[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Interview With Sina TV China 2014.12.11

Prior to his China Fanmeeting last week, Yoo Ah In had the interviews with several TV and online media. This one comes from Sina TV which interviewed him the day before the fan meeting took place, and they just broadcast this interview on 11th December.

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Here are the written translations~^^

“Secret Love Affair” Yoo Ah In practiced playing the piano, has a knack of being a singer

Popular South Korean actor Yoo Ah In (real name Uhm Hong Sik) held a fan meeting in Shanghai on December 7th. Prior to this event, Yoo Ah In held a press conference in a shopping mall, where fans cheered him greatly. In the press conference, Yoo Ah In acted “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. He learned Shanghai dialect, and showed his new ability by talking in Chinese with them.

During the press conference, he was always smiling, doing the high-five session with fans and photo group, hugging them all with generosity, showing full affinity for them. Being able to get up close with their idol in zero distance, fans were very excited, and one aunty (ahjumma) fan took the opportunity to touch Yoo Ah In’s face. Her “attack” succeeded, and she jumped up excitedly.

As he will hold the fan meeting in China for the first time, Yoo Ah In paid attention to the details quite seriously. Since a few months ago, he began working together with the team to negotiate all the details, and worked hard in learning Chinese, in order to bring you more surprise.

Yoo Ah In says he grew up watching a lot of Chinese movies, and he wanted to work with Zhang Yimou, Wong Kar Wai, Chen Kaige and other Chinese directors, to enter the Chinese film and television circle. As for Chinese actress that he’d like to work with the most, he expresses his appreciation on the performance of actress Gong Li.

Thanks to “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, as the wild and rebellious bad boy which he drew with the new perspective, Yoo Ah In’s acting prowess got more attention across Asia. Yoo Ah In says, he himself has a bit rebellious personality, so that directors will give priority to let him star in a wild and intractable character.

As an actor, Yoo Ah In has extraordinary perseverance, constantly in pursuit of the perfect acting. His new movies; crime-thriller “Veteran” and sageuk “Sado”, will be released in 2015. Yoo Ah In reveals that acting as a villain in “Veteran” is his first challenge and new attempt.

In addition to his stardom, recently Yoo Ah In became a “boss”, by beginning to manage a fashion magazine. He says that he and his best friends love and exchange arts, and also love designing, so they started to think of setting foot in the fashion design field. “But acting is always my main job, so I will not easily give it up.”

Sina Entertainment has a conversation with Yoo Ah In, talking about his life and work.

Sina Entertainment: This is your first visit to Shanghai to hold a fan meeting. What is your impression on the city of Shanghai or Chinese fans?

Yoo Ah In: The excitement feeling along the way, and at the same time I find it hard to get used to it. Because at the airport, just right off the plane, fans had already followed me with their video cameras and taken my photos. I think, for me, who come as a foreign artist, I’m flattered by this unexpected favor, and it feels very magical.

Sina: The majority of Chinese fans recognized and liked you through “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. At that time, how was the fate bring you to play the role of wild Guroh?

YAI: Actually, this was not a really easy role, and it can be said that I “stole” the fate. Initially, the director wanted me to play another character in that drama, but after I read the script, I was “unruly” deeply attracted to this role, so I pleaded with the director to let me play this character.

Sina: This year you worked together with senior actress Kim Hee Ae in a popular drama “Secret Love Affair”, which became successful both in quality and commercially. How did you two achieve one understanding in this seamless teamwork?

YAI: This is a very complex issue. I think there are three essential elements for a work to be successful: director, screenwriter and actor. Drama “Secret Love Affair” precisely has these three elements, besides us playing together well, so naturally the show became very perfect. Just like making dishes; ingredients, taste, and all aspects which make a good cooking. They are indispensable.

Sina: Your character in this drama, Lee Seon Jae, is a warm and subtle character, but he is also a very brave man. How did you grasp this kind of restrained emotions and inner feelings? Fans are very curious too in how profound you are in the piano skill. Did you go for a piano training?

YAI: Actually, Lee Seon Jae is a very simple, very outspoken and sincere character. Because of his simple mind, he can actively and bravely express his feelings even to the woman that he loves who is 20 years older than his age. Because he is straightforward, he can be so persistent and insisting about love and piano. So, I grabbed these two points to shape and create the character. As for the piano part, there’s no special secret. I just had to listen repeatedly to the pieces over and over again, so that when it was time to play the piano, the feeling would be coming in and welled up inside me, in addition to a lot of practice. That’s all.

Sina: Whether it’s a movie or TV series, every time you appeared in your works, you left a deep impression on the audience. Of all so many works, which character that you like the most? And which one that you find it most difficult to grasp?

YAI: Now I think the most difficult to interpret is my role as “Young Gul” in “Fashion King”. While people think he appears to be a ruffian rogue, but his heart is very simple. Lee Seon Jae in “Secret Love Affair” is a single-minded person and easier to express, and I like him.

Sina: So much talk about characters, but what about the life of Yoo Ah In, what kind of lifestyle that you are longing for? How do you spend your free time to relax?

YAI: In free time, I often hang out with friends, have dinner together, have conversations, share our feelings, and occasionally go traveling. Recently, I often communicate with friends from the design industry because I’m very interested in fashion design. So even though I don’t have shooting schedule these days, my schedule is quite busy.

Sina: Speaking of friends, some time ago, you made a surprise guest appearance for Jung Yumi’s drama “Discovery of Love”, and before that both of you have worked in a film. Is there an opportunity for you both to appear in one drama together?

YAI: This is really hard to say, since I don’t know about my next project yet. But if there is a good opportunity, the two of us can manage to work together, and I really hope she can and is willing to do it too. Our previous work was an all too short time.

Sina: Yoo Ah In is a famous fashion king. You have also been involved in the design. What is your essential fashion element? Have you ever thought of building your own fashion brand?

YAI: I just occasionally participated in design something with many friends. But for me, actor is my job, so I have yet to consider setting up my own fashion brand, as I will be more focusing on my acting career. Personally for me, the essence of fashion is simplicity and sense of balance. Whether it is paired with choice of textures, colors, or other aspects of a person’s clothes, it should give a sense of balance, not too fancy, simple and comfortable enough.

Sina: In addition to your prominent acting, you have a very nice voice too. Don’t you have an ambition to try, for your own TV drama or movie later, to sing the OST? Like the trending nowadays?

YAI: Ha ha ha ha, no! I have no confidence in singing. In fact, people close to me know the secret, that I debuted as a singer, but that was all…. And I quit it and then grew as an actor.


Translated by @Furbabe

Source: Sina Entertainment News | Photos: Sina Ent. News & DC

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