Sado Cranks Up September, to Premiere Spring 2015. Veteran to Follow

Sado_feature(Photo: Ainsunflower)


Previously reported that Veteran planned to première this October. However, Naver Movie Database changed and pushed it back to 2015 without any confirmation dates yet. The movie itself has wrapped up last July.


Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In’s first sageuk movie Sado, Memory of Eight Days, plans to crank up on the 24th this month. The film staff said that during the shooting they changed the schedule several times due to the bad weather, but they are optimistic about finishing the filming on time.


An artistic crew who painted Sado’s chamber, recently hinted in his SNS account that the movie, which began production in July 2014, will début in Spring 2015. He said it is worth the wait, because the story is going to emphasize the emotional turbulence of Sado and his father. He added, just by reading the script he already felt so touched.


We already saw a glimpse of Yoo Ah In’s new look for this movie before, and I think it’s gonna be our last peek. The movie producer has set the rules that no one is allowed to share the photos of the lead actors in SNS, because those pictures will give too much spoilers and reduce the element of surprise. Oh I totally support this. I love big surprise!


One thing for sure, though, Master Sik’s fans from DC Inside, who came to the filming location delivering snack truck and lunch buffet to all crews last month, said they literally had a jaw-drop moment seeing Yoo Ah In appeared in full Joseon attire. The physical transformation was so striking they barely recognized him! This report alone piques my curiosity. Hold your breath, SIKseekers 🙂


That said, I think and I hope we can still see Yoo Ah In attending these two movie premieres next year, considering the active duty’s due date is getting near.


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4 Responses to “Sado Cranks Up September, to Premiere Spring 2015. Veteran to Follow”
  1. Wow says:

    Sexy muscled body in hanbok + mustache + beard + killer stares. I’m expecting this!

  2. Ann Crowell says:

    But “Sado” is not the first time Yoo Ah In wore Joseon clothing. Remember “Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love”?

    • Furbabe says:

      It’s not the first time he wore sageuk clothes. He played Strongest Chilwoo, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Jang Ok Jung, but they all are dramas/series. Sado is his first sageuk movie, and normally the cinematography and the wardrobes are more comprehensive than those in dramas 🙂

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