[PHOTOS/VIDEOS/TRANS] Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting 2014 Press Conference

AINyeong #SIKseekers! We’ve just come back from our vacation in Bangkok for the full report on YOO AH IN Thailand Fanmeeting Tour 2014!

We were so lucky that we could attend both the press conference and the fan meeting events! Moreover, we got the front row seat at the fan meeting, which was like 5 meters away from him! We squealed, we screamed and we laughed a lot during both events!

In our first report (yes, we’ve got several reports), we’d like to share our story on Yoo Ah In Thailand (Bangkok) Fanmeeting Press Conference, that was held on Friday, 28th November 2014, at 4 pm, in Grande Centre Point Hotel Ratchdamri Bangkok. Here we go~

Yoo Ah In arrived in Bangkok on the 26th in the evening. And the next day he already had heaps of interviews from the local press. He was invited for a special interview in Channel 3 TV Bangkok on 27th November, and he appeared in several news entertainment programs as well.

For example:

Channel 3 Morning News 141128 Yoo Ah In Interview


Here are some photos and screencaps from his interview with Channel 3 on the 27th November~


Posing with journalists and producers after his interviews with various media on 28th November~


141128 Yoo Ah In | TrueInside

Here are the TrueInside written translations done by Admin GF~

Sawasdeekrub~ I’m Yoo Ah In. I haven’t been here for a long time.

And for this visit, I’m so glad that fans give me a very warm welcome for this Thailand Fanmeeting.

First of all, I prefer to have a massages, I feel a lot of fatigues ^^

And I want to have same delicious dishes.

Thai fans are very cute ^^ Other country’s fans will come very close and touch.

But Thai fans, they give me support by standing some distance away [not trying to touch and get too close to him]

For this Thailand fanmeeting I’ve prepared many special things, including one song I’ve practiced to sing for fans.

Early next year I’ll go for enlistment. Thank you Thai fans who’ve always been encouraging me for a long time.

Please support my work that will release next year too.

Nar Hug Kanard~ [means “so much cuteness” in northern Thai language]

Nar Huh Lai Lai~ [means “so much cuteness”ย  in north-eastern Thai language]

Sooo cute!!


Since I bought the VIP ticket, I got to attend the press conference by myself in Bangkok. I made an appointment to meet with Admin GF (she’s our admin for SIKseekersย twitter) and Sutei san (Japan SIKseekers) on the press conference day~^^

It was one hot day, and I took all Sikseekland/SIKseekers goodies and pins/badges (SIKseekers Love Project) with me to Siam Paragon, our meeting point. I arrived at 11.30 am. We planned to buy a big box, gift wrapping papers and ribbons for our presents to Yoo Ah In. Turned out, it was not that easy to find a perfect big box to fit with all our gifts. It took a while till we finished settling with all the box-papers-ribbons thing. After some decisions here and there, a bit complain here and there, we managed to finish in 1 hour. Phew!

We went straight to Laem Charoen Seafood restaurant in Siam Paragon for lunch. According to Admin GF, Yoo Ah In came to this place for eating too when he visited Bangkok before! The food were very delicious and we devoured Thai delicacies wholeheartedly.

Admin GF got a call in the middle of our lunch, from our friend who had arrived in the press conference venue. It was still 2 pm but she said a lot of fans were already there waiting. Wow, talking about the enthusiasm of Bangkok fans!

We strolled down the street by car, but alas! It was raining and Bangkok notorious traffic jam started to worry us. Grande Centre Point Hotel is not far away from Siam Paragon, but still, we were a bit worry that the traffic jam would get worsen due to the heavy rain. Thankfully, our Bangkok resident Admin GF skillfully beat and escaped the traffic jams, and drove us to the hotel in less than 30 minutes!

