[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Philips Fansigning With Yoo Ah In 2014.08.13

Yoo Ah In took off his false beard and sageuk costume from Sado, and changed to a casual boyish style at the Philips VisaPure Men Product Launch & Fansigning Event at Yeouido IFC Mall, August 13th.

Only 50 fans had a chance to get his signature through a lucky draw because he had to go back to the shooting location at the same day. This is Philips second fansign event with Yoo Ah In after August last year [check the first fansigning event here]. I feel like it just happened yesterday!


Video from last Wednesday event~


Our friend Sutei-san was one of the lucky fans who got his signature, and she shared some photos with us SIKseekers! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks, Sutei-san!


Some nice pictures from the event by the press~

Nice body you got there!


And here are a few of fansigning photos taken by Oremong, jjige, Limeade, Moonai, Kein and DC YAI Gallery~ Yoo Ah In was smiling all the time to his fans ^_^


Secret Love Affair fans from DC Milhwae Gallery prepared a Secret Love Affair Review Book as a present for Yoo Ah In. The book contains all fans’ analysis and reviews of each episode in the drama, including fanmade illustrations from Secret Love Affair fans in DC. Yoo Ah In looked so surprised when he received the book and he promised to read it!

Aww…what a nice surprise

Check complete photos in our Facebook page in the album โ€˜Philips Fansigning Event 2014.08.13โ€ฒ and have a nice weekend!

2 Responses to “[PHOTOS & VIDEO] Philips Fansigning With Yoo Ah In 2014.08.13”
  1. Wow says:

    he’s a cutie. and the review book is totally an awesome present.

  2. Laura says:

    He looks handsome, healthy and happy! thanks for sharing the new pictures!

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