Yoo Ah In & Hwan Jung Min’s Battle to Spark, Veteran Cranks Up

After nearly four exhausting months of filming, the crime-thriller movie Veteran officially cranked up on June 30. The movie’s wrap party was just held last night, July 8. Yoo Ah In was reported came to the party with his representative.


Helmed by the 2013 blockbuster Berlin movie director Ryu Seung Wan, Veteran cranked in March 16, and the final filming involved a large-scale fight scene on June 30 in Cheongju. Hwang Jung Min was head to head with Yoo Ah In shooting their ultimate last action scene. Roughly 100 extras participated during the fight scene and the car chasing scene.


Here are some of the photos from the filming site, just released today~

(after the last shoot, June 30. Can you spot him?^^)


In his statement at the wrap party, Director Ryu Seung Wan said, “It was a pleasant filming period with great actors, best film crews, and I especially grateful that during the action scenes no one got badly injured thanks to the great stuntman team. Also thanks to our families for the support, a heartfelt thanks to all the team because we finished the shooting on time, and even the weather has been on our side this time.”


Hwang Jung Min plays the role of a strong principle and dedicated but blunt detective Seo Do Cheol in the criminal investigation task force, while Yoo Ah In a very high confident cold-blooded young tychoon Jo Tae Oh, a reversed character from his previous roles.


With the successful of his portrayal on a genius pianist in Secret Love Affair, people have high expectation that our Master Sik will showcase a strong acting of an angel to evil transformation. Yes, I’m very confident that he will pull this character off!


Veteran is also touted as a star-studded casts film with the participation of famous actors such as Oh Dal Su, Jung Woong In, and Jung Man Sik. The movie is scheduled to release in the second half of 2015. Check more photos in our album.


Source: Naver

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