Yoo Ah In Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Update & Translations 2014.06.20~2014.06.28

While he was not busy with the shooting, Yoo Ah In made to post several interesting stuff on SNS during the last ten days of June. Good to know that he still had time for some rest!

Let’s take a look on them one by one~


On Sunday morning June 20, Yoo Ah In posted his own selfie on his instagram account, smiling widely while lying on a mattress on the wood floor with sunglasses up on his head. Looks like he was enjoying his sunbath ^^

puffy eyes detected!


The funny thing is that at first he commented his selfie with smiley icon πŸ™‚ but later he came back again at 1 AM in the morning and wrote,“dump”.

Perhaps then he thought he looked ugly? Come now, Master Sik, you still look great even if you were picking your nose! (Okay, exaggerate much)


After posting the selfie, he posted his own pretty photo on the cover of W Korea, July 2014 issue, with hashtags #W Korea July2014. Looks like the two pictures are starkly juxtaposed, as if showing everyone the many sides of Master Sik~ a hottie Yoo Ah In while working, and a humble homey guy Hongsik after work done.


On the same day, Yoo Ah In had a nice dinner with nice wine at his friend’s birthday party. What a lovely Sunday!

( source: Yoo Ah In’s friend’s instagrams)


June 22, Yoo Ah In was doing the selfie again…by accident! He stood in front of a store and took a photo of the display window with comment “renew” and put these hashtags~ #product #prdt. He added the “clapping-hand” icons in the end. His reflection was seen in the store window, and we can see that he was smiling if we zoom this picture πŸ˜€


PRDT is the name of a fashion boutique which is known for its brand Product Seoul. Opened in February 2011, 7 minutes walk from Line 6 Itaewon Station, PRDT sells several local designer’s collections, including Nohant, with whom Yoo Ah In designed the famous Newkidz and Love City sub-brands. Here are some photos of the store from the front angles~

Yoo Ah In took a photo in front of one of these windows (source: friend’s instagram & PRDT)

I believe Yoo Ah In helps promoting PRDT because he has his own shares on the brand as well.


On June 28, Yoo Ah In posted his writings on his Facebook wall~


And uniquely he then screencapped his Facebook wall and posted it on his Instagram! We found it out from his twitter feed which automatically stated, “I just posted a photo on instagram” :p

He didn’t say anything but on the comment box he put the “praying” hand-gesture icon. lol


Here’s the look of his screencapped writings, with our translations~


He didn’t seem to feel enough of it, so he went to twitter and posted more thought on that. Here’s the translations~

Although we’re not sure of the case that Yoo Ah In was referring to, it’s obvious that once again he criticized the hypocrisy of society that he was witnessing. He always talked about this many times before when issues arose in his surroundings. So, basically he sent the message to all of us that rather than being two-faced hypocrites mocking the others, you’d better focus on fixing your own soul. Amen to that, Master Sik!

Thank you so much our K-translator Little Birdie for the translations πŸ˜€


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  1. Laura says:

    He’s SO cute and smart! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

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