We arrived at the hotel lobby and were greeted by this tall handsome man~ ๐Ÿ˜€

Many fans took their picture together with this banner ^^

We re-registered ourselves, wrote down our names and phone numbers in a paper on the staff desk. Then the staff gave each of us an orange armband, and we had to wear it as our ticket to enter the press conference room. Most importantly, we also got this “golden” one: the fanmeeting ticket! Yay!


We still had a long time enough before the press conference began, so that we had a chance to meet and talk with other fans from Japan and Thailand.

30 minutes to 4 pm the staff asked us to come up the second floor and we were escorted to a small white room. The room was organized with white chairs for journalists and VIP fans. The chairs formed a narrow hallway from the door on the right back corner to the stage. There were a low white stage with Sik giant banner, and there were 3 empty white chairs at the stage.


Some staff rushed in and out, making us nervous and speculate whether he has arrived or not. We kept looking back at the open door to check if he has come and would go inside in any minute. We all sat on the edge of our chairs ๐Ÿ˜€

MC came up the stage, greeted us all and suddenly shouted, “Here is Yoo Ah In!”, while his hand pointed out to the door behind us. Everyone looked back to the door in unison and screamed!

But he continued by casually saying it was just a rehearsal. LOL gotcha! We all laughed. He’s one funny guy.

Then he made a little introduction about Yoo Ah In with his calm voice~~ till finally shouted, “Please welcome Yoo Ah In!” Kyaaaa~~!! Now everyone in the room frantically screamed very very out loud and looked at the hallway while Yoo Ah In was walking in with a quick step, slightly bowed, with the palms pressed together, smiling and waving at us! The room was filled with flashes, clapping hands and squealing voices. To me, it was like someone who just walked out of the screen and became a real person right in front of me.

Yoo Ah In has a very small face, which is smaller than I’d been picturing before. He’s got lighter skin tone and is skinnier than the last photos that I saw in the media recently. He looked SO so good in the blue long coat!

They escorted him up to the stage and he sat between the interpreter and the host. While he was doing all these things, the squeal never ceased! He was amazed by this overwhelming reaction ๐Ÿ˜€

Here are two videos from the press conference so that you can see him too~

ThaiTV 141128 Yoo Ah In Bangkok Fanmeeting Press Conference~

141128 Yoo Ah In Press Conference: Fan Meeting Tour in Thailand (25.30 mins)


The interview between the host and Ah In flew in a fun and cheerful atmosphere. He was very animated and such an eye candy we couldn’t take our eyes off! He laughed and smiled a lot. The audience, especially fans, clapped and laughed because of him too, and someone screamed “I love you!” which made him laugh as well.

One most impressive thing that I remembered during this press conference is his eyes. Yoo Ah In has a pair of deep piercing eyes. His eyes scanned through the audience. He did that first after taking his seat. He didn’t miss any faces in the room, as if he wanted to save them in his memory. At one point, my camera and his eyes met. And I felt really nervous because they were so sharp! His expression was serious that I thought he was going to yell at me to stop taking pictures.

Yoo Ah In did the wai (Thai greeting consists of a slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion) many times during the press conference. My Thai friends said he did the wai perfectly like a local does!

After they finished with the press conference, Yoo Ah In was escorted down the stage and out of the room. Fans screamed. The EO staff told us to wait for the next segment, which was a presigned poster-giving from Yoo Ah In to the VIP ticket holders. They removed the chairs from the stage and left the stage empty for a while.

Around 5 minutes later, Yoo Ah In came back again and stood in the middle of the stage. He posed for several minutes for the photographers who swarmed near in front of him. He posed with the event sponsors and TV producers as well.

While they were taking his pictures, we were told by the staff to stand in a queue. A table was set up on the stage. Admin GF, Sutei and I were among the first ones in the front line. After the photo session was over, we walked up the stage to receive the presigned poster directly from Ah In and shook hands with him! Weeeeh!


We came up the stage one by one to receive the poster from his hand. He stood behind the table, smiled, did the wai while saying “kob kun krab” (thank you) to each of us!

