[PHOTOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram/Twitter Update July 2014: Work Hard Play Hard

News reported that Yoo Ah In suffered from minor injury during the filming of Sado, Memory of Eight Days this month, but fear not, Master Sik is just fine now. He even had some chills with his besties admiring the view of Dongho Bridge over the Han River while he was not shooting the movie.


July is both a hard-working and chillax month altogether for Yoo Ah In. The schedule for Sado’s filming is definitely not as harsh as the last shooting schedules (Veteran and Secret Love Affair at the same time). Let’s take a look at his instagram and twitter update during this month, plus some pictures posted by his agency staff and friends.


On July 3, a staff from UAA posted a freshly haircut Yoo Ah In and said, “Finished shooting Veteran, so here’s a cut of Jo Tae Oh’s [Yoo Ah In’s character name] hardened hand.”


July 8, Yoo Ah In was online on his Twitter and tweeted a link to an article by Weiv, a popular music webzine.

Here’s the article link http://www.weiv.co.kr/archives/18122?ckattempt=1

It’s quite a long article so I just sum it up a bit here. The title of the article is Cuddling in A Contradiction of The “Authenticity”. The article analyzes the ambiguous word of ‘authenticity’ in practice. More important than anything, authenticity should have the presence of and constitute the “ego”, and any works that implement it is a result of the projected ego of the creator (in this case, music writer/composer). The writer of this article gives some music clips from indie bands as the examples of authenticity and analyzes each of them, such as 김창기 – Little Words (feat. 이재희), and 황 보령 – As If Nothing Had Happened. The writer concludes that in order to fully appreciate the creations (in this case, the music), you’ll need to look deeper. Music will always touch the heart no matter what feelings it intends to convey.

And Weiv was very thankful to Yoo Ah In for tweeting the link because it increased their site traffic so crazily, causing a web crash for a while due to the high traffic visitors.

Translations: “Today our site’s traffic exceeded the capacity too ㅠㅠ We’ve just reset it. Thank you so much. This week we will add the server capacity. #Super thank you Yoo Ah In ㅠㅠ”


On July 16, senior actor Kim Eui Sung (The Face Reader, The Suspect) said he met with Yoo Ah In at Sado movie set in Gyeokpo Beach (located in Gyeokpo, Byunsan, Buan in Jeollabuk-do Province). The beach is part of the greater Byeonsanbando National Park where the shooting of Sado takes place.

Kim Eui Sung tweeted, “I visited Song Kang Ho-Yoo Ah In’s Sado shooting in the wonderful Gyeokpo yesterday, and talked with Yoo Ah In for the first time. This is the truth; you cannot but love Yoo Ah In. He’s a beautiful, intelligent and bright, and sharp man. Someday I’d like to try acting with him in a movie.”

I say that’s a top praise 😀


On July 28, Yoo Ah In tweeted a link to a video clip of indie singer Seun Woo Jungah with her song “The Days”  http://tvcast.naver.com/v/145388


Check the youtube version of the same clip~


Sun Woo Jungah is a Korean temporary jazz and ballad singer. She’s also a songwriter and producer who has taken part in some of YGE artists’ biggest hits, like GD’s &TOP’s “Oh Yeah,” 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and “It Hurts,” and Lee Hi’s “Crush,” “Because,” and “I’m Weird.”

The Days is a mellow song about trying to forget someone who was once so loved but the memories keep coming back day by day. It’s a nice catchy ballad song that deserves a spotlight, and I thank Master Sik for introducing me with another good song 🙂


July 28, Yoo Ah In posted a photo on his Instagram. It’s a dark room with a gleam of light through a window or a crack, showering a desk and a box on the floor. Two empty chairs positioned as if people just sat on them earlier. He didn’t say anything about this picture, but we presume it’s the corner of his place, and he just loved the effect of the light to the surrounding, so he took a picture of it.


Last but not least, here are some of the photos of Yoo Ah In having fun with his friends during July~

July 4, camping with friends~ check the bruise on his left thigh, probably from Veteran shooting? Still, he laughed out loud 😀

July 5, sitting on the rooftop with Sun Jae’s hairstyle viewing the beauty of Dongho Bridge over the Han River with his buddy~

July 6, hanging out with friends and he felt the need to take a goofy selfie~

July 7, at the rooftop again with friends enjoying the pretty Dongho Bridge view over the Han River


July 17, another dorky selfie time with friends outside~


July 27, having a big dinner with buddies~


July 30, hanging out with his friend again and making funny face :p


Check more photos of Yoo Ah In with friends in our Facebook Album. And have a fun summer!


Photos: Yoo Ah In’s instagram & friends instagram accounts

7 Responses to “[PHOTOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram/Twitter Update July 2014: Work Hard Play Hard”
  1. RENATA says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post! I love it especially Kim Eui Sung comments about YAI. Sik is a trully beautiful person inside out. Glad that he’s fine and happy.

  2. primie94 says:

    Did he know that his soul shines like a thousand stars?
    and; Thank you is not enough for you,, Furbabe!! you ROCK!!!

  3. a passerby says:

    translation mistake here
    영민 doesnt mean young but intelligent and bright.
    Kim Euisung says Ahin is beautiful, intelligent and bright, and sharp.

  4. Laura says:

    super adorbs and dorky Sik ♥♥

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