Yoo Ah In 2014 Thailand Fanmeeting Story Part I

I’ve decided to mark 29th November as the highlight of 2014! It was one of the most beautiful experiences, not only for us but also all fans who came to Yoo Ah In 2014 Fanmeeting Tour in Thailand. We screamed, shouted, squealed, drooled, and laughed together for 2.5 hours~~ because of YOO!

Now here we are sharing our good times in this fanmeeting for all SIKseekers πŸ™‚

Thai translations by: Gift

English editor: @Furbabe


I and my friends Gift and Rika-san arrived at AKSRA Theater King Power lobby around 3.40 pm on November 29th. We came to the fan meeting wearing our self-designed SIKseekers tee πŸ˜€


Even though the fan meeting began at 5.30 pm, some fans have gathered outside the theater’s auditorium. They gathered around his big standing banner in the hall, and took pictures with it.


We met with YAI Thai fansclub and they gave us Ah In calendar and bookmarks for free.


Someone also distributed banners to all fans for the “Fan Project” segment later in the fan meeting.

The words in Hangeul means “Please take care~ Have a safe journey. Yoo Ah In Thai Fans”. The meaning might be rather ambiguous. I find it cute though ^^

Fans who just arrived in the lobby got in line at the reception desk to re-register their names. But since we have the VIP ticket, we already registered ours on the press conference the day before, so we didn’t have to do it again. We asked the staff where to drop off our presents for Ah In. The staff told us to put them on a table beside theirs. There were some presents already sitting on that table before ours.

When I took out SIKseekers big box present from our big paper bag and placed it there, the staff gave a stunned look and said, “Ooh!” She smiled and talked to her friend while her eyes were fixing on our box. Here are our presents and banner~^^

I think I can proudly say that our presents were standout among others~^^ Heee!

Besides SIKseekers big box, we put our individual presents for Yoo Ah In on that table too. We will make another detailed post about SIKseekers creative presents later~ so please look forward to it!

After we dropped off all our presents, the staff told us to write our questions to Yoo Ah In on a small colorful papers. I presumed that they were going to make the same show rundown as they used in Seoul fanmeeting. We wrote our questions and put them into the big bowl.

Since there was still much time left before the fanmeeting started, I met and had a nice talk with Japan fans who came in one group. They are very sweet and they gave me a lot of presents! Thanks so much, dearies! I also met with my new Thai friends; Ploy, Prui, Ple, Fai, Kay and Por. They’re all cute and fun ^^

Fai just returned from a several-days seminar and she went straight to Aksra Theater with all her luggage! Ploy, who just returned from Australia, did a really hard effort to attend this fan meeting, but all her hardships were paid off! We’ll reveal her story later πŸ˜€ I also met our dear Japanese reader/translator Miko-san, who just arrived in Bangkok that day, and…had to fly back to Japan right after the fan meeting was over! Whooaaa.. hats off to you all!


Time went by quite fast, more fans arrived and flocked to the hall. There were about 700 fans attended this fan meeting. Not only young girls, there were young and older guys, fathers, mothers and even little children too. Around 5.30 pm we slowly went inside the auditorium. While we were queuing up, suddenly Yoo Ah In updated his instragram with a photo of him smoking somewhere outside! [see here] When we saw it, we posted funny comments on his photo, like, “Hey what are you doing there outside? Come in quick! We’re inside here waiting for you!” Ha!


There was Ah In’s big framed photo hanging on the wall near our “check-in” corridor. Nice!


The staff scanned our belongings and tickets. They strictly prohibited camera or video camera inside the auditorium, so that we solely depended on our cellphone/smartphone camera. I think this is the downside of this fan meeting, because fans barely made the high quality pictures and decent videos out of this very memorable event. I do hope that the EO will think of making the DVD of this fan meeting, so that many fans who didn’t get to attend can enjoy this event too (e.g: our admin @sweetgodzilla who had to cancel her ticket for some reasons, though she was SO eager to watch it). And even we’ve attended his fan meeting, the DVD would become a very valuable collection for us too.

