[PHOTOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Creates Studio Concrete, First Work With Tom Greyhound

There’s no stopping for a creative mind that is Uhm Hong Sik aka Yoo Ah In. Just recently Yoo Ah In established his own creative team “STUDIO CONCRETE”!

His first work as the creative director landed on Tom Greyhound Store’s fashion magazine Tom Paper 2014 F/W issue for their first arc theme “WHERE TOM LIVES”.

Not only as the creative team leader, Yoo Ah In took on the character of “Tom” and used his own house as the background of this photo shoot and story as well. He also wrote a nice foreword for this magazine, as the founder of Studio Concrete.

Tom Greyhound (or The Tom Greyhound Downstairs) is the multi-brand designer concept store which runs a successful boutique in the South Korean capital of Seoul and is owned by the Hyundai Department Store Group. What makes this store is different than other fashion stores, it is conceived as a reinterpretation of famous stories and fairy tales. Witty and surreal, Tom Greyhound is an example of how a manufacturer can build a world class retail brand by being playful and creative.

Tom Greyhound Paris has recently opened its doors in the French capital, Paris, March 2014. It is called as the first international outpost of eponym Seoul-based concept store and a store entirely dedicated to a multicultural and contemporary approach to fashion.

Tom Paper is a seasonal fashion magazine from Tom Greyhound. For this year’s fall/winter issue, the magazine brings “arc themes”. The first arc theme is called “Where Tom Lives” with 2 fictitious characters~ Tom and Alice.

Yoo Ah In and his team Studio Concrete worked on it from the scratch. They filled in 40 pages of the magazine with their own ideas and thoughts. They created the concept and vision, did the shooting, editing, art and all of the aspects that built this magazine’s special issue.

Whoaaa! SO proud of you, Master Sik! πŸ˜€

Let’s take a look at several pages of Yoo Ah In’s first work as the Studio Concrete creative team leader for Tom Greyhound’s Tom Paper~


Here’s a brief translations of the foreword that Yoo Ah In wrote for the magazine~

INTRO- Around a month ago, during a discussion about planning a project with my friends, we received a proposal from TOM GREYHOUND’s magazine Tom Paper to work on its first arc theme. Pooky words, humility and vanity of the early 20s soul filled with a mixture of art, this is like a cotton dream for an actor.

Together with talented friends, we were tempted to create a studio where they can freely unfold their creative activity, as the product of anxiety and confidence, and create a little more interesting and thrilling world. Of course it’s also about their presence and a place to prove themselves, or a place for people who are willing to learn about the subject of “art”.

Maybe the plan is not for everyone, but to give a slightest expectation of freedom and the world of opportunity for the unknown hungry artists, just like myself in the past. When I look back, good luck didn’t come to me. I didn’t have any friends in the past, but I feel lucky now that I have 29 today for this project.

We talked about the worship, the agony, and had a debate about the nature and philosophy of art and Zeitgeist with the sound of the hard reality on the young artists in front of my house. No matter how high-level concepts, perspectives and tastes, it is not a very difficult job to get them in harmony with the reality of this world as long as it has the substance.

I hope your talent do not end before the barrier of the reality of this world.

Fortunately and surprisingly, bit by bit, we managed to gather our friends and created a thrilling ‘STUDIO CONCRETE’ to reality.

We were offered to create a personality magazine with our own hands directly for ‘TOM GREYHOUND’ youth magazine. It sounded like a reckless challenge but we thought it was worth trying. We accepted and returned the feedback.

Our members gathered in our own studio and went up on the chopping block and fragmentation, we went down biting, fighting, arguing and accepting, through all the process of creating from the scratch till the end. It took one month to make a full 40 pages of the magazine.

I have nothing against people who have a preconceived notion of myself as a cheeky bastard. Raising one of your fingers is just fine. As you know I don’t work to get the world’s praise or to be the favorite one. But I’d like every corner of this world to acknowledge that this job came from one special group.

I would like to convey the greetings of gratitude to people who silently cheer the freedom of the 40 pages in TOM GREYHOUND’s Tom Paper.

Through our work for this magazine, we captured the sense of our willingness and confidence. From the concept, envision, cyan work, shooting, editing, art, etc. All works took place in ‘STUDIO CONCRETE’. To Kang So Young who did a good job as our model, make up artist Hong Hyeon Jeong who was caught in the middle of her mounting brushes and hair dryers, and to all the solid crews who worked together in the on-site production process, I cannot help but be deeply grateful.

The first arc theme is ‘WHERE TOM LIVES’.

We set up two fictitious heroes TOM and ALICE. Each individual stains their best colors through a space called “home”. We bring up TOM GREYHOUND’s global concept store, that is creating a space to enjoy a cultural life, not just consuming a space organically. To create not a compulsive but free configuration.

Done foiling the box. This is the end of pagination. Please rattle your bumpy toes!

FOUNDER 엄홍식 a.k.a μœ μ•„μΈ
(Founder Uhm Hong Sik a.k.a Yoo Ah In)


Translated by Furbabe
Photo scanned by DC

Β© Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community


β€» Any copying, republication or redistribution of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND’s content is expressly prohibited without prior consent of YOO AH IN SIKSEEKLAND. Copyright infringement is subject to criminal and civil penalties.

14 Responses to “[PHOTOS & TRANS] Yoo Ah In Creates Studio Concrete, First Work With Tom Greyhound”
  1. angela says:

    HI! This is YAITW again! We want to translate the INTRO into Chinese and post it on our website.
    We will post your website link and the source of course.
    Wait for your reply, thank you!

  2. Mimi Meci says:

    I am proud that Hong sik there are proud to be a your real artist, and thank you for keep us abreast of his work, I apologize for bad English written I LOVE HONG SIK

  3. ainnee says:

    “I have nothing against people who have a
    preconceived notion of myself as a cheeky bastard.”

    Even there are people against you, believe there are more people that got your back boy.

    Hope he can show us more his artistry.

  4. MARIANA says:

    Can he be more awesome? YES he can coz he’s a genius for real! I’m soo sooo proud of YOO! He always makes a nice surprise and leaves us in awe, right?

  5. Hager says:

    One he’ll of an artist , can’t help to love him more everyday β™₯β™₯

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