[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In: “I Want to Play in A Romcom, Travel, And Be Forever Young”

Yoo Ah In had another interview again with China online magazine Easy Idol, December 15th Issue. In this exclusive interview we are pampered by 4 pretty photos of Master Sik. We get to know about his New Year’s wish and what he wants for Christmas too! Let’s check it out~ πŸ˜€


Yoo Ah In exclusive interview about acting as villain is very enjoyable

I haven’t met with Yoo Ah In before, and my impression of him is limited to “Fashion King” as a sad young man in the market place, “Jang Ok Jung” as a sentimental domineering emperor, and “Secret Love Affair” as a headstrong young genius pianist. These three projects have distinctive characters which let Yoo Ah In shape up strong rich feelings and give infinite charm. When I saw him in person, I had an impression that he was very professional and had a modest attitude. In this short interview, he instantly broke the ice, he burst into hearty laughter from time to time, and he became the most effective “mood lifter” too.


The left side of my face looks better

E: Since you’ve come to Shanghai, is there any place that you want to visit and food that you want to taste?
Yoo Ah In: Because this trip [schedule] is too tight, I have not had enough time to enjoy the beauty of Shanghai yet. But after work, I hope I can go around. I want to eat Shanghai dumplings and hotpot.

E: You do all kinds of pictorial styles perfectly, which one of the pictorial shots that you felt confident the most?
YAI: IΒ  did a lot of magazine shots, but when I am shooting I’d rather deliberately put into action, in order to give natural feels and expression that the photographers like. In the self-confident part… I think my left side of my face looks better! Ha ha! (laughs)

E: When you are not working, what is your most favorite place for shopping?
YAI: I like to go shopping nearby Cheongdam-dong, and Itaewon. But I buy things online too. (laughs)


First time playing the villain

E: Of all the roles that you have played, which one do you think most similar to you?
YAI: “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and “Secret Love Affair”. These two roles are similar to my character.

E: In “Secret Love Affair” you play as the “genius pianist”. During the filming of the piano scenes, which part that you found most difficult?
YAI: The beginning part, of course, because there were some pressures. Fortunately, before filming they gave me some time to practice, and they shot the scene from my back, so that the piano scene was nicely shown.

E: Although you have a lot of acting experience, what role you’ve always wanted to try?
YAI: I have never played a “bad guy” in a drama before, but just recently in the movie “Veteran” I have to act a very bad person, and I find it very enjoyable. The film will be released in 2015, so we will soon have a chance to see it.


Want to travel to Jiuzhaigou Valley

E: Your most wanted Christmas gift?
YAI: I wish to have “forever young face”…. (laugh), because next year I will step into my 30s [in Korean age], and soon I have to say farewell to my 20s and youth…(makes a sorry gesture)

E: New Year is coming closer, please make a wish for the New Year!
YAI: I wish I can take a role in a romantic comedy, I wish I will have the chance for traveling and doing some extreme challenges such as skydiving and such.

E: Which place that you want to travel the most?
YAI: I want to travel to China and see many beautiful lakes in Jiuzhaigou Valley.

[Note: Jiuzhaigou is a national park located in the north Sichuan Province, and was inscribed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1992 and a World Biosphere Reserve in 1997]

Translated by @Furbabe

Source: ieasy tv

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4 Responses to “[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In: “I Want to Play in A Romcom, Travel, And Be Forever Young””
  1. judy swierkosz says:

    What a lovely and talented young man! I just adore him…

  2. judy swierkosz says:

    And yes Furbabe, Thanks for all of your great coverage…It is appreciated.

  3. Laura says:

    SO handsome! Jiuzhaigou is a great choice for traveling!

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