[REVIEWS] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 2014.10.05 Stories Part 1

[Review] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 5th Oct 2014 Part 1

Translated by Furbabe / Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

Yoo Ah In’s Korean fans club “Ainese” held a successful exclusive/intimate fanmeeting with Yoo Ah In on the 5th October 2014. It was his 4th fanmeeting in Korea and the first in 3 years. Around 500 fans came to the Seoul White Hall Art Center where the even took place. This fanmeeting was held, not only to celebrate his birthday, but also his 10 years anniversary of acting!

These are the reviews of this fanmeeting, taken from several fans who came from different age and background in DC Yoo Ah In, DC Fashion King, DC Secret Love Affair Galleries, and Ainese.

I compiled them based on the sequence of events in the fanmeeting. I also add T/N (Translations Note) on several parts for my own additional information.

Note: This is an exclusive fanmeeting, so NO official photos from Ainese can be shared publicly. All these pictures were taken outside Ainese website.

Let’s check out their fun stories! πŸ™‚


Fanmeeting Reviews Part 1

I came to the White Hall around 12 pm. While I was waiting in line outside the building, I saw Yoo Ah In’s car coming by! It was a pure coincidence, I felt so lucky~^^

He got down the car, smiled politely and waved at fans! He was rushed inside the building by his manager and staff. He looked cute and dressed up in casual style. He looked like he was just going to hang out, not for the fans meeting event.

I reached the reception desk inside the building and exchanged my fanmeeting’s ticket with a seat number. The staff also handed me one postcard and one yellow post-it note. I was told to write down each: on the postcard is a general question, on the post-it note is his work or movie-related question. After we wrote down the questions, we put the postcard into a big transparent box and the post-it note on the “Drama & Movie” blackboard near the reception desk.

I entered the auditorium and saw a gift bag from Ainese on each seat. It contains a bag of snacks, lunch box, Ah In plastic fan, ecobag, stickers, Ah In bottle, Secret Love Affair Photobook, W Korea August 2014, High Cut March 2014, and 1st LOOK 2013 issue [where he was featured in these magazines], a poetry book, THE CLASS and JACK&JILL booklets and postcards signed by him, Punch and Tough As Iron movie posters. So nice! There was “Ain-ah I Love You” mini banner for each of us as well for this event.

(one of pages in Secret Love Affair Photobook)


A giant projector screen featured Ah In’s photo were already set up at the stage.


The fanmeeting began at 1.30 pm sharp and opened with a brief fanmade video containing short clips from his oldest to newest works, his last activities, and the beautiful texts from his early tweets and writings.

The MC appeared, introduced Ah In’s name and asked him to come out on stage. Fans screamed!

When he showed up, it felt like I was seeing Sun Jae for real, and he looked better than I saw on the TV screen. He had chiseled face and looked so bright under the stage lighting. Perhaps because he’d been shooting the movies during this summer, his skin got darker prettily.

He wore white shirt underneath the navy-black knit long sleeves and brown-khaki pants. The shoes that he wore were the same as the ones he wore in Philips Fansigning Event, and the pants were the same as the one he wore in Manhole VIP Premiere. He sported a natural slicked back hairstyle, showing his pretty forehead.

Ah In came out on stage in the middle of big applause, shyly smiled, laughed, and greeted everyone politely with a bow. He sounded nervous but his voice was so good! He looked so shy at first while his eyes scanning the audience. His eyes glanced and met each of people briefly. Even his sharp eyes scanned through the corner seats of the 2nd floor!

Ah In and the MC greeted each other briefly, and then a three-stages cake was brought on stage. Then we all started singing a happy birthday song while MC lighting up the candles.Β 


As soon as we finished singing the birthday song, the second song began. It’s originally a song from Kim Jong Kook’s “Sarangsurowo” (Loveable), but we changed the lyrics to “Loveable Yoo Ah In” song πŸ˜€ He looked surprised and embarrassed! πŸ™‚


Here are the lyrics’ translation [T/N: I swear it’s so cute & funny!]

Oh you’re loveable from Ah In Oppa to Seon Jae

[T/N: “Ah In Oppa” is his character’s name in his first drama Sharp, “Seon Jae” is his character in latest drama Secret Love Affair]

I’m so proud to have you as my actor

I’ve never interested to come to a fanmeeting, but you make me

What have you done to me?