Put that aside, so many great things happened in this fan meeting. One of the best things in Thailand Fan Meeting is the host (MC). I think he’s one of the best hosts in the fan meeting events. He’s silly, funny, he’s unabashed, he made fun of audience but audience love him, he threw jokes to Ah In and made him laugh a lot. He left no room for awkwardness. It’s obvious that Ah In liked this MC very much. Yoo Ah In is the kind of person who will only go crazy and feel relaxed and be natural in front of many people if his companion (in this case; the host) can create a merry and light atmosphere and create laughter during the event. So, during this fan meeting, YAI looked so comfortable, natural, enjoyed every minute of it and had many funny interactions with the MC. You can say that it’s a two men show, and we were pampered by both of them! πŸ˜€

Anyway, we strolled up and down the stairs till we got inside a large and beautiful auditorium. The place surely has a class, and I admired the artistic touch of it~ from the ceiling to its walls. The stage is very spacious. The leather seats are very comfortable. We sat in the middle of the first row. The stage was only around 2 meter away from us! And it had a height of around 1.60 meter.

Meet our new friends from Thailand and Japan~^^


I was THIS close to the stage that I could catch his booger if he picked his nose!

There was a giant curtain projector screen at the stage, playing Ah In’s Thai video greeting and featuring his fashion shots and drama clips.

(spotted cute little mistake πŸ˜€ )


We saw Ah In’s manager, stylists and friends, and also Thai public figures among the audience.

Finally after waiting for 15 minutes, they dimmed the lights. His pictures slideshow flashing on the giant screen along with upbeat music. Fans screamed very loud during the slideshow! I could hear my heart bit faster. The upbeat music faded away with the slideshow.

“Schubert’s Fantasy in FΒ Minor for Piano Four Hands” from drama Secret Love Affair played gracefully, and the spotlights projected the bright beam of lights onto a space at the center stage. And then…. there YOO were! (I held my breath)

Yoo Ah In rose from the bottom up to the center stage, he stood still while he was propelled up. Fans screamed SOoooo wildly and sooooo loud I couldn’t hear my own voice!!! With those beam of lights, he looked like an angel coming from the dark. He looked supah extremely handsome in Prada 2015 SS! Kyaaaa~~!!! (I was trying to breathe!)

He wore a long brown-white striped shirt and blue wool vest by Prada, dark green pants, and a pair of snickers. He looked like a handsome rich college boy! He stepped up to the front from the center and smiled widely while the screams and roars and squeals getting louder and louderrrrr~~~!

The first 2 videos will take you to the scream fest that night (too bad they didn’t show how Ah In rose from the bottom, which was so divine!)

[HD VID / This video didn’t include the dramas features due to copyrights issue]


[HD/VID: Yoo Ah In appeared on stage + his funny reactions to the screams]

[FANCAM by Prui] Talk Part I (including drama reviews segment)


[Yoo Ah In appeared on stage, fans screamed loudly]

YAI: Sawasdee krub! Yoo Ah In krub~^^

[Fans screaaaamed very very loud!!]

MC came on the stage: “Sawasdee krub~ Annyeong haseyo!”

[Still loud screaamms!!]

MC to fans: “Louder!!!!”

[Fans screaaaammmmmmed and roared louder and louder!!!]

[Yoo Ah In smiled so wide, bowed and waved his hand]

MC: “Sawasee krub~ Please welcome, Yoo Ah In-ssi and Jae Yon our translator! I believe that Thai fans can scream louder. Ain-ssi, do you believe me?”

YAI: “Oh really?” [he smiled, and when the screams got louder, he almost popped out his eyes!]

[Louder and long screams~ Ah In smiled and laughed and shouted out “Woohoo!”, and then bowed and smiled shyly, and then jumped and jumped happily!! And finally he gave a thumb up πŸ˜€ kkk…]


[Ah In looked so shy because of these crazy screams, turned around, then turned facing the audience again while kept smiling and laughing]

YAI: “I’m not an idol star~ Don’t scream so loud.” [Fans still screamed] “Khob Kun Krub~” (Thank you).


MC [after we all calmed down]: “Is your visit so special than others?”

YAI: “This is my first time having a fan meeting in Thailand. I have visited Thailand more than 10 times before, but this is so special, because I can have an opportunity to get close to Thai fans, and thank you so much for all the cheers you did for me.”

