[TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram & Twitter Update 2014.08.02~08.16: Sharing Love

So after he posted his photo with model Park Hyeongseop on the first day of August, Yoo Ah In was online again on 2nd August and posted a photo of his self-designed eco bag Nohant “Love City” in his instagram. The photo was taken in Central Park, New York. He commented and put hashtags like this: #nohant #newkidz in neγ… york.



Yoo Ah In also took a photo of a fake Nohant shirt copied from his own design idea. What in the what? What kind of people counterfeit a design that was made for a charity purpose and sell it?

Yoo Ah In posted a witty comment, “So this is #Fake. Very pleased with ㅁilano” (I supposed the second line was written in cynical tone since that ㅁilano lettering is ugly~ and so are the rest of them).


Following other celebrities who have been showing off in SNS their Nohant “Love City” shirt, Girls Generation’s Hyoyeon was spotted wearing the design as her fashion airport on August 2nd as well. (And more from the latest airing of K-dramas)


In the afternoon, Yoo Ah In posted the 3rd picture. It was a rainbow in the sky above the Han River and Dongho Bridge. Soooo perrrdyyy! He sure is a good photographer.


Remember he posted chairs and table with a ray of light before? He did it again on August 5th. This time, he was sitting on the chair (different chair, though) holding a cellphone, against a bookshelf as the background.

Nice home library! Nice Fornasetti snake carpet/rug and a set of smurfs you got there too πŸ˜‰ (you can see it by increasing the brightness)


His friends took the picture of this snake carpet several times from his allegedly house~


“Happy Together” time at his friend’s birthday party on Saturday night August 9th. Check out his chiseled muscled arm and body! Weeh~~


Saturday August 16 is Korea’s independence day and national holidays. It seems a holiday for Yoo Ah In too. Yoo Ah In saw a piece of article from wikitree and forwarded on twitter~

He said “Very beautiful”. Yoo Ah In seems impressed by this article and wants to share its warmth with us all.

The title of the article is New Employee’s Company Car Accident, Legal Exposure Ends. A new employee drove a company vehicle and hit another car. However the owner of the car that he hit didn’t complain and acted as if nothing had happened. The article showed a short conversations of the two involved in that accident.

The car owner who was hit said, “Looking at the way you don’t want to solve this with insurance, this car is not yours, right?” He also added, “You look like a little over 30 and just started earning a living. The 600,000 won repairing cost for a young man like you had got to be a great burden.”

The car owner said, “This time I’ll pretend nothing happened, and in the future 10 years later, if you’re in the same situation like this, please do the same to that person.” He also told the young guy not to contact him or looking for him ever again. Just accepting his sincerity is enough for him.

Netizens commented “What a warm person! And our heart feels warm too”, “We still have a liveable world”. Yess, it’s like Pay It Forward and spreading the kindness, duncha think? πŸ™‚


Speaking of wikitree, Yoo Ah In has been following its page since 4th August in his Facebook ^^


And in the evening Yoo Ah In attended Lady Gaga‘s concert in Seoul World Cup Stadium with his besties. They posed together in the middle of the concert~


What a blast and fun summer! Thanks Master Sik for sharing what he loves with us. It could be his last summer holiday before heading to the military service next year, so Master Sik, work hard play hard! Stay around~ More SNS updates and translations coming soon!


Photo source: Yoo Ah In’s instagram & Yoo Ah In’s friends’ instagram

8 Responses to “[TRANS] Yoo Ah In Instagram & Twitter Update 2014.08.02~08.16: Sharing Love”
  1. cecile lumer says:

    I love that Yoo Ah In has the same coffee table as I do. I bought mine ~35 years ago at an auction in a small town north of NYC for $5.00. I bought it because I liked it and I still do. Later, I discovered that the designer was Noguchi and it sells for a lot of money. What a gas.

    • Furbabe says:

      Wow~! Very interesting, Cecile! Your coffee table costs a lot of money and you are super rich now! Sik probably bought the pricey table right from that designer! You both have a the same taste and that’s supah awesome πŸ˜€

  2. Wow says:

    Omgggg he likes smurf too like meeee!!

  3. primie94 says:

    WoW! Translation is already BIG job… but to get all Sik’s informations… you’re our supreme Angel…. Thanks/xxx
    ps; … 😝my #p imagination of his snake carpet XDDD

  4. Amanda says:

    Fornasetti stuff seems like an “it” thing among socialites/fashionista at this moment. Didn’t know that he liked it too. Good taste.

  5. Indah says:

    Oh my…the fake Nohant shirt is totally wrong on so many levels!!

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