After receiving the poster, everyone had to leave the room immediately.

The EO made a strict rule that gifts giving were not allowed at the press conference. But I and Admin GF have planned to give Yoo Ah In our badge/pin. This SIKseekers badge was designed and produced by our Facebook admin @SweetGodzilla (AdminG)~

We decided to give Yoo Ah In the badge directly when he gave us the presigned poster.

At first, I was hesitated that it would work, because the staff could have just thrown our badge away right after we put it on the table. I told Admin GF to give it to him first as I walked behind her, so I could take the badge back if someone threw it away ๐Ÿ˜€

When it was her turn, she came to the table, put the badge on the table right in front of him. He looked down for a sec but then looked up and gave her the poster while saying thank you.

But Admin GF didn’t give up. Before leaving, she straightly pushed the badge on the table closer to Ah In, and I swear he stared at our badge for 3 seconds!!! Kyaaaa~~~ I think it was the longest 3 seconds slow-mo in my entire life! Good job, unnie! ๐Ÿ˜€

When it was my turn, I tried not looking down the table for the badge. Why yes of course, because I had to look in the eyes of and smiled to and greeted Yoo Ah In, for Sik sake! ๐Ÿ˜€ He looked at me with his gentle smiling eyes, handed the poster while saying “kob kun krab” with a slight bow. I replied him with a smile and bowed back. I could not say anything because my mind was full.

While leaving the room, I kept looking back at him and the table, wondering whether or not they took the badge away from the table. And I felt so so happy seeing the badge was still near in front of him while he was giving the poster to the rest of the fans! So, yay!!! Our mission accomplished!! ๐Ÿ˜€

We walked out the venue with big smile on our faces ๐Ÿ™‚

Check short clip of VIP fans receiving presigned poster from Yoo Ah In directly here.


Now here are a few from gazillion photos that we gathered and took from the press conference~


And now here’s a brief translations on the press conference (thanks to @staywithringo for being my interpreter during the press conference ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Q: Please give a little greeting to the media and fans
Yoo Ah In: Hello (in Thai), I’m Korean actor Yoo Ah In, thank you all for the screaming. (Laugh, people screamed again)

Q: You have played many dramas. What is your most favorite character?
YAI: Personally, I liked my role in drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal because it was a different role that I never played before. The character received so much love both from Thailand and Korea. Later on, recently I just finished filming series called Secret Love Affair, and it became the role that I like the most. I hope fans watch it too. But I think my role in Fashion King has the most similarity with myself.

Q: Any special role that you want to play one more time?
YAI: I want to play another bad boy so much, and it seems everyone will have a chance to see it in my next movie. Recently I just filmed this movie where I was portrayed as a very bad guy. Please look forward to watching it next year.

Q: You just appeared as a cameo in ‘Discovery of Love’ starring Eric Mun and Jung Yumi. How did you get there?
YAI: I’m not close to Eric, but I’m close to Jung Yumi, who is the main character in this drama, because we’ve played together in two movies before. So in this regard, I got the opportunity to appear as a cameo for one scene.

Q: Please tell us about your upcoming work
YAI: I just finished shooting 2 movies; one as a villain [Veteran], and the other one is a sageuk [Sado], both are expected to release next year. I hope everyone will watch them.

Q: I heard that this was not the first time you came to Thailand
YAI: I’ve been to Thailand for more than ten times. This is the country I visited the most. Thailand is very hot, but the area inside the building here is very cold, like winter too. (Laugh)

Q: What is so attractive about Thailand that you came so often?
YAI: Thailand has many charms. It’s a very warm country just like summer. When I come, it feels like home to me.

