[VIDEOS & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In Got Smitten by Shin Min Ah in Mise En Scene New 2014 CF

So, having a couple sexy dance in the mise-en-scene trailer with Shin Min Ah a while ago, Yoo Ah In continues his sexy dance moves with Shin Min Ah in the mise en scène (Mijangsen) Official 2014 CF that was just released on July 1st.

In addition to that, the brand released the Making Of video which shows the cute chemistry between the two stars. Yoo Ah In plays a Casanova got smitten by the sexy Shin Min Ah and turns to… a puppy, figuratively.

So, any drama projects for the Dimple Couple, dear Mr. Producers?

No more words, just check the BTS and 60 seconds version of this CF~



This one is the 15 secs version


The cute and sexy GIFs by DC~


And of course, the screencaps by our Twitter admin; Admin GF

Check more yummy sceencaps in this album. and more yummy GIFs in our twitter too!


8 Responses to “[VIDEOS & PHOTOS] Yoo Ah In Got Smitten by Shin Min Ah in Mise En Scene New 2014 CF”
  1. jomo143 says:

    He’s so freaking hot. He’s like Cary-Grant-Gregory-Peck-Steve-McQueen-Paul-Newman in their suits hot from the old movies. The boy knows how to wear his skin and his clothes. That smile. BAM! It kills me every time.

  2. Laura says:

    they’re so cute! wish they couple in a drama someday too

  3. mpc226 says:

    Yeah, he’s so freakin’ hotttt….and their dimples to die for, these two should be given chance to collaborate in a drama/rom-com and am pretty sure their chemistry will surely blast!!!!Right Furbabe???

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