[PHOTOS & BRIEF INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In Shares His Thought And Goes for Exotic Summer in W Korea

After revealing the BTS photoshoot with Yoo Ah In, W Korea finally released the magazine with Yoo Ah In as the cover of July issue, in The Hottest Men edition. He also embellishes the exotic summer fashion spreads page with his captivating smoldering eyes. And of course, da lips!

And boy is he HAWT or what? Feel free to drool on the pictures~


Along with the pictorials, W Korea released the interview with Yoo Ah In as well. Here’s a brief translations on the interview by our Yoo Ah In International Facebook Page~


Having finished the drama  Secret Love Affair, Yoo Ah In stood in front of the camera again. In the middle of his busy shooting schedule for the movie Veteran, Yoo Ah In enthusiastically accepted the photo concept and the styling ideas that W Korea proposed to him.


I have to bear countless attention of people and yet I take my pride in the fact that I have never given up being ‘me’ (myself) even once”


“It’s been a while since the last time I felt things got better after Wandeugi (Punch, 2011). However, I have to take a step back away from my lingering feelings that hovers over Secret Love Affair,” he says.


Yoo Ah In says the genius pianist ‘Lee Seon Jae’ is an unrealistic character, and he wants to go back soaking his feet in reality, immersing himself in a realistic character again after the drama finished.


As of now, Yoo Ah In is shooting Ryu Seung Wan’s crime-thriller movie Veteran in full swing, taking a villain role for the first time.


“One step to release my feeling from Secret Love Affair, is becoming a villain. It is my next thing,” he says. “I thought I wanted to play a cool villain in a clean and poignant film. Jo Tae Oh’s mind (his character in Veteran) is one that responsible for the axis of evil. I chose this role because I think he will be an interesting character.”


Currently in the peak of his popularity thanks to Secret Love Affair, Yoo Ah In reveals his reluctant feeling and humbleness, “I will spend my last 20s by giving one last glance to withstand countless attention of people, yet I take my pride in the fact that I have never given up being ‘ me’ (myself) even once.”


Yoo Ah In’s full interview and pictorial for W Korea July issue is scheduled to publish on 20th June 2014.


Source: tvdaily

Translated by Admin007

© Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

16 Responses to “[PHOTOS & BRIEF INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In Shares His Thought And Goes for Exotic Summer in W Korea”
  1. hello #YooAhIn you are my Idols god bleess nd take care your self.Your acting its a very very nice to me!!’ I support you always here in the Philippines i hope someday your visit to my country and your are promote your movie here. Thats my wish!!! sorry about my english thank you,i hope your understand……Good luck,idol!!!!

  2. a passerby says:

    there are some translation mistakes here

    NOT “give in to sense of pride….”
    BUT “I take my pride in the fact that I have never lost ‘I-ness(myself or the essence of Yu Ain?)'”.

  3. curlynoona says:

    I like how they did his makeup- overly perfect smooth color bothers me.

  4. Wow says:

    Such a humble actor he is. He refuses the overwhelming popularity that he’s reaping now and in fact moving forward to another character that he thinks more realistic to his liking.

    • Furbabe says:

      He always said that he never wanted to settle in the comfort zone, and we know that he’s not looking for popularity or such. Fame seems a bother or “burden” to him instead.

      • primie94 says:

        Yeah! That’s why we ❤️ him…. he keeps on following the trail of his dream, not the highway of other expectations:
        Thanks for the post sweet angel😇…
        Ahh! love to rip his pants off (:last pic:)
        Oops!… moooore pics to come right!!!!

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