[We waved our SIKseekers banners and he saw them and smiled! He saw our tees too! Yay! He gave a smile and nod to other fans who waved their banners too ^^]

[MC asked the lighting technician to turn the lights on, so that Ah In could see all fans in the auditorium. When he saw us all, his mouth formed “Wow!” then he smiled and waved his hands while fans were roaring again]


[MC asked staff for the chairs. They placed the chairs really really close to our front row seats!! Kyaaa~~!!]

MC told Ah In while they were taking seat: “Let’s come closer to the front so you can get up close with fans.” He continued jokingly, “But if too close, some fans will go nuts and die!” [I think I was already frozen seeing him sitting only like 4 meters away from me! LOL]

[Ah In laughed and caused more squeals, and he opened wide his eyes so funnily! Fans got crazier with their screams and shouted out “Oppa!! Oppa!!”. MC echoed them with funny voice and teased them πŸ˜€ ]

MC: “How are you now? How do you feel now?”

YAI (laugh): “I feel surprised and so excited. Frankly, I never got this welcome before. I like it. And thank you so much all Thai fans.”

[Fans screamed again]

MC: “We know that besides Yoo Ah In-ssi being a top high quality actor, you are a creative director too and you hit big success~ you are popular and got much love from people. Please tell us more about it.”

[The giant screen on the stage showed Ah In’s photo wearing his Nohant self-designed tee]

YAI (laughed which induced fans laughter and we squealed again): “Usually I’m busy working as an actor, but I love fashion, and then I became a creative director for a special personal work, and the results turned out good and I got a great response.”

[While Jae Yon translated his words, Ah In was waving to fans sitting on the corner of the stage, and then he smiled at our banners that we waved again!!!]


MC: “As an actor, Yoo Ah In-ssi got many works and Thai fans watched all of them. So now let’s see each of your dramas.” [Turned their back to face the giant screen]

[The VTR on the giant screen played the scene from Sungkyunkwan Scandal~ It was a fighting scene where Guroh protected Yoon Hee at the marketplace. Fans screaaaaammmmed wildly and sooooo long till this scene faded away!!]

MC: “You are so smart!”

[Ah In laughed]

MC: “Great action scene~ Guroh closed Yoon Hee’s eyes too with his hand in this aggressive fighting scene.”

[Fans screamed again]

YAI: “I’m really embarrassed~ fan girls scream very loud!”

MC: “Because you protect the girl” [Fans screamed] “How was the shooting of this drama?”

YAI [after hearing from the translator]: “Ahhh~~”

[Ah In laughed and fans screamed again! lol]


YAI: “Actually I’ve never got an action role before I played in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. In the beginning I was worried whether I could do action; would it be okay? Would people love this? But the result was so good, I really appreciate and thank all fans so much.”

[Fans scream and applauded. Ah In stood up and bowed]

MC (joked): “This is my personal question; while shooting, did your hair poke your eye?”

[Fans laughed]

YAI: “In action scene, there was only a little trauma, not so much.”

MC: “Guroh is someone who loves justice and will not ignore it if he sees something not right. What about Ain-ssi~ is your true character the same as this role?”

[Ah In smiled and pressed his laughter~ which made his face looked funny πŸ˜€ ]

MC: “If I’m going to hurt your fans~~….”

YAI: “Yes yes?” [laughed, thought for a second, and waited for the next sentence]

MC: “….what will you do?”

[Ah In laughed and smiled, and then without warning he suddenly punched the air toward the MC!! Fans screamed SO loud!! MC shouted in shock and pretended that he ran away from the stage. Ah In laughed, got up from his seat to approach MC’s shoulder and got him back to sit down~ lol these two!]

MC: “So, you love the justice and don’t like unfairness.”

YAI [smiled, nodded and laughed again]: “But sometimes it becomes a disadvantage (for me).”

MC: “Many people watch Sungkyunkwan Scandal and love seeing your eyes, but as I just said, your hair covered half of your face. Are there any scenes that we can see both of your eyes?”

[Ah In and fans laughed. Fans shouted, “Yes, there are!!”]

[Ah In raised his hand and closed his right eye, and laughed. Fans screamed!]

YAI: “When you saw the drama it looked pretty good. But in reality, it was a wig~ a smelly wig! It was not that good!”

[MC laughed]

MC: “Do you prefer having a long hair?”

YAI: “I barely kept my hair long from the past, and I rarely had longer hair in my past works. Among 20s actors I think I have shortest hair.”

