[UPDATE] Veteran to Premiere October, Sado Starts Shooting July 8

Veteran wrapped the filming up on July 1st before the sunrise, and Director Ryu Seung Wan said on one of his interviews that the premiere date will be sometimes around October or the second half of 2014.

 With his stuntman at Veteran shooting site, June 30 (credit: stuntman instagram)


Apparently besides the screen test and the script examination that we’ve reported on 26th June, Sado held the Gosa Ceremony for the movie’s good fortune and success, on the same day too. All the actors and crews attended the ceremony. Here are some photos taken from this blog.


If you can spot Yoo Ah In in these 3 photos,  you’re a true blue fan!


Naver Movie also reported that Sado pushed the filming start date back, from Tuesday 1st July to the next Tuesday, July 8.

(Source: DC)


A movie shooting announcement from the Korean Village informs that they’ll be shooting in that place till September 21.

Same place with Jang Ok Jung filming set? (credit as tagged)


Check more photos from Veteran in this album, and Sado in this album.


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  1. […] reported that Veteran planned to première this October. However, Naver Movie Database changed and pushed it back to 2015 without any confirmation dates […]

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