[PHOTOS] Instagram Update 140801: Yoo Ah In Continues With Nohant, Posing With Hyeongseop

After reaping the huge success with his self-designed t-shirt Nohant’s New Kidz “Love City”, Yoo Ah In continues working as the guest designer for Nohant Men FW14 Collection and rubs shoulders with Korea’s own world model Park Hyeong Seop.


Hyeongseop has graced the world’s fashion capitals from Paris to Milan, and now he becomes the model for the emerging local fashion brand Nohant.


Yoo Ah In came to the photoshoot session, this time not as the model posing in front of the camera, but as one of the designers. He was spotted discussing ideas with Nohant staffs on July 31st. Look at his chicken legs ๐Ÿ˜€

guess which one is Master Sik


After they done with the work, Yoo Ah In, Hyeongseop and Lee Hyunyi (another Nohant model) took some photos together and shared them in both of their instagram accounts. They both shared the photos on August 1st. Check the photos out~


Hyeongseop was the first one posting their photos in his instagram~ of course with goofy faces style :p


On the second photo he said “With Hyung (big brother)” ~ lol at their faces


Following Hyeongseop, Yoo Ah In posted another photo of them in his instagram and commented “with @hyeongseop #Nohant Men”


Lee Hyori, Baek Ji Young, Lee Young Jin and some other celebrities join the wagon of the โ€œLove Cityโ€ fans by posting their photos wearing the shirt in their SNS, EXO Suho wore the tee today, Roy Kim wore the tee on stage, and Jay Park wore the shirt in his photoshoot. The “Love City” shirt was spotted in the famous/trendy Korean dramas worn by the lead actors as well.

So how will his next self-designed tee look like? Let’s wait together!


Photos: Nohant, Yoo Ah In & Hyeongseop’s instagram accounts

3 Responses to “[PHOTOS] Instagram Update 140801: Yoo Ah In Continues With Nohant, Posing With Hyeongseop”
  1. RENATA says:

    Cuteness overloads!!

  2. Laura says:

    awww both handsome talented men but Sik is the cutest *drools*

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