MC: “Let’s check the next VTR.”

[They both turned around, giving their back to our face. He chuckled and turned his head around to see us for a second, and we laughed because he was very cute]

[Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s bed room scene~ Ah In and Park Min Young lying side by side, he tried to stay away from her but she rolled closer and threw her arm up landing on his chest. There was also a scene where he grabbed Yoochun. Fans screamed and screamed wildly!]

MC: “Did you shoot this scene many times?”

YAI (laughed): “I think everybody knew that it was a long scene that needed a lot of re-shooting.”

While Jae Yon translating his sentence, Ah In said, “I would like to have some water~” and then he approached the brim of the stage to reach the bottle from the floor in front of him, which was right in front of me, which was 2 meter away!!~~which caused both I and Gift squealed!! πŸ˜€ While he was drinking, someone screamed out loud. LOL~ yeah he’s sexy while gulping the water from the bottle.

MC (joked): “Are you thirsty after watching this scene?”

YAI (with hoarse voice): “I’m thirsty so much!” (smiled)

[Everyone laughed]

MC: “About thatΒ  re-shooting many times, was it caused by you grabbing Yoochun, or Min Young rolling closer to you?”

[Suddenly Ah In grabbed MC’s arm for his answer. MC was surprised and shouted, “Oh!!” and laughed. He repeated his question]

YAI: “It was difficult in the beginning because I didn’t know how to grab.”

MC “It’s difficult to get the right place~ and lucky that [Min Young’s] hand landed higher.” LMAO! Pervie MC!

[Ah In laughed and said “Heyyy~~…”, gave a knowing look and side eye, and pointed his forefinger at MC as if saying “you’re notty!” πŸ˜€ ]

MC: “What did you get from this drama?”

YAI: “After Sungkyunkwan Scandal, my boss, the company owner, loved me more, because after this drama I’m more well-known.” (laughed)

[Next VTR: Fashion King scene~ He was sewing a panda suit in the prison]

MC: “What about this scene?”

YAI (burst into laugh): “In this scene I was sentenced to jail for slander and had to make the clothes in prison.”

MC: “In your real life you made self-designed clothes, and you got very good response, and it was sold out~” [then he talked to audience] “This guy is awesome, he has his self-designed clothes and they are very popular, however all the proceeds/sales profit from that project were donated to the foundation.”

[Fans applauded, Ah In stood up and bowed]

MC (joked): “I do charity for the dek [children] too.” (laughed)

[Translations note: The MC twisted the meaning of “children”. In Thai, “dek” means young boys or girls. But “dek” in his sentence is a slang that means “younger lover” or a lover who is still very young. So, everyone who understood Thai laughed when he said it]

[On the screen now showing a photo of Ah In wearing his self designed tee Nohant’s Love City]

MC: “You are my idol.”

[Fans laughed]

MC: “Please tell us about your fashion work.”


YAI: “I’ve never thought that I could work in fashion world, but I’m so glad that I can. Because I love fashion and I know a lot of people who work in the fashion field, so that I can get involved in it.”

MC: “You love fashion and Koreans praised you as a fashionista. When you received a role, are you worried about the clothes? Because anything you wear always looks so good, and people love it and it become a trend.”

YAI: “Thank you so much for the praise~ But the problem [with his self-designed tee] is there are too many demands/orders while the supplies/production are still limited.”

MC: “Ooooooh!”

[Fans applauded]

MC: “When was the first time you were interested in fashion?”

YAI (laughed): “A lot of questions about fashion since yesterday~”

MC (joked): “I would like to know~ perhaps I can follow your way.”

[Ah In pointed his hand toward the MC up and down from head to his ankle level pants and red polka dots socks saying like “hellooo~ you’re already very fashionable!”]

YAI: “I’ve been interested in fashion and learned about fashion since young, but I didn’t know how to start this work yet. But this time there are people offer me this project for the collaboration.”

MC: “Please tip us off how to dress up.”

YAI (laughed): “I’d like to say that I’m not a fashionista, I’m an actor” (laughed again) “The most important thing is that the dress must suit to the personality of each person. If they look good on us, it means the right style for us. And if they don’t look good, it means they are not our style.”

