Yoo Ah In Instagram Update October-November 2014: Life of Sik

These have been a couple of eventful months for Yoo Ah In. And there are 2 highlights of his vibrant life during these past two months, besides his birthday, of course. The first one is his brand new career, outside acting, as the creative director for his own new established creative company Studio Concrete. And the second one is his first fan meeting in Thailand. We can say that he had done an excellent job for both of his careers, and we are so proud of his achievements πŸ™‚

Let’s take a look at what he got in stores in his “peak season” πŸ˜€

2014.10.07 – Posting Dongho Bridge view behind his window very early morning after his birthday. Perhaps it was an after-birthday contemplation? ^^

2014.10.17 – Coming to the opening night of ‘Strike The Post’ Painting Exhibition by artist Kwon Chul Hwa, right after attending Boon The Shop Opening Party.

Kwon Chul Hwa is a drawing artist, Ah In’s friend, and Studio Concrete art director. So, of course Sik gotta be there to celebrate his friend-slash-colleague’s first exhibition, and have some fun too!

Among the guests of the party are model Kang So Young and actress Gong Hyo Jin.

2014.10.25 – Yoo Ah In came to his friend’s birthday party and they had fun using the selfie stick after the party πŸ˜€


2014.10.31 – When he was not busy, Yoo Ah In turned him self to a DJ for the Halloween Party!

This is how YOO scratch the plate, babeh!

Chef Uhm Hong Sik?


2014.11.09 – Why, yes. Since Mr. Creative Director has accomplished his creative project. It’s time to indulge in his foodie side. Please welcome the new chef at Parc Restaurant!

Too bad, it’s a joke. Otherwise, fans will swarm into this place to have a bite!


2014.11.19 – Yoo Ah In shared the song that he was listening to in his instagram with hashtag #twoweeks. It was FKA twigs new single “Two Weeks”. And he dropped the funny “side-eyes” icon too in the comment section ^^

Two Weeks is one hella sexy song. Check the video here. And the lyrics here. The juicy thing about FKA twigs (real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett): she’s Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend.


2014.11.20 – Yoo Ah In just posted this funny but cute face of his, which resembles with the “flat nervous face” icon he posted below his photo πŸ˜€

Fans thought it was a really funny act. Indeed twas funny, but apparently he took this picture on purpose for China fans. He posted the same photo in his weibo account and made further comment which explained his face and that “nervous face” icon.

Translations: “Careful first greeting. Annyeong? neutral” LOL! It was his second “tweet” after creating weibo account, and a lot of Chinese fans reacted gleefully toward this cute action ^^

At the same day, he just shared his #twoweeks instagram post to twitter~ Maybe he wanted all his followers to enjoy this song like he did.


2014.11.22 – After having a blast night with Tom Paper 1st Issue Party, Yoo Ah In posted a slide show photo from the party, which says, “We are nothing. Don’t judge” – studio concrete. And he said, “Sorry for party rocking” #studioconcrete. It’s alright, Master Sik. We enjoyed it as much~^^


2014.11.26 Yoo Ah In wrote a nice message to Thai fans prior to his Thailand Fanmeeting [translations posted here]. He wrote it right after landing in Bangkok.


2014.11.29 – Right before the Thailand Fanmeeting began, around 5.30 pm Bangkok time, Yoo Ah In posted this witty photo of him smoking while winking, with comment, “Smoking kills Face With Stuck-Out Tongue And Winking Eye“.

At that time, Thai fans have entered the Aksra Theater, where the fanmeeting event took place, and had their seats. When they saw this, most of them left funny comments on his photo, such as, “Hey, what are you doing there? Stop smoking and get inside now! We’re waiting here!” Heeee! πŸ˜€

2014.11.30 – It was a great fun-loving fanmeeting event in Bangkok. Yoo Ah In gave a beautiful memory to fans in Thailand that night to last forever! The event finished at 8 pm and we all went home with smile on our face. Having his first fan meet successfully, he must have been very happy too! On the midnight, sweet Yoo Ah In posted his fanmeeting photo in his instagram and said, “Thank you BKK! Waving Hand Sign“.

I’m sure Thai fans slept with smile on their faces too~ just like me! πŸ˜€

The man who always brings happiness everywhere! Please continue doing so!

Check more fun photos from his SNS activities in our Facebook Album ^^

Photos: Yoo Ah In’s real instagram, facebook, and twitter, Yoo Ah In’s friends instagram accounts

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  1. Mariana says:

    lol he’s so witty! wanna pinch his cheek! thanks for all the updates, Furbabe ^^

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  1. […] his fanmeeting photo on his instagram, saying thank you for the fanmeeting ^^ [check the photo here]. Thank you for giving us the beautiful memory too, Yoo Ah […]

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