[PHOTOS] First Glance On Yoo Ah In As Crown Prince Sado: Welcome Back, Sexy Beard!

Peeking…Who is this?


Let’s thank Master Sik’s Korean fans and the movie staff who did a good deed to all fans around the world, by sharing the BTS photos, so that now that we can catch a glimpse of Yoo Ah In’s new look as the Crown Prince Sado in Sado, Memory of Eight Days.

The photos were taken on August 1st, at Sado filming set in Buan. Yoo Ah In’s fansclub, Ainsunflower, threw a big lunch buffet project for all the crews that day, and got a chance to see the new face of Yoo Ah In.


Don’t be shy, Master Sik. Show us your face! ๐Ÿ˜€




Sado movie’s archery instructor also posted Yoo Ah In’s photos in his blog while he was practicing the basic theory of archery on the same day.ย 

Too cool and hot (at the same time) for words!


The pornstache is back with a bonus: sexy beard โ™ฅ

Where has the innocent boyish Sun Jae gone? Well, maybe now he’s traveling around the world with Hye Won and the piano ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s save our drools for more smexy Beardy later. Welcome back, sexy manly Sik!

Check more photos in our Sado, Memory of Eight Days Album


11 Responses to “[PHOTOS] First Glance On Yoo Ah In As Crown Prince Sado: Welcome Back, Sexy Beard!”
  1. Baby Beagle says:

    Thank you for sending those pictures! You read my mind~~ I miss him so much!

  2. Yessss! Welcome back sexy pornstache! Love love love the article. Thanks furbabe!

  3. RENATA says:

    Omona! The boyish Lee Sun Jae has become a sexy Crown Prince Sado โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ Nice transformation! This reminds me back to SKKS.

  4. Miko says:

    Thank you! Really thank you so much! I’m very happy!!! Sik ,he looks really nice with a mustacheโ™ฅ

  5. mpc226 says:

    OMG! Finally…been missing YOO for ages! Thanks everyone who are responsible for these and of course to u dear @furbabe…LoveYOO!

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  1. […] We already saw a glimpse of Yoo Ah In’s new look for this movie before, and I think it’s gonna be our last peek. The movie producer has set the rules that no one is allowed to share the photos of the lead actors in SNS, because those pictures will give too much spoilers and reduce the element of surprise. Oh I totally support this. I love big surprise! […]

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