Yoo Ah In is Nominated For Best Actor At The Korea Drama Awards


End of the year is sure full of awards ceremonies. And once again Secret Love Affair gets picked to fill in the nominations list. This time is for a green awards show called Korea Drama Awards.

The Korea Drama Festival just released the list of nominations for The 7th Korea Drama Awards categories this year.

In case you never heard about it, The Korea Drama Awards (코리아 드라마 어워즈) is an awards ceremony for excellence in television in South Korea. It was established by the Korea Drama Festival in 2007, and is held annually in October.

Secret Love Affair is one of this year’s dramas that leads the nominations, taking five categories from a total of 16 categories in the 2014 Korea Drama Awards.

Almost similar with Baeksang, Secret Love Affair will compete with Wang Family, Empress Ki, You Who Come From The Stars, and Jong Do Jeon for the Best Drama.

Yoo Ah In will compete with Ji Chang Woo, Jaejoong, Lee Seung Gi, and Lee Jong Suk for the Top Excellence Award.

To Kim Hee Ae, this is not her first time being nominated. In fact, in 2007 Kim Hae Ae received the Grand Prize (Daesang) from Korea Drama Awards for her role in My Husband’s Woman.

Here are the complete nominations for drama Secret Love Affair:

Best Drama (Secret Love Affair)
Best Screenplay (Writer Jeong Seong Joo)
Best Production Director (PD Ahn Pan Seok)
Top Excellence Award, Actor (Yoo Ah In)
Top Excellence Award, Actress (Kim Hee Ae)

The Opening Ceremony & Awards will be held on October 1st, 18:00 to 20:30 pm KST. The Red Carpet starts at 5:00 pm KST. The event will take place at Gyeongnam Culture & Arts Center, Jinju City.

More info by telephone via 1330 Travel Hotline: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese)

Will this be another “odd” one like Baeksang? Let’s wait and see.


Source: Korea Drama Award Blog

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In is Nominated For Best Actor At The Korea Drama Awards”
  1. cecile lumer says:

    Good news!. I want to see Secret Love Affair, Yoo Ah In and the entire cast and production team get the awards they deserve.

  2. Laura says:

    Not too convinced about this awards coz I saw some “so-so” but popular actors are nominated for the daesang (grand prize) category while the really good ones are only in “best” categories.. lol

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