Q: What has impressed you from fans in Thailand?
YAI: First of all I’d like to thank Thai fans for your support and warm welcome with sweet smile. You’re different from other countries. You are very sweet and gentle. I’m so happy to meet you all. But you scream very loudly, I can not get used to it anyway. (Laugh)

Q: Since you have come to Thailand a lot, please show us a little your Thai language.
YAI: I love you, you’re so cute (in Thai). [Everyone screamed and laughed]

Q: Do you want to learn some words in Thai? [MC taught him some Thai phrases such as “Where’s the toilet?”]
YAI: “Where’s the toilet?” (in Thai) [MC added, “Happy now?” in Thai, and taught him to make a love symbol in Thai with fingers. He drew lots of laughter while doing all what MC said]

Q: You have never held a fan meeting before [in South-east Asia]. But you choose to hold a fan meeting in Thailand, which is the first as well. Why Thailand in the first place?
YAI: I’ve been to Thailand many times, but all of them for the private visit. This is the first time I will hold an official fan meeting in Thailand. I’m so glad and excited to meet with my fans tomorrow, and I want us to cheer it together.

Q: For the fan meeting tomorrow, will there be something special or surprise for fans?
YAI: I have prepared a surprise, though I don’t think this is a surprise anymore for fans. I’ve prepared to sing one song, and we will have some games together in some segments which related to my previous dramas.

Q: Do you know that Thai fans call you the “Basket”? How do you feel about it? [Fans shouted that it was a fashion shoot at a flower market (for Esquire in November 2010). He didn’t remember it, so the MC took his phone out and showed him the photo to refresh his memory]
YAI: Oh, I remember now~ “basket” (in Thai), I remember shooting there. It [“Basket” nickname] has a good meaning, right? [the interpreter tried to explain it till he understood that “basket” does have a good connotation]. Oh thank you! (Laugh)

Q: Which actress who is close to your ideal type of girl the most?
YAI: It’s Kim Hee Ae, the lead actress who played with me in my drama Secret Love Affair.

Q: Finally, would you like to give your message to invite fans for tomorrow’s fan meeting?
YAI: First, I must thank all the fans in Thailand for giving me the opportunity to visit you this time and get closer with you. Please join me, as for tomorrow I have prepared a variety of activities so that we can make and share a great memories together. I have a Facebook, but we cannot communicate with each other due to the language barrier, but I hope we can communicate through this lighthearted and fun moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

Full video translations will be up in our next post. So stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

ยฉ Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community

Photos sources: 1,2,3,Neo Creation, Instagram, and Admin GF

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  1. Hello dear Furbabe,
    already looking forward to the report. It was great to be so close, Yoo Ah In.
    Thank you, that you wrote. I look forward to the sequel! ^ ^

  2. ๆณข็‘  says:

    ใ‚คใƒณใ‚ฟใƒ“ใƒฅใƒผใ‚’ๅ—ใ‘ใฆใ„ใ‚‹ใจใใฎใ‚ขใ‚คใƒณใ•ใ‚“ใฎๆง˜ๅญใ‚„ๅ†…ๅฎนใ€ใใ—ใฆใ€็ด ๆ•ต๐Ÿ˜ใช็”ปๅƒใ‚’ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ—ใŸใ€‚

  3. jomo143 says:

    Thanks for this! Made my day. Is he not the most adorable thing ever? He doesn’t have any easy job traveling all over and keeping that smile going, but boy, does he make it look easy.

    Love him.

    • Furbabe says:

      He IS the most adorable thing ever! And he’s so so humble he always looked surprised when people screamed at him, like ‘why are you screaming at me?’ ๐Ÿ˜€ I wish I could squeeze him in my pocket and take him home.

  4. judy swierkosz says:

    Thank you..Always love to see YAI!

  5. judy swierkosz says:

    Thanks so much for posting! Looks like you enjoyed your trip and You Ah In. Loved all the photos.

  6. MARIANA says:

    Thank you for sharing this fun story. I can feel the excitement too ๐Ÿ˜€ He looks so happy!

  7. Ren says:

    His smile is very contagious!! You guys are so lucky to finally meet him in person! Thanks for sharing this story.

  8. Phuong nguyen says:

    Very cute. I wish i can be there.

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