[PHOTOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Fanmeeting Interview in Thailand Media

pose with all fans together in the end of fan meeting


Yoo Ah In fanmeeting tour in Thailand reaped big success and got vast coverage from the local media. Here’s one of the interviews/articles which covered the brief story from his press conference and fanmeeting events with some lovely photos~^^

Translated by @CHNARIS

It was a very warm-hearted event with a killer smile that made Thai fans melted from a charismatic actor who played many roles, “YOO AH IN”. He fascinated Thai fans with his charm in the drama “SungKyunKwan Scandal” as Moon Jae Shin or Geol Oh; the man who never bows down for bad people, “Fashion King” as Kang Yeong Gul; the poor boy who turns to be a very successful people in world fashion industry, and as Lee Soon the king of Joseon dynasty; Jang Ok Jung’s husband [played by Kim Tae Hee] from “Jang Ok Jung Living by love”.

Today he came because of fan’s wishes, in spite of the fact that he has been in Thailand many times. But this time was very special, because this was the first fan meeting which held in the end of 2014. The 2014 YOO AH IN fan meeting tour in Thailand by Neo Creation Ltd, was filled with special and fun activities.

The press conference held on Friday 28th November, 2014 at Grand Centre Point Rajchadamri and the fan meeting held in Saturday 29th November, 2014 at Aksara Theater King Power.


It was a very great fan meeting, because apart from Thai fans, there were international fans from China and Japan who flew to participate in the fan meeting in Thailand as well.

This was the first time that Yoo Ah In met fans in Thailand. He answered lucky fan questions openly and made fans almost melted. He also told that “Pad-Kra-Paw-Moo-Sub” (minced pork fried with basil leaves with rice) is his most favorite Thai dish.


In addition to that, there were fun activities on stage that 4 lucky fans played love scenes from different dramas with Yoo Ah In. Their scenes were taken by Polaroid camera too. It was such a great moment since there were hug scenes and hold hand scenes like couples.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal ‘arrow practice’ scene

Jang Ok Jung ‘back hug’ scene

Secret Love Affair “almost kiss” poster scene


Yoo Ah In was very kind he let fans asked more questions directly to him. He let every fans in the hall played game together by asking fans to stand up, and he did “elimination” till he got 5 fans standing. [Here’s how the games go: he mentioned the conditions, such as short-haired fans or fans wearing glasses or fans in short skirts shall sit down, and the rest stand up still]. The 5 lucky fans who passed every conditions received gift from him [his self-designed Nohant “Love City” t-shirt].

Yoo Ah In also surprised fans by picking one fan in the hall and called her by phone, to invite her to have very romantic tea time with Yoo Ah In on the stage, like a couple, which made every fans in the hall so jealous.

“Making tea & tea time” scene in Jang Ok Jung


He also sang “Thought of You”, a sweet song for fans before the end of fan meeting and ended it up with Hi Five session with all fans.


It can be said that this fan meeting, that Yoo Ah In prepared for Thai fans, was filled by smile and laugh from fans. He made Thai fans back home with a very warm impression.


Now, here’s Yoo Ah In’s interview in Press conference in Bangkok:

Q: Please say hi to the press and Thai fans a little bit.
YAI: Sa-was-dee-krub [said in Thai]. I am an actor from Korea, Yoo Ah In. Thank you for your screaming ^^

Q: You have acted in many dramas. Which character do you like most?
YAI: Personally, I like the character in Sunkkyunkwan Scandal; it is a different role from what I have played. After that, there was the latest drama Secret Love Affair, it was a drama that I very like. I want fans to watch it too. But I think the role in Fashion King is the most similar character to me.

Q: So do you have any characters or roles that you would like to play?
YAI:I really want to be a bad boy but everyone might already saw from the movie.

Q: Recently, you were a guest in the drama Discovery of Love which Eric also played a lead role too. How did you join this drama?
YAI: I do not personally close to Eric-ssi but I’m more close to Jung Yu Mi-ssi who is a leading actress in the dramas. We have joined in 2 dramas together. And this time I was just a cameo in one scene.

Q: Please update us your movies and dramas.
YAI: I just finished 2 dramas recently. One of them, I play as a bad boy. Another one is a period drama. You guys will see them next year.

Q: I heard that this is not your first time in Thailand?
YAI: I have been in Thailand for more than 10 times. It is the country that I mostly visit. Thailand is a very hot country but inside this building is very cold ^^

Q: You have never held your own fan meeting [in South-east Asia] but you choose to hold the first fan meeting in Thailand, why did you choose Thailand?
YAI: I have been here more than 10 times but that was for private trips. This is the first time that I hold a fan meeting in Thailand. I am very excited. Tomorrow, I will meet my fans. I would like to see you guys~ please cheer on and participate in my fan meeting.

Q: What make you impress with Thai fans?
YAI: First of all, I would like to thank my fans for your encouraging and warm welcoming. Thai people have beautiful smile. Thai girls are polite and gentle. I am very glad to meet my Thai fans. I just said that Thai girls have sweet smile, are polite and gentle but they scream very loud. I wonder if you may not be like that. (LOL)

Q: Because you visit Thailand so many times, please show us your Thai language.
YAI: Phom-Rak-Khun-Krub [means I love you in Thai] and Na-Rak-Jung-Krub [means you are so cute in Thai].

Q: Do you want to learn any Thai words? [The MC immediately taught him a funny sentence “Hong-Nam-Yoo-Nai” which means where is the toilet]

YAI: “Hong-Nam-Yoo-Nai” [said in Thai] ^^

[Then the MC added “Mee-Kwam-Suk-Mai” in Thai which mean are you happy? and “Phom-Khem-Mai” in Thai which means Am I handsome? The MC also told fans to teach him“Yerb-YerbJoop-Joop” which means Love-Love-Joop-Joop with a cute pose]

YAI: “Yerb-YerbJoop-Joop” [Ah In said in Thai with extremely cute pose] 😀

Q: Are there any special things you prepared for fans in tomorrow fan meeting?
YAI: I prepared many surprises for fans. I also prepare to sing one song for fans. See you tomorrow~ we will enjoy activities on the stage together.

Q: Did you know that Thai fans called you “Kheng”? How do you feel about it? [Fans shouted out that Ah In has ever done fashion shooting at Pak-Klong-Ta-Lad (a flower market in Thailand) and there was a photo that Ah In posted beside “Kheng” and fans showed him that photo to remind him]

YAI: Oh.. I remember it, “Kheng” [said in Thai]. I remember that I have done fashion shooting there. Is the meaning good? ]The MC tried to explain him until he understood]

Q: What fascinates you to visit Thailand many times?
YAI: The charm of Thailand is summer. Thailand is a warm country. Whenever I come here I feel like here is my hometown. I feel very warm-hearted.

Q: Who is the actress that is most similar to your ideal type?
YAI: It is Kim Hee Ae-ssi, the lead actress who plays along with me in Secret love affair.

Q: Finally, please say something for inviting fans to participate in tomorrow fan meeting.
YAI: First of all, I would like to thank every Thai fans that gives me this chance to meet you guys in Thailand. I prepared many activities to get closer to my fans. I want you guys to come, to cheer me up and have fun together. Please come to create good memories together. I also have a Facebook account, but we might not understand each other because of different language, but I am very glad that we are able communicate via Facebook as well.

English translator: @CHNARIS
Editor: @Furbabe


Source: Pingbook

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