SikSeekers Drama Project Report – Supporting Yoo Ah In And “Secret Love Affair”

Hi SikSeekers~

I am sure all of you enjoyed Ah In’s performance in the recently finished drama Secret Love Affair. His superb acting as Lee Seon Jae with Senior Actress Kim Hee Ae along with Producer Ahn Pahn Seok and writer Jeong Seong Ju created a well-made drama which was full of beautiful music! And finally, after long overdue, this is our report on Sikseekland Project: Supporting Yoo Ah In And Secret Love Affair.

For this project, SikSeekLand joined force with AINZone (Ah In fans in Daum Cafe), and Japanese Fans to raise as much money as we can to contribute in bringing in a lunch/buffet cart for the entire Secret Love Affair filming crew on the site.

The event took place on Friday, April 18, shortly after Sewol Ferry incident. So we did a very quick and low-key lunch project for Yoo Ah In and the crew since it was still during that very sad time.


Capture 1

With all the fund that were collected, a very nice lunch buffet cart was set up, snack bags for the production crew, presents for main actors/actresses and for Ah In as well were prepared, and two banners were presented as well.

Check out the buffet menu, yummy foodies, custom-made snacks wheel-car, coffee cups with cute stickers, our banners, hats, and goodies including wine for all the crews~

Capture 3
Capture 2Capture 4
Capture 5 Capture 6 Capture 7 Capture 8
Capture 10


In addition, we, SIKseekers, also send our message through a very elegant poster with all the participants’ names to Ah In. When the poster was delivered to Ah In by our friend in AINZone, he was very surprised! Yoo Ah In sincerely thanked Sikseekers for supporting him!

Check out our special goodies for Ah In, from the skin products to a nice fedora~

Capture 9


Looking at the names on our banner, Yoo Ah In was very surprised to see where his international fans are from, in terms of the diversity of all countries/continents. He was very appreciated with our support and said “thank you” to us all!

Although we haven’t had a chance to take his picture, when I heard about it, I was still quite excited knowing that we did surprised him and made him happy… and he sincerely thanked us! That also shows how humble he is to me!

This is the bigger version of our designed poster with all names of fundraisers that we brought to him (right-click to enlarge) ~


A total of 30 SikSeekers from Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Ukraine, and US participated and raised almost $600 for this project!

Now, due to some fund arrived a bit late, we only spent $400 for this project. The remaining $200 will be used for the upcoming project to support Ah In’s next movie project Veteran.


We give our Top 3 Donations some giveaways as a token of our appreciation. Here they are~

#1 SuteiRK (Japan) 

#2 Natalia (Ukraine)

#3 Gift (Thailand)

Each of you receives one JACK&JILL Photo Booklet. All presents are on their way to you~^^


Below is the list of our lovely key coordinators from each region. Without your help, we would not be able to carry this project out so nicely.  Thank you~

Europe Region: @gabbiepink
Indonesia: @Sweetgodzilla
Malaysia & Singapore: @mdkaolad
Myanmar: @mochimochila 
Thailand: @bluesherbet_

In addition, all this would not take place if I don’t have my dear Korean friend, AncientKingdom nim’s help!

Since we were working with three other groups, necessary modifications and communications were taking place along the way.  While our general idea and the intention of the project did not change, certain aspects of the project had to be modified.  

As I mentioned before, we also present all our participating SikSeekers’ names to Ah In with an elegant poster designed by one of our talented SIKseekers @annicacchi and then  printed by AncientKingdom nim.  

It is great to see our hard work being paid off at the end! Thank you, everyone for all your help and support!! See you again in the Veteran movie project! Fighting, SikSeekers!!


6 Responses to “SikSeekers Drama Project Report – Supporting Yoo Ah In And “Secret Love Affair””
  1. Laura says:

    Wowww! Daebak!!!

  2. Furbabe says:

    Thanks so much mathed nim~ it looks really great! I’m so happy reading that Sik said thanks to us all^^ So proud of us! And thank you Ancientkingdom unnie too! ♥

  3. Miko says:

    Thank you so muc!(^^)! I can know about this project in detail . I’m really pleased. I’m so happy!!! ^^~♡

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