Yoo Ah In Suffers An On-Set Injury + Sado to Criticize Society


Yes it happened again, sadly. AfterTough As Iron (his hand was injured on the set) now Sado. But don’t worry he’s alright now ๐Ÿ™‚

Yoo Ah In has become the latest K-drama actor to suffer injuries on the set of a film or drama. And like so many actors he chose to ignore his injury and return to the set to resume filming.

Yoo Ah In was injured while filming the movie Sado, Memory of Eight Days in Jeollabuk-do, Nawon, on Thursday, and was taken to the hospital. The injury took place during a scene in which his character Crown Prince Sado has a heated argument with his father, King Yeongjo (Song Kang Ho).

Yoo Ah In was supposed to fall to the floor and hit his head on a fake stone floor, but he got so carried away with his role and wasn’t able to look around the surroundings that his head hit the real stone floor instead.

He was treated at the hospital and told to rest but despite the doctor’s advice, he returned to the film site and continued acting.

His agency, UAA, released a statement saying that fans should not be concerned. The actor only received a minor injury.

“He only got a light bruise on his forehead while filming in the set on July 24,” said the UAA statement in an interview with Dispatch. โ€œItโ€™s not a severe injury. The most he got was a little bruise,โ€ added the representative.

The injury that Yoo Ah In sustained, according to the representative, wasnโ€™t a serious one that needed to be brought to the hospitalโ€™s emergency room.

โ€œWe only headed to the hospital to ensure the part that was hurt (in case it was worse than it looks). After disinfecting the part that was bruised, they applied medication,โ€ the representative further explained.

Yoo Ah In is not the first K-drama actor to suffer an injury while filming. In the last year alone several K-drama actors have been treated for on-set injuries.

His Sado co-star Moon Geun Young injured her eye while filming Goddess of Fire and had to take a few days off from shooting while her eye healed.

Meanwhile, Sado Memory of Eight Days (known as Sado), will attempt to clarify the story of a prince that some say was unfairly accused and his controversial death, which is considered the greatest scandal of the Joseon era.

History said that the prince was insane and given to murderous rages that resulted in many deaths. His father could not execute him since he was a royal so he ordered him sealed in a rice bin until he suffocated.

But the new film says that the prince may not have been as prone to murderous rages as was previously thought. His story may have suffered from revision by people who did not like his political views, particularly his ideas on land reform.

The way the prince has been perceived is largely based on his wife’s memoir titled “Hanjoongrok”. The memoir focused on his manic behavior.

The portrait of the prince in that memoir was used as the basis for the 1956 film Crown Prince Sado and the 1988 film Sky Sky. An alternate view of Prince Sado as a revolutionary was posed in the novel The King’s Wrath.

Sado, which begins shooting this month, will explore the idea that he was a revolutionary whose views greatly displeased his father. In the film Yoo Ah In plays the prince, who died at the age of 27. Song Kang Ho plays his father Yeong Jo, and Moon Geun Young plays Sado’s wife Lady Hye Gyeong.

Lee Duk Il is the head of the Hangaram Institute of History and Culture Studies, and he reinterpreted Prince Sado in his book.

According to Lee Deok Il, the author of the book “The World Dreamed by Prince Sado”, published in late 2011, the prince was not insane but rather a man who faced an unfortunate death due to his desire to create a more democratic status-free world. This clashed with his father’s desire to maintain the monarchy’s power.

“Prince Sado received a biased view for about 200 years”, said the author. “I wanted to shed light on Sado’s strong faith in going against the ruling party for revolution.”

“Prince Sado was not a psycho, as written in ‘Hanjoongrok’, but rather a man with good qualities who faced an unfortunate death due to his revolutionary thinking that shook the leading group’s foundation”, states the chief in the book.

Yeongjo’s obsession with Prince Sado is coming into focus as the cause of the tragedy, and Sado, Memory of Eight Days criticizes society’s excessive education fervor.

“I will show how Yeongjo’s emotions toward Prince Sado evolve from happy to anticipation, then anger and hatred”, said Director Lee Jun Ik. “I want to give a lesson to today’s parents who obsess over their children”.

As of today, Yoo Ah In is taking a day off from shooting the movie and he will resume filming again on Monday. Sado is expected to premiรจre in 2015.

Take a good care, Master Sik! Fighting!


Source: Hancinema, Soompi, kdramastars and Sado movie crew

4 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Suffers An On-Set Injury + Sado to Criticize Society”
  1. Miko says:

    I feel Lady Luck must be smiling on him. Because he always tries his dest .

    • Furbabe says:

      He’s always too immersed in his roles which caused accidents ๐Ÿ™‚ At first I was worried because media reported as if it was a huge accident but then I found it funny because it was just a minor injury caused by him getting carried away with his role ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Laura says:

    that’s our YAI. always immersed in his roles ๐Ÿ˜€ plz be careful Master Sik!

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