[INTERVIEW] Yoo Ah In’s Hanryū Pia Japan Behind The Photoshoot

[Behind the scene interview]

In the middle of Hanryū Pia magazine photo shoot, Yoo Ah In had a little interview with a reporter about Secret Love Affair. To celebrate the première of this drama in Japan, October 15th, our beloved Japanese translator Kuku-san has translated this article for SIKseekers 🙂 Check this out~



Daily Ameba News

【Yoo Ah In】Acted a young gifted pianist who fall in love with married woman enthusiastically. Secret Love Affair is not ‘an ordinary story about external love affair.’


25th Sep., 2014
Provided by UrePiaSou Ken

A drama Secret Love Affair was aired on March this year in Korea and right after the on air, it caused a stir in audiences. It was about a love story between a young gifted pianist and a famous art foundation’s chief planning officer who discover his remarkable talent. No only that, it drew love between 20 year-old young man and 40 year-old married woman, which was quite sensational. It kept high viewing rate until the last episode although it was not aired with terrestrial broadcasting channel.


“Hannryu Pia” had a special interview with the most attractive young actor Yoo Ah In who played a role of a gifted pianist Lee Seon Jae who fall in love with married woman in the drama!


“This drama is not an ordinary story about external marital affair but a story with philosophical element and observation about life. You might think it sounds a big unrealistic, but Lee Sun Jae who I acted was a young man who has a pure heart and uprightness.” Yoo Ah In explained about the drama Secret Love Affair with his own words.


In addition, he looked back about the drama and said, “Seon Jae is like a mirror. He was able to fall in love with a woman who was 20 years older than him, and support her to face her life by herself naturally. He said that he paid careful attention to walk like a young boy, make facial expression, sensitive tremble the body, and to perform various actions for playing a role of Lee Seon Jae. Still now, after shooting the drama, he explained about a character Lee Sun Jae with his words in full of love.



At the interview venue, he greeted to Hannryu Pia staff first with his big smile, “I have met you at previous meeting, right?” and made the staff surprised. Nothing less expected from Yoo Ah In! He has not changed his frankness although he became a young top star in his age.


After the still picture shooting started, he showed variety of his cute smiles in the limited shooting time; sometimes like Yoo Ah In, and like Lee Sun Jae for another time, and impressed the staff again! That’s Yoo Ah In!


He has challenged to act a devilish character you ever seen in the movie Veteran that will be shown at the cinema next year. Our expectation will be higher to see his upgraded performance in the film!



Such Yoo Ah In made his first appearance in the cover page and front pages of a magazine “Hannryu Pia 10/31 issue” (September 22nd on sale). Yoo Ah In’s pages are consisted of 7 pages, which include curious episodes of piano scene you cannot miss to talk about gifted pianist role, behind story about the drama Secret Love Affair, his further challenge as actor, and charming gravure pictures.

Please check the full translations of interview with Hanryū Pia Japan in >>this page<<


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  1. MARIANA says:

    He’s getting more popular in Japan 👍

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