[INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In Talks About Secret Love Affair to Hanryū Pia Japan

Yoo Ah In is featured in a Japan magazine Hanryū Pia, October 2014 Issue. In his interview with the magazine he shares his thoughts on Secret Love Affair and his feelings on being at the verge of 30 years-old. This is the translations from the article done by our fellow SIKseekers and Japanese translator Kuku-san with a side note from our friend and the regular in our website Miko-san^^


Front Page: Irresistible Fascination YOO AH IN

[Side note: On the cover you can see the magazine’s title “Hanryū Pia” or 韓流ぴあ. Notice that the ”流’ letter, which means “Boom”, floats behind Yoo Ah In’s head. Japan fans believe that ”流’ is purposely hidden by the magazine in order to respect Yoo Ah In’s intention, because he doesn’t like being called as the Hallyu Booming Star (韓流Star)]


The power to attract someone’s heart completely and fascinate it.

Lee Seon Jae in Drama “Secret Love Affair”, Yoo Ah In has made an unconventional love story of 20 years-old gifted pianist and 40 years old married woman really special. Viewers were completely attracted by his perfect performance.


“It is a pity that my 20’s are passing fast. I would like to perform the role like Seon Jae more.”

“Performance that inspires my facial expression by feeling music with the body … I am very satisfied with it.”


Impressive Piano Performance
Lee Seon Jae, a role played by Yoo Ah in the drama “Secret Love Affair” has a gifted talent as a pianist without receiving proper musical education. Although Yoo Ah In told us that he just practiced a lot, his piano performance was over brilliant. Even musicians were generous with compliment to it.

“I do not remember exactly now, for about 2 months, I have tried to do the simulation of playing the piano in my head and inspired my facial expression along with the music. As there was a scene that I had to play the piano duet with Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim in the first part of the drama, I think I was practicing to cooperate with her through playing the piano. However, it was not easy to play the piano as if you were a gifted pianist, even if you practiced it a lot. If an actor is the one to cause the audience a sensation through showing a flood of emotions with his body, a musician is the one to cause the audience a sensation through the music he plays. Thus, I rather practice more to express what I felt while I was playing the piano and inspire my facial expression along with the music, than to play the piano technically correct. I practiced a lot on expression part more. In the end, I think it turned out really well in the drama. (Laughs)”


In the middle of 20’s, Yoo Ah In acted as a high school student with the school uniform in the film “Punch” (2011). In this drama, he played a role of Seon Jae who is 20 years old and 8 years younger than him.

“I paid very careful attention to the hair style, clothes, facial expressions, the way to walk, and movement. As Seon Jae talked fancy one time and spoke very freely in another time, I tried to find the similar part in myself and played Seon Jae. Speaking with clear voice, speaking tremblingly with very quiet voice … I think I made effort in my way to express those differences in detail.”


Cross-Age Musical Sympathy and Fatal Love
“Secret Love Affair” is a story that 40 years old heroine, Oh Hye Won, who is pursuit of her success in her life, and 20 years old Lee Seon Jae fall in love through their musical sympathy. This drama got everybody’s attention even at the stage of decision on the cast. Kim Hee Ae, who acted as Oh Hye Won told that Yoo Ah In was “really a good actor”.

“Usually, you cannot say that an actor you costarred with was “a bad actor” (laughs). To me, Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim is someone who gives me a very nice feeling as good as you can’t describe with a word, like, a truly fantastic actress. I think she is the best actress that I have costarred with, ever. In the beginning, we were talking like “Let’s do it like this kind of feeling.” “Let’s do it with this spirits.” After we got used to the filming site, we were joking and playing silly things more than we discussed about details of the acting. Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim is a type of the person who does rehearsal properly. Since this drama had many scenes with one long time shooting and I tried to cooperate with her by doing rehearsal, I cooperated with her perfectly. (Laugh) I think it was a very memorable drama that I costarred with Kim Hee Ae sunbaenim.”


When the drama was on air, it received a lot of good feedback from audience, as it was called “Secret Love Affair Syndrome”. Not only it got high viewing rate, but also it made people highly interested in every episode of the drama.

“The drama had a power to illustrate the story clearly. Of course, it was because of playwright and director’s talent. This drama drew an extra-marital affair, not an ordinary love story and it had a philosophical substance. In addition, it drew in not commercial way, which is very rare to find. Drawing such an original world without wavering was a power of this drama. It was possible, because it was aired on cable channel jTBC (which has less restriction). On the other hand, usual terrestrial broadcasting has to think about viewer’s opinions, commercial elements, and high viewing rates. Originally, playwright and director of this drama have a strong will and stick to their own style. And they presented the message they wanted to say in this drama and their own style all the way till the end. I think that’s why this drama received many good feedback. And we, actors and actress, directors, and all staff members are very proud of what we did.”



It became an Actor Yoo Ah In’s representative work
Yoo Ah In said that he wanted the drama “Secret Love Affair” to be his representative work. And now it made us very curious to know all things that he wants to challenge next.

“In the middle of my 20’s, I answered at the interview that I would like to act a role of bad guy and killer which are more suitable for 30’s. But, now because I am in the end of my 20’s, I have a lingering affection about my blossom of youth (Laughs). I want to play a role like future of Seon Jae and want to act in the film that draws the blossom of youth properly. So far, I have played many sort of heavy serious roles, now I would like to act a very young cheerful character. Since I have not done any romantic love comedy yet, my position among Korean actors in the similar age might be a bit negative (Laugh). That’s why I prefer to play a role that is completely opposite to it. Actually, although it’s not shown yet, in my new film after I shoot Secret Love Affair, I played a role of bad guy again (Veteran to be shown in 2015). So I have a bit of lingering affection about the production that I can do as 20’s and such character for 20’s.”

Hamidashi Column [This is the top praise.]
There are many quotable lines in the drama “Secret Love Affair”. Seems that the most impressive line in the drama is “This is the top praise”, which was said by Hye Won while she pinched Sun Jae’s cheek.

According to Yoo Ah In, his most impressive line in the drama is “My soul was born again, when I met you”. It was a bit unexpected. (**)


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  1. Laura says:

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR THIS ARTICLE!!! Been waiting for this translations!! “After we got used to the filming site, we were joking and playing silly things more than we discussed about details of the acting.” <—- That's cute. I wish they gave us the BTS.

  2. Rani says:

    he wants to play a very young cheerful character now! yeeheey!

  3. dualnon says:

    Thank you for the translation. Always fascinating.

  4. Mariana says:

    “According to Yoo Ah In, his most impressive line in the drama is “My soul was born again, when I met you”. It was a bit unexpected.” – I don’t think it was a bit unexpected had we known YAI for long. He did feel that his soul was reborn through SLA. After all the ups and downs of his projects where most of them ruined the storyline for the sake of ratings, I can totally get how he felt towards his job before he finally met with PD Ahn. As what I read in his prev. interview somewhere, that YAI felt PD Ahn was like a “Hye Won” who rediscovered him and made him feel reborn.

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