[TRANS] Update On Secret Love Affair OST CD & KBS FM Classic Interview

(Photo credit: Milhwae Gallery)


As we previously reported, Secret Love Affair OST [which includes all the background music, opening and ending credits] is out now for preorder via Yesasia, with official release date on July 24. However, a legal issue arose and they pushed back the date. According to DC insider, JTBC is saying that the release has been delayed but they hope to have it out by August 4th to 8th.

A blog post from pianist Song Young Min (Yoo Ah In’s stand-in in the drama) shares the story about the issue they had to resolve regarding this OST. Here’s  the translations~


July 30th 12:27 in the afternoon, we received a text from the spokesperson for Leeway [T/N: the music production company].

“Finally today, Mil Hwe (Secret Love Affair) OST is available online/offline! The CD came out pretty/beautiful too! I will send you a ‘taek bae’ (a special gift).”

’It is finally here’ I said to myself, since I have been anxiously waiting for them, probably more than anyone else.

I don’t know if it was a pure coincidence or fate but that evening, I had an important event so I went to get my hair done. For the first time since the drama ended I ran in to Yoo Ah In-ssi.

We were so happy to see each other and got caught up on the news from our time apart. I asked him to come to the concert.

I talked to him about the OST. That it was coming out today. That the photo of Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae noona came out very well. Yoo Ah In-ssi was very happy about it too.

So I went to look for them online but I could not find them. I wanted to know what happened so I inquired with Leeway spokesperson. He told me, a situation happened and that he will tell me the details later.

A few hours later, I heard from Kim So Hyung seonsangnim (Secret Love Affair music supervisor). Online/offline release was blocked because ‘Future 1’ which is a co-producer of drama Secret Love Affair, sent an ‘official document’ [T/N: legal document] to JTBC on July 30th.

As of now, our OST Team and JTBC is all together in a panic mode. We (I am) are not able to suppress our anger at the reason for the closure of the ‘blog’. [T/N: I assume he’s talking about the Secret Love Affair OST online purchasing page that was provided by Leeway in their website]

JTBC wants to release the OST as soon as possible.

I know that the people who are even more upset than our OST team is all of you who have been waiting for the OST.


Not being able to go to the owners, they are in a heap like this. I hope they will be able to go to their owners very soon.

Translated by Seungshinl from Piano Conversations (with translations notes by Furbabe)


From his story it seems that Future 1 didn’t know anything about the production of the OST CD, and when they found this out they probably thought that they had the “rights” on it too. Hopefully the OST CD that we’ve been waiting for will be releasing soon.

And now, regarding the KBS FM Interview with both pianists Song Young Min and Kim So Hyung’s interview, Seungshinl from Piano Conversations did a nice translations.

Some interesting points from the interview: at one part of the piano concerto scene [where Sun Jae looks around to find Hye Won in episode 10], Pianist Song Young Min who played all the scores, acted out the part as well like Yoo Ah In did, because he was too absorbed on the acting.

Pianist Kim So Hyung also said that she was amazed by Yoo Ah In. As a person who didn’t know anything about piano, Yoo Ah In learned very quickly in three days, and expressed the emotions and motions perfectly.

And they are preparing for the official concert to mark the release of the OST.

Check complete interview with the performance videos in Piano Conversations 🙂


Photo borrowed from Song Yung Min’s blog

8 Responses to “[TRANS] Update On Secret Love Affair OST CD & KBS FM Classic Interview”
  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for the translations. Hope the CD will be out soon too.

  2. jomo143 says:

    Thanks!! I will be buying this for SURE.

  3. josh says:

    any news on the release of the ost? that preview song at the end of each episode is killing me

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