[Jae Yon the interpreter translated his words further, but her translations sounded funny because she said that choosing the dress depended on the owner’s face. Upon hearing this, audience laughed]

MC: “Yes, it’s absolutely true! It’s really important~ We supposed to choose the most suitable for us after trying it on. But… for a weird-looking guy, I think that person can wear any kind of dress, for example: me!” (laughed)

[Next VTR: Fashion King kiss scene where Ga Young kissed Young Gul for the first time. Fans screamed SO loud while they were kissing! Young Gul back to his room with mixed feelings on his face]

MC: “Your acting makes me feel so excited. It looks like the very first kiss~ like a young boy kissed by a girl… but I noticed that you also kissed back…” [Fans screamed TOO loud I couldn’t hear his question!]

YAI: I don’t look smart or cool in this scene, right? It’s like waiting for the girl to start it all first.”

MC: “How did you feel? Is there any difference; between being kissed by a girl or kissing a girl? [He meant to say who had to initiate the kiss, which one was Ah In’s favorite~ but the scream was too loud I couldn’t hear what he said]

YAI: “I love to be kissed.”

[Fans screaaaaammmmmmmmmmed!!!!] πŸ˜€

MC: “So, it’s better to stay still.”

YAI: “But being kissed, you can not just stay still.” πŸ˜€

[Fans screaaaaammmmmmed again~ this time very very loud!!!]

[Ah In gave a playful smile and pointed his forefinger at all directions toward fans in the auditorium. MC said something about this, but we couldn’t hear any words from him because of the screaming!]

MC: “….and this drama is highly accepted by the viewers, and your acting here was really great because in each single scene Yoo Ah In-ssi had to express various emotions~ and you did a very good job. After kissing, I noticed that you showed mix of surprise and scared and then walked to the bed room and pondered… At that time what were you thinking?”

YAI: “Uhmmmmm….It’s not that….. Aaarghhh…you praise me too much!”

MC: “Yes, you are really great in acting!”

YAI: “When I’m acting, I do it sincerely.” [Note: he meant to say that he’s being honest in acting] “I played as Young Gul in Fashion King. His character is a bad boy, tough, he speaks frankly~ it’s a character that people don’t really like much, and yet it still received good response from viewers. But actually I don’t quite like it.” [Note: perhaps he meant to say that he didn’t like Young Gul’s negative attitudes in the drama]

MC (joked): “But Thai girls love this~ the girls don’t really like a very good guy~” (he kept joking) “Anyway, during that scene what were you thinking? If it were me, I would thought that this scene should have had a longer kiss, a little bit more, or if it were possible I would have had another re-shoot. If it were me, I would talk with the director and said that I didn’t do it well and asked for a re-shoot!” LOL!

MC: “So what was in your mind after that kiss?” (This MC is so persistent!)

[Ah In’s face was smiling but he thought hard before giving answer]

YAI: “Aaarghh… that scene is quite strong. There are some kisses in this drama~ but compare to other dramas, the kiss scenes in this drama is not much stronger.”

[They turned back to face the giant screen again. Next VTR: Jang Ok Jung drama~ hanbok measure scene]

[Fans screamed and shouted out, “Jeonha!”]

MC [after turning back to audience]: “Sa-was-dee, Jeonha~” [slightly bowed, then got up his seat and bowed down properly. Ah In bowed back at him πŸ˜€ lol]

MC: “In this drama you worked with Kim Tae Hee, the Korea’s Angel. How do you feel?”

YAI: “It’s fun to work with her. She’s older than me, she is a noona.”

MC: “I had an opportunity to interview her too. While interviewing her I forgot the script! I kept looking at her!”

YAI: “She’s really beautiful.”

MC: “That scene we just saw, is it about destiny? Or love at first sight?”

YAI: “Actually they knew each other since young but this is the first scene they met when they grew up.”

MC: “It seems the way that Jeonha stretched his arms was a little bit different from others. Normally it’s supposed to be~~ [MC showed it by raising his arms on both sides of his body] but Jeonha~~” [he raised his hands to the front and acted like he was going to hug. Ah In laughed, pointed at him and imitated his gestures funnily. LOL]

MC: “This drama has a lot of romantic scenes~ which scene is your favorite?”

YAI: “My favorite scene is the scene when Ok Jung was going to die, and before she died the script said that I had to say I love you.”

