[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Interviews in Thai Newspapers, December 2014

So here we are again with more interviews from Yoo Ah In, who made headlines in Thailand newspapers after the fan meeting took place in Bangkok on the 29th November.

We’ve got two interviews published in December. The interviews happened on the 28th November before/after the press conference. Admin GF (@SIKseekers / Yoo Ah In International Fanbase Twitter admin) has kindly took pictures of these newspapers and translated them for us. Here we go~^^


Thairath Newspaper 2014.12.04

Although it was the first fanmeeting in Thailand with title “2014 Yoo Ah In Fan Meeting Tour in Thailand” by Neo Creations, the young and flawless Korean actor Yoo Ah In, the hero of the Korean popular dramas; Sunkyunkwan Scandal, Jang Ok Jung, Fashion King and Secret Love Affair, has made so much impression in Thailand.

Yoo Ah In came to Thailand most often than other countries because he loves this charming city [Bangkok] and its hot weather, in addition to fans’ warm welcome, both Thai and international fans, who attended and full-packed in the Aksara Theater King Power. And this made him so surprised, as he never thought that there were fans who loved him so much.

Yoo Ah In went all out when he was talking about the past works, having a tea time with lucky fan, playing games with fans, belting out a song, and finally doing the “Hi Five” with all happy fans at the fan meeting.

Yoo Ah In gave team entertainment news an opportunity to talk with him up and close at The Grand Center Point Hotel Rajchadamri, Bangkok.

Yoo Ah In said, “I’ve come here more than 10 times (laughs). I went to a lot of famous places here. I love Thai food very much. There is a Thai food restaurant in Korea where many Koreans love eating too. My personal favorite Thai dish is stir-fried minced pork with basil and chili over rice.”

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is very famous in Thailand. How do you feel about it?

“I came here the first time after I finished shooting Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It was for a fashion shoot and I came privately. I was so happy at the time, because there were fans who recognized me and followed me from the first day to the day I left. I was surprised, wondering how they knew about me, but I was happy.” (Smiles)

When you work hard and feel tired, how do you find strength to give yourself a courage?

“It’s thanks to my friends and the people around me. I’m an actor only when I’m at work place. But aside from that, I’m just an ordinary person who still keeps a good relationship with my friends. I have ordinary-people friends more than I do celebrity friends, because they’re the most important for me, and I want to have an ordinary life just like other people do. So, I’d rather stay around my ordinary friends than celebrities.”

Your characters always seem a bad boy type. What about your real character?

“I’m a bit mean guy (laughs). I speak frankly, I’m masculine, not a sweet guy.”


Daily News Newspaper 2014.12.04

Thai Fans are on the cloud nine! Yoo Ah In flew through the clouds in the warm fan meeting.

If one should mention a Korean leading actor who is distinctive and different from other actors, everybody must be thinking of the famous actor and model Yoo Ah In, who has a cool and masculine face and body which fascinated all girls, with his well-known work Sungkyunkwan Scandal, as Moon Jae Shin or Guroh.

Just recently, Neo Creations brought happiness to fans by organized “The 2014 Yoo Ah In Fanmeeting Tour in Thailand”. He let fans touch his cute side, and gave a special opportunity for Daily News team for an interview.

Have you ever been to Thailand before? What is your most favorite Thai food?

“Sawasdeekrub, I’m Yoo Ah In. I’m really glad to meet you all (smile). I’ve been to Thailand more than 10 times (laughs) and traveled to many famous places in Thailand. I love Thai food. There’s a Thai restaurant in Korea which is popular among Koreans. My favorite Thai dish is Ka Plaw Moo Sub [stir-fried minced pork with basil and chili over rice].”

This is the first fan meeting in Thailand, how do you feel about it?

“I feel really excited. This is my first official fan meeting. I feel nervous too, I don’t know whether fans will like me or not (smiles).”

You received many various roles; Jang Ok Jung, Secret Love Affair, and Fashion King. What do you think about it?

“I’m glad that I acted in such various roles, because it’s a good opportunity and good for experience as well. My most favorite role is in Secret love Affair. We had a lot of fun while shooting, and from the viewer’s perspective, they voted this role as the most favorite too. As for me, I don’t often watch TV or dramas, but the same as audience point of view, I love my role in Secret Love Affair.”

When you’re making decision to accept a role in a drama, what are the reasons for you in choosing each role?

“I used to make the decision based on the character first. But now I consider the director too, because there are many great directors and I would like to have a variety of works with them.”

After 10 years of début, what have you learned from your experiences?

“Yes, I’ve debuted for 10 years. I’ve learned to be more open-minded. It’s the most important thing to be gentle and optimistic as an actor, which, in turn, can help me a lot in choosing the roles [in dramas/movies]. Another important thing is to be myself the same as I was on the first day of my début. I never think that I’m a superstar. I’m still Yoo Ah In, an ordinary person.”

You are an actor that the audience feel that you continuously grow [become better and better] in acting. 

“I have nothing special about my acting, but when I decide to accept any roles I will pay a lot of attention on it and just do my best. I will not think that I cannot do it, or that I’m not good at it. I gotta have a confidence that I can do it, so that in the end it [my acting] will become excellent.”

Please tell us about your current works.

“There’s nothing special these days because Secret Love Affair has finished broadcast. But there are 2 movies that I’ve just finished filming. One is a bad boy character. The name of this movie is Veteran. The other one is sageuk, called Sado. They both are great movies, so please keep following (smiles).”

Finally, please give a message to your Thai fans who love you and always keep supporting you for a long time.

“I’m really glad that I can meet my Thai fans here. This is my first official Thai fan meeting. My fans always give me a warm welcome, and I really appreciate it. Thank you very much (smiles).”


At the fan meeting day, Yoo Ah In delighted all fans with his smart and cool, manly but cute and amiable attitude. He cheerfully played games with fans, reenacted sweet drama scenes and took polaroid photos with five lucky fans, and also had a romantic tea time like lovers with a lucky fan.

Yoo Ah In gave away his self-designed t-shirts to these lucky fans too, and brought happiness by singing a song “Thought of You”, and ended it with a “Hi Five” session with all fans. These have made all fans really impressed and went back home with smile on their faces.

Check more photos from Thailand Fanmeeting in our Facebook album.

English translator: Admin GF
Editor: @Furbabe

Photos: DC, Klom Family IG, and ours

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