[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In’s Interview On Secret Love Affair Japan Official Site

Secret Love Affair first episode will be broadcast on the 30th September in Japan. The Japan official website of Secret Love Affair just published a recent short interview with Yoo Ah In on their website.

int_bgWhat are Secret Love Affair and your character all about?

This drama is a love story. It interposes a philosophical substance in a story of love between men and women of 20 years age gap, it’s about a woman in her 40s who lives in secular society and meets a 20 years old man who peels her human side layer after layer, which in the end gets her back to the natural state of human. That character that I play might be very unrealistic, but he is not a dirty person, pure like an angel, and full of sensitivity. I think in this drama I did well in expressing love even for a woman in her 40s who is 20 years older than me.


Had you been practicing piano a lot?

I did practice a lot. But playing the piano as a genius pianist is not that simple. An actor’s job is to express emotion through the body and evoke the emotion in the hearts of people, while a musician is the one to cause the audience a sensation through the music he plays. Thus, I tried to evoke the impression of musicians in the minds of people by expressing the music through my own body. So, rather than playing the piano technically correct, practiced with emphasis on feeling the music and expressing that feeling with my body.


The drama is based on the best-selling novel of Ekuni Kaori‘sTokyo Tower“.

Yes, I have watched this movie a long time ago. It is certainly based on “Tokyo Tower“, but the content has changed considerably. Actually, the drama Secret Love Affair had been planned for a long time. It clearly has become a different work with that of the original script, because they also revised it many times over the years. But I already had much interest in this drama from its early stage plan as the story is close to “Tokyo Tower“. It will absolutely always remind me of “Tokyo Tower“.


Do you have a message to all Japan audience who are looking forward to watching Secret Love Affair?

I think you will be having so much fun watching it. This drama weighs in with a message, but it gives even more excitement in addition to a heart-pounding tension in the story. It got some Koreans shocked because it depicts adultery and a love story of 20-year-old difference, but the style of this drama itself is clearly different with those of Korean dramas nowadays, it’s very stylish. It is a work that I can recommend with confidence. Please stay tuned!


Translated by Admin007

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