MC: “Let’s see the next VTR” [The hot and wet raining kiss scene in Jang Ok Jung]

[Fans screaaammmmmmmed frantically!!! Ah In looked very shy when he turned his back again]

MC: “I believe you now that the last kiss scene (in Fashion King) is nothing much.”

[Ah In pointed his forefinger at all fans and said, “Seems that you all love kiss scene!” πŸ˜€ And he shook his head in disbelief. Hee!]

MC: “This scene showed a lot of emotions and intention as a guy beyond his social position as a king.”

YAI: “As the king it’s impossible to do it~ but in this drama the king can do everything for the only one he loves, and he walks into the water too~ And I really like it.”

MC: “This is the Thai’s social problems too~ the social gap between lovers. If this happens in your real life~ if you love someone, will you express yourself like this?”

[Ah In laughed embarrassingly, covered his face with his hand before giving his answer~~]

YAI [quickly answered nonchalantly]: “Yes.”

[Fans screaaaaaaammmmmmed!!!!]

MC: [he asked something but we couldn’t hear it~ maybe he asked if all Koreans were like that]

YAI: “There are Koreans sitting around here too~ please ask them too!!” (laughed)

[Fans still screamed! Ah In laughed, pouted his mouth teasingly imitating his Korean friends’ reaction]

MC: “You shed 7 kilos of weight in this drama. This goes to show that you have strong focus in acting.”

YAI: “It’s a normal thing. I always lost weight without purpose while shooting. After losing weight, I think I looked better. Despite the weight loss, the shooting was done with fun.”

[MC said something like “I see”, and Ah In patted his arm friendly]

MC: “Next VTR~” [Secret Love Affair: Lee Seon Jae played the imaginary piano at the bridge rails]

[Fans shouted out, “Lee Seon Jae!”]

MC: “This is another drama that proved your ability in acting where you took on the role as a genius pianist. I saw the VTR, and you played ‘the piano’ at the bridge rails. Were there any real sounds coming out of the rails?”

YAI (laughed): “This is quite a complex scene. This drama is called Secret Love Affair. There are many splendid scenes in this drama. This scene is about a boy playing the piano after his teacher praises him, and it makes him feel so good and the feeling grows bigger and bigger [hence, expressing his feeling at the bridge]. He falls in love with his teacher~ and I like this scene so much.”

MC: “Can you play the piano?”

[Ah In shook his head, made hand-waving and throat-cutting gestures, which means he can’t]

YAI: “I just know where I should lay my fingers on the piano keys while I listening to the music.”

MC: “From the acting, it looks like you can play it for real. Your acting is superb since it looks like you can really play the piano!”


[FANCAM by Prui] Talk Part II


[Still with the VTR: Secret Love Affair scene when Seon Jae hugged Hye Won and then sat against the wall, broke down to cry. Watching that scene again we couldn’t help but teary eyed again. Fans turned silent during and after this scene]

MC: “Fans watched this drama, they cheer and would like to see the happiness, they want Seon Jae and Hye Won to be together. Your acting is really good. When you saw this VTR, how do you feel?”

YAI: “I feel pity/sympathize.”

MC: “Even you feel sympathy to yourself~ because your acting is really excellent!”

[Fans applauded. Ah In looked shy, waved his hand, and then stood up and bowed to audience]

YAI: “Personally, I like this drama so much. And this scene got good response from the viewers. As you know, a 20 years old man falling in love with a woman 20 years his senior~ this love is quite a secret and that what makes it exciting.”

MC: “In contrast, in Thailand there are older men having lovers 20 years younger.”

YAI: “Is it true?”

MC: “Yes, it is. But it depends on the age too. If the man is 50, and the woman 30 years old, then this is possible.. But if the man is 35 and the woman is 15.. he will get in jail.”

YAI: “Not only in Thailand, Korea has this thing too. But don’t misunderstand, it’s a rare case.” (smiled)

MC: “I really admire your performance, they are all really great.”

[Ah In smiled and said “Kamsa hamnida”. Fans screamed. His face looked like crying but it turned to a smile with all those screams from fans πŸ™‚ ]


End of “drama reviews” segment

– To be continued to Part 2 –

Check more photos in our album here


Photos: SIKseekers, DC, Neo Creation, Baidu, Instagram accounts

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