


The book’s title is “Poetry of The 30”. He commented under the picture with, “My turn”.

He added a comment in the comment box too with, “Cool”.


We assume this relates to his age that soon reaches 30, by Korean age, and he’s preparing for the new chapter of his life.

Though Yoo Ah In is still 27 years old by international age (he was born October 1986), in Korea he’s 29 years old already. Eh? Yeah, it’s the Korean age counting. Korean age is added on at the turn of the year. So, people turn one year older every new year (January), even when he/she just had a birthday in October or December~ one to three months prior to the new year. Add it with their belief that a baby is 1 year-old right after he was born, and you become 2 years older than your actual age.

“Verses of The 30” is a poetry book, consisted of 50 poems written by 50 famous poets in vertical writing style (that almost disappeared by now), which sing reality, frustrations, and the wandering of the 30s people. The book sends a positive message that after the suffering of the twenties, thirty is the age where you can look at the beauty all around you. Yes, no worries, 30 is the new 20!


June 14, he continued posting another pretty dusk sky picture with a sight of his head :p He commented, “The warmest color” with hashtag #blue

So he thinks blue is the warmest color. And I bet it’s not a coincidence that “Blue is the Warmest Color” is the English title of a French movie too (La Vie d’Adèle – Chapitres 1 & 2 – “The Life of Adèle – Chapters 1 & 2”), which based on the 2010 French graphic novel of the same name by Julie Maroh. 

At the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, the film unanimously won the Palme d’Or from the official jury and the FIPRESCI Prize. It is the first film to have the Palme d’Or awarded to both the director and the lead actresses. Blue is a film about two women from different social classes finding their sexual identity and exploring the freedom and love.


And now, the fun times!


140522 at the Monkey 47 Korea Wines Bar & Restaurant Launching Night ~ spot him among the crowd! (hints: green 13)

140526 with China’s TV personality, Maurice, in Beijing

140528-140531 the Hong Kong vacation~ can you see the shadow of his pornstache? 😀

140530 with actor Go Chang Suk (Secretly Greatly 2013, Face Reader 2014)

140603 goofying around with a friend in Itaewon

140605 at a friend’s birthday party


140606 at the Veteran shooting location, signing the banner from his Korean fansclub Ainsunflower who sent the crews a big lunch buffet

140606 having fun with his buddies after the filming, and he named this “thugs” group “Hanamdong S.O.S” 😀

140610 at the Veteran shooting location, posing in front of the banner and goodies sent by Korean fansclub Ainese. Wow, so handsome!

I heard from a staff that today’s shooting ended past midnight/early morning. Master Sik must be super tired! Report on Veteran will be coming soon.

More photos are here and here.


Photos credit: Yoo Ah In’s friends’ instagram accounts, Ainsunflower, Ainese, Maurice, Monkey47 Korea

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  1. Laura says:

    he’s a truly unique person. now i’m searching for la vie d’adelle movie to watch it. nice to know that he’s having fun 🙂

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