[REVIEW] Secret Love Affair: The Changing Face of Yoo Ah In

[Screencap: DC]


This brilliant post is written by Telzey and has been posted in Piano Conversations. She posted a meticulous analysis of Yoo Ah In’s acting at the end of Episode 3 when Seon Jae and Hye Won meet in her garage.


The scene in the garage at the end of episode 3 was very powerful for me and stuck with me as a high point. It’s one of the few scenes I can tell you off the top of my head which episode it is from, in fact. As I rewatch it, I think a lot of the reason is the body language and complex facial expressions of Yoo Ah In. No wooden faces for him.

The whole scene took only about three minutes and he went through 17 different identifiable expressions that I catalogued above; but I watched the whole thing in one go trying to count all the times he changed expression, and it was at least 25.

If he doesn’t get all the acting awards there are this year, it will be a gross miscarriage of justice. He carries you through so many nuances of meaning, and it all goes by so fast you can miss it if you are not paying attention. – Telzey


Check full analysis in Piano Conversations HERE


4 Responses to “[REVIEW] Secret Love Affair: The Changing Face of Yoo Ah In”
  1. Mariana says:

    So true on so many levels!! Some people (judges) need a knock on their heads!

  2. Jen says:

    I hope someday YAI will get more recognition that he deserves 🙂

  3. Just start watching this and just oh my God actor Yoo Ah-in. That complex emotions, hing, he just proves it

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