Oh you’re loveable from your short baby fingers to your pucker lips

Oh re-watching [your drama] three times is just natural

Just smiling, smiling all day long thinking of Ah In

I love you so, Ah In

NannannanannananananananΒ I like Ah In

Nannannanannanananananan I love Ah In

Let’s love Ah In so that other actors

are so jealous they can’t stand it

Let’s love each other so that other fans

are so jealous they can’t stand it


The lyrics were featured on the giant projector screen so that all of us could read and sing along~


All fans sang this song in unison, and suddenly he shook his body a little and laughed! πŸ˜€ Fans screamed!


Check him dancing in this video~


All fans have practiced singing this song together before, so we did the choir really well! He watched us singing and then read the lyrics that appeared on the screen with a big smile, because the lyrics are funny πŸ˜€


When we reached the “I love Ah In” part of the lyrics, we lifted high our “Ain-ah I Love You” mini banners, and he laughed again~^^

After we finished the song he blew off the candles and bowed down to the audience.

MC told him to read the fanmeeting’s theme out loud. He read it out loud with a big smile, “With Yoo Ah In: Let’s reminiscing deeply. Don’t be worn out with time!” Fans cheered and applauded.

Long time ago, there was a message from Yoo Ah In’s side to Ainese that he wanted something meaningful than stuffs for his birthday gift. Therefore, for his 10 years acting anniversary and birthday, we, fans in Ainese, did the fundraising campaign since early this year for the Beautiful Foundation Korea. We aimed to donate for the children’s winter support facilities. And we managed to collect 14,765,303 Won!

MC told Ah In about our fundraising campaign and gave the certificate of donation from The Beautiful Foundation to Ah In directly. I’m sure he felt so touched! He bowed down again.

Next, the giant screen played a Happy Birthday picture messages video from fans. All fans birthday cards were mixed together in sequence in that video nicely. I feel so touched by fans devotion πŸ™‚


After watching the video, we proceeded to the OX Games segment.
(ilustration by blogzilla)


A chair was placed in the center stage, and Yoo Ah In sat there. Fans who sat in the middle of the front rows were so lucky!


In this game, he had to choose between 2 options. He had to answer the MC’s questions by raising O or X sign. If he answered “yes” he would raise O, and if “no” X sign. The original format of the questions were “A is better than B”.

MC gave him one exercise question first.

MC (Q): Jjajangmyun or Champong (T/N: Chanpon is Japanese noodle dish)
YAI (A): Jjajangmyun.


-OX Games started-

Q: Summer or Winter

A: Winter is cold but I’m in a better mood in winter. I sweat a lot during the filming of Sado because I had to wear 4 layers of hanbok all the time in the heat of summer, and we were disturbed by many mosquitoes while shooting Veteran.

Q: Day or Night

A: I like staying awake late at night. Normally I go to sleep at 8 am in the morning when I don’t have to go to work. I pulled an all-nighter a lot. I went to sleep at 6 am this morning after drinking a lot with friends in my birthday party yesterday night. I went to sleep earlier because I wanted to make sure that I had enough sleep and a good condition for this fanmeeting.

Q: Creamy spaghetti or Tomatoes spaghetti

A: Tomato! The reason? It just tastes good! But I like cooking, and I made a risotto today. [T/N: though he prefers tomato dishes, he still cooks risotto, which is very creamy, because he likes cooking]

Q: White or Black

A: [Pointing at his attires up and down] You see that I’m wearing nearly all-black now. I like black. I don’t like white.

Q: Swimming pool or ski resort

A: I often skied in the past, but I’m not quite good at it. I’m rather a good swimmer. You’ve seen a lot of pictures of me while swimming in the pool, right? (laughed)

[MC interrupted]

MC: Any specific pool that you visit?

YAI: These days it’s getting difficult to go to the country’s [local] swimming pool for me.

MC: Oh it seems Yoo Ah In prefers lying by the pools abroad! (everyone laughed)

Q: Sneakers or Shoes

A: I’m getting worried with these bunch of questions. This is a verbal report! (Everyone laughed). I was wearing my favorite black shoes yesterday. I can wear either sneakers or shoes according to the situation. It depends on the occasion, time and place.

Q: Mountain or Sea

A: I hadn’t been climbing for a long while. The last time I climbed the mountain was when shooting Sado, and just after 5 minutes I already panted hard. It was a bit hard to go up.

