Yoo Ah In is Well-Prepared For Sado: “I Have Faith In It”

Previously reported that Sado was holding a Gosa ceremony and the first script reading on July 8 in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, the film distributor Showbox released the photo of first script reading today.


In this picture, Song Kang Ho and Yoo Ah In look fierce and so much immersed in their roles as King Yeongjo and Crown Prince Sado.

Angst away, Master Sik. Angst away!


Sado, Memory of Eight Days (Sado) focuses only on the last eight days of the Crown Prince Sado’s life after he was ordered to climb into and be sealed within a large wooden rice chest on a hot July day in 1762 by his own father King Yeongjo. Yoo Ah In as Sado will be expressing a human side of Prince Sado and his relationship with his father.


After the first script reading and screen test, Song Kang Ho said, “This project gives me a big pressure and quiver. It’s an arduous work, but I’ll do my best. I hope we all go through this safely”.


Yoo Ah In could not contain his excitement, “Ever since we finished with the casting, I’ve been waiting for the full filming. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since I read the script. I have faith in Sado because we have a strong desire [in working it out] and the script is amazing. It’s very touching,” he said.


Although Yoo Ah In has had experience filming period TV dramas, this is the first sageuk movie for him. He has been preparing meticulously for the role by devouring books which deal with the period in Joseon during Yeongjo and Jeongjo’s reign, such as “Power And man” and “Memoirs of Lady Hyegyong”.


The joint scriptwriter, Oh Seung Hyun, said, “Yoo Ah In is very keen to get closer to the character and acting,” and “As he acts, he is thinking about the actual agony that a person who can experience nothing but tragedy will go through.”


Director Lee Jun Ik said that Sado will refocus on the figure of Crown Prince Sado in a new light. He wishes to draw audience’s compassion and empathy towards both characters, King Yeongjo and Prince Sado, through humanity and the multilayer flaws behind a perfection.


Sado plans to première in 2015.


Source: Naver and StarMT and Cecilia of Baidu


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3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is Well-Prepared For Sado: “I Have Faith In It””
  1. jomo143 says:

    This is is going to be awesome and terrifying! Look at those faces.
    Thanks for the news and translation.

  2. Laura says:

    sooooo exxxcitedddd!! can’t waiiiiitttttt! but 2015 is still far far away!

  3. Furbabe says:

    YOO are welcome dearies!

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