[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Talks About Veteran With Sohu TV China 2014.12.12

Following the interview with Sina TV, which broadcast on 11th December, on the next day Sohu TV China released their own video interview with Yoo Ah In. They had this interview with him a day before the press conference day too. Special in his interview with Sohu TV, Yoo Ah In talks a bit more about his upcoming crime thriller movie “Veteran” and “Sado, Memory of Eight Days”.


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Here are the written translations~


Interview with Yoo Ah In: Wild personality in films and TV series, acts together with senior actor Song Kang Ho.

The “wild horse” and masculine Moon Jae Shin (Guroh) in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, the man who dreams to climb up the ladder to be part of the upper-class society Kang Young Gul in “Fashion King”, the reigning King Sukjong in “Jang Ok Jung”, and the piano prodigy Lee Seon Jae in “Secret Love Affair”, he is now the most potential 86-ers Korean actor Yoo Ah In. This time, Yoo Ah In came to Shanghai to hold his first fan meeting in China, which fans have been waiting for a long time.

A day before the fan meeting, Yoo Ah In accepted an exclusive interview with Sohu, to share with us all his recent filming experiences, and briefly introduce his upcoming new movies. As for his own upcoming fan meeting, Yoo Ah In also said he is actually very nervous, but also very happy to be able to see his fans.


Part 1: Reviewing the movies

A rebellious and wild man who has deep feelings for the older woman

Yoo Ah In turned 28 year-old this year, which in South Korea’s entertainment is definitely not considered as a young artist. But in South Korea’s movie circle, he is regarded as one of the most potential and promising one of the “post-85” young group of actors, and is praised by many seniors and movie critics. But having worked with so many older actors, Yoo Ah In said he was impressed the most by the best senior actresses, such as Kim Hee Ae from “Secret Love Affair”, and Kim Hae Suk from “Tough As Iron”.

“I like Kim Hae Suk sunbae-nim. After we finished shooting, she became like my real mother. She sends food for me to eat. It feels truly like a mother, so she gives me really deep impression.”

Being in the acting field for a decade, Yoo Ah In has challenged himself by taking various roles and scripts. When asked about the character that is the most memorable to him, Yoo Ah In laughed and said that the answer would be different each time, and this time his answer was Guroh from “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”.

“Before that time, a rebellious boy character was relatively scarce, and this character is a rude and very masculine man, so when I saw it I thought it was a new challenge to try, because it was more difficult. But when I began playing the role of Moon Jae Shin, I gradually developed his new image which was different from the original one. The challenging roles always impressed me.”

He also said that the role of Kang Young Gul in “Fashion King” is the closest to his true character. “His rebellious character, his way of confronting people’s bad words directly; this is quite similar to my personality.”

Yes, in so many works, Yoo Ah In’s image is really colorful; from wearing a traditional costume in sageuk dramas, to trendy fashion in modern dramas, to even high school uniforms, he pulled these characters off.

Among these many roles in costumes, Yoo Ah In said his most favorite is “Wandeugi” (Punch), “Because in South Korea, most people don’t have the opportunity to wear the school uniforms after entering university, so that we only have a chance to wear it when acting. This drama also brings me back to my younger age, returns to my pure heart, and the good times feeling of being a student.”


Yoo Ah In: “Yes, I’d like to use ‘Shanghai’ lettering to combine with Hangeul in our [Nohant Love City t-shirt] design.”

Part 2: Talking about the new film

Getting help from the senior actors, looking forward to the movie release on Thanksgiving

10 years since his début, Yoo Ah In has appeared in 8 TV dramas and 10 movies. There will be two new films starring Yoo Ah In which will be down in cinemas in 2015; “Veteran” and “Sado, Memory of Eight Days”.

“Veteran” is a crime-thriller film, which tells the story of a CSI detective tracing the crimes of a rich second generation chaebol. Yoo Ah In said, “This is a very straightforward action film, and although not very complicated story, it will be fun to watch.”

In this movie, Yoo Ah In is the youngest actor of all. When asked about his feeling in filming together with his seniors, Yoo Ah In humbly said, “I was the youngest actor, but in this movie I was the world’s largest character. In this movie, I own a company, and even though there are persons older than me, I have to beat them, scold them, bully them, look down on others, and be a very rude person. So, it was very painful to do that to my seniors during the filming. But those sunbae-nims are very professional and gave me a lot of space, so that I performed well. I am very grateful that they give me a lot of space to play the role of good and bad people.”

“Sado, Memory of Eight Days” is mentioned by the movie industry as the most anticipated 2015 movie. Upon hearing this news, Yoo Ah In joked that he, himself, is very much looking forward to it, “Because in South Korea movie circle, I’m considered as a young actor, and I got to work with one the best actors in his generation, Song Kang Ho. There will be two generations of actors appear in the same movie, so we are all looking forward to it. This movie is also about a history that Korean people know. A father who has to kill his own son, this is a very painful thing. Everyone knows how painful it was, so they want to see how we will express it. So this movie is worth looking forward to”.

Yoo Ah In revealed that he and Song Kang Ho will not bring up the historical issue. “Since this movie is about a father and son, the old and new generation, and the era of the two men, so it talks more about the story of father and son.”


Part3: Talking about fashion

Not familiar with Chinese brands, will launch a specially designed t-shirt

On the day of this interview, Yoo Ah In was wearing a simple white t-shirt, but it’s still got a sense of fashion. Yoo Ah In has his own insights about fashion, which can be seen in “Nohant” brand, where he worked together in designing their t-shirts.

The weather is getting cold in the winter, which caused a small trouble to wear fashionable attire. So, how can we wear clothes that both warm and makes sense in fashion too? Yoo Ah In gives his own opinion, “The most important one is having a long coat, of course, and keep your personality in your style.”

In recent years, many Korean artists such as Jessica SNSD and Big Bang’s GD got involved in the fashion industry, and they worked together with Chinese brands to launch the “special design”. When asked whether he has such thought, Yoo Ah In said, “I still don’t know much about the brand in China yet. I have designed a shirt with different city’s names before [in Roman-Hangeul lettering], so I think if I will do it for China [market], I will use ‘Shanghai’ or ‘Beijing’ for this shirt design.”

Translated by @Furbabe

Source: Sohu TV News | Photos: Sohu TV & DC

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