Q: Beer or Soju

A: I used to enjoy beers, but recently I switched to Soju after I met and went drinking with Hwang Jung Min and Song Kang Ho sunbae nim. [T/N: they both play with him in Veteran and Sado]. I learned the real taste of soju, and knew about the “soju dietary” from them. But my friends kept saying, “I tell you, you always like beer, you’ll regret it later~~ Why change?” [Audience shouted “age factor!!”] “That hurts!” (laughed) πŸ™‚

Q:Β  Call or Text

A: I can’t choose between both. I didn’t like [receiving and making] calls and [sending] texts. I turn off the cell phone at home, and only turn it on when I go out. I like surfing the internet, so I always carry my cell phone and pad around when I’m outside, and I prefer taking pictures [by phone] to interact with my friends.

Q: Chinese or Korean Food

A: Korean food.

-End of game-


The next game is reenacting one favorite scene in his drama! In this segment, Yoo Ah In had to choose which scene from his drama that he’d like to reenact with one of his fans. First, the giant screen played a slideshow of all his famous drama scenes~

1 Sungkyunkwan Scandal: Moon Jae Shin piggybacks drunken Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young)
2 Fashion King: Young Gul drags Gayoung (Shin Se Kyung) to dance in the karaoke room
3 He Who Can’t Marry: Lap-pillow on the bench at the park with Kim So Eun
4 Jang Ok Jung: Back-hugging Ok Jung (Kim Tae Hee)
5 Secret Love Affair: Holding hands in Hongdae date

Of all these five famous scenes, Secret Love Affair‘s Hongdae scene dominated the whole video.

Ah In would reenact one of the scenes with one fan. To get one winner, selected fans did stone-scissors-paper game. Of course, as expected, he chose Secret Love Affair‘s Hongdae holding hands scene πŸ˜€

When the winner got up the stage, he grabbed her hand and we all screamed! Ah In added with a hug in the end of the scene, like Hye Won and Sun Jae did in the drama, and all of us screamed again automatically!! γ… . γ…  kkkkkk…


-MC announced the first 10 minutes break-


The next segment is the Postcard Questions. There were six handpicked by the MC from all postcards inside the glass box. Ah In stood on the center stage while answering the questions.

As an exercise, MC asked his own question first, “Are you a domestic guy; doing your own domestic chores, or do you need a help?”

YAI: (Laughed) “What kind of question is this?”

MC: “If you want a domestic help, just call me. Let’s talk about the hourly fee.” (Every one laughed)


-The real postcard questions started-

# What do you wish after you reach your 30s?

YAI: “Getting married?”

MC: (Joked) “Any ideal women among these women here?”

YAI: “Before, I chose celibacy and didn’t think about the institution of marriage itself, because I feared that a marriage and love would not last forever. But now… I think that marriage is to express love.”

I was totally surprised by his answer. I’ve been his fan for 10 years and this was the first time I heard him mention about marriage. I thought he had changed [in a positive way]. It was unexpected, and I think it’s a symptom of he could be in love.

#What is your biggest fear in living a life as an actor, besides filtering your personal life and craving for freedom?

YAI: “I’m afraid of falling too deep into my work and being lonely at my 30s”

#When was the last time you cried?

YAI: (He thought long before answering) “Yesterday? I shed tears when I [my car] passed by Hangang Bridge yesterday.”

When he said that, his eyes flickered with a flash of sadness. Suddenly I felt sad too 😦

#This questions came from Japan fans. Where do you want to go for a long trip?

YAI: “I want to study abroad for a long period, probably design. Either in Japan or USA.” [He added that he knew among fans who came to the fanmeeting today, there was someone from Yokohama]

The last 2 questions came from the Japan fans. They have met him in fansigning events before. Surprisingly, he still remembered their names and faces!

#Did you consume a lot of alcohol last night?

YAI: “I drink alcohol every day. I had an awful lot yesterday because I had a birthday party with my friends, and we drank till 6 am.”

#How do you take a good care of your skin?

YAI: “I go see a good dermatologist.”

I really appreciate that he still remembered so many faces of many fans there, although he didn’t see them often. There were a lot of Japan fans came to the fanmeeting, and they must be really grateful to be remembered by him. I felt envy toward them and I wish one day he will remember me too πŸ™‚


-We took the second break-

He disappeared from the stage again. During the break, a presentation video highlighted his 10 years of acting career. The highlights began from his presence as “Ah In Oppa” in Banolim (Sharp) to “Seon Jae” in Secret Love Affair.



Β© Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community


β€» Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.


Source: Ainese, DC SLA Gallery, DC FK Gallery, Fans Instagram accs

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