Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, Moon Geun Young Begin “Sado” Screen Test Today



It seems that Yoo Ah In has finished filming Veteran, or just about to wrap the movie up. A local news reported that Yoo Ah In and Hwang Jung Min were seen shooting Veteran in Cheongju on the 24th from night till morning.

Although it’s unclear when they will crank out the Veteran, another news just released this evening that Song Kang Ho, Yoo Ah In, and Moon Geun Young met for the first time today for Sado script examination and screen test.

The movie official distributor, Showbox, confirmed the news by stating that Director Lee Jun Ik was coaching the actors this afternoon. Lee Jun Ik supervised the three main lead~ Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, and Moon Geun Young, in their first screen test together, which took place in Hanok village, Seoul.

All the characters participated in the screen test had their real shot done with real filming properties, from wardrobes to the sets. Originally planned to crank in on July 1st, it’s likely that the filming will start earlier than the plan.

Sado, Memory of Eight Days (working title) is a project with star-studded casts. Song Kang Ho (as King Yeong Jo), Yoo Ah In (as Crown Prince Sado), Moon Geun Young (as Lady Hye Gyeong), Kim Hee Seok (as Queen Dowager Inwon), Jeon Hye Jin (as Lady Sonhui), and Park Won Sang (as Hong Bong Han) have confirmed their roles in this movie.

The latest addition to the ensemble is teen actress Jin Ji Hee (Can We Love, Goddess of Fire, The Moon Embraces The Sun). She takes on the role of Princess Hwawan, Sado’s little sister.

Princess Hwawan was the third and most beloved daughter of King Yeongjo. Although Sado and Hwawan were siblings from the same mother, they did not have a good relationship. History recorded that Sado was jealous of her close relationship with their father, while Hwawan was involved in the defamation of Sado’s character.

And this is the first teaser poster that was published on Naver Movie database on June 23. Very simple and yet artistic.


Let’s give a big cheer to Master Sik! Fighting!


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4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In, Song Kang Ho, Moon Geun Young Begin “Sado” Screen Test Today”
  1. Laura says:

    oh i wish they shared the photo of the screen test! fighting. master sik!

  2. mpc226 says:

    Can’t wait….thanks for the updates admin! LoveYOO

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  1. […] besides the screen test and the script examination that we’ve reported on 26th June, Sado held the Gosa Ceremony for the movie’s good fortune and success, on the same day too. […]

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