[REVIEWS] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 2014.10.05 Stories Part 3 [END]

Hello SIKseekers~~ We’re sorry for the very late post for Part 3 of Seoul Fanmeeting Stories! Juggling with real life here :p

In case you missed it, check PART 1 here and PART 2 here. Now let’s get on to the last part of this story πŸ™‚


[Review] Yoo Ah In Seoul Fanmeeting 5th Oct 2014 Part 3

Translated by Furbabe / Yoo Ah In International Fans Community

Note: This is an exclusive fanmeeting, so NO official photos from Ainese can be shared publicly. All these pictures were taken outside Ainese website.


And finally the last segment in the fanmeeting: Yoo Ah In read out loud his own letter to fans!

All of us have been waiting for this. I recorded his voice in my cellphone and I listened again at home. He sat on the chair in the middle of the stage. We applauded before he began reading the letter from his smartphone.

His voice was trembling. But it was a serious, sincere and killer voice! His face was a bit blushing.

While he was reading the poem, there was a nice guitar playing in the background. I almost cried listening to his voice…γ… γ…  When he was reading, some women started weeping. A woman covered her face with both hands. His letter was so beautiful most of us couldn’t help crying!


Ah In began by saying, “A letter that I wrote.” This is the translations:

Hello, everyone ~

I’m grabbing the last string of my twenties

Let’s take care while moving feet in this real autumn

I will not sing a song,

Instead, I wrote a greasy letter

Over 10 years of work,

Though we are all distance away, we are always be together forever

When I’m really in dark [lonely], I wear my heart on my sleeve

I show off on twitter like that

But I put my heart for a long time into writing one letter to you

I feel very shy

With all the promises or pledges to you in my twenties

As the time passed by, I was worried

Some actors have got around to stay last forever

Saying “I love you” with all my best, holding on the ankle [Note: holding on the ankle means not letting go of someone dear to him]

I can’t just go with it here on stage

Thing that I can do is;

Showing myself to the whole nation, throwing my life to people [Note: means exposing his life to public]

Except sometimes I messed up, because…

Sometimes it was a thorny road, sometimes a flower garden,

Happened to step on a land of mines, happened to step on shit too….

And also less than one step away between me and money

I lived in the name of pain and fortune

It was all fluke [Note: means accidental stroke of luck]

It was fate and luck

With bruises, frustrations and angers, I feel glad I could go through life so far

The moment; it was all that I could control

I was able to choose my own thing

I was like Jongdae from Boys of Tomorrow,

Bringing up the questions how to be a good boy

I think I have only one answer,

A promise to be an actor,

who has no worldly desires of becoming successfully rich

I will give the true answer

That I will not do things in vain,

That I’m going to be a good person,

That I will live, survive and cherish every moment of my life,

That living is got to be the most important

What is a good boy? What is a good man like?

What is ignite? What shape is it like?

Now, here we go

To whoever you are, wherever you come from,

To you who are invisible somewhere,

You who silently send me support out there,

And to each one of precious hearts,

I have marked it down

I’ll live as someone who will not make ashamed in front of your heart

It’s all I can do well,

Even though my response is inadequate in front of too much love

This is not one of my acting but confessions

Thank you for listening

Reminiscing deeply. We are.

Do not wear out over time~


Long and big applause roared and filled the auditorium. I was moved by his words so much. He was truly a beautiful man inside out! Later after the fanmeeting was over, the staff distributed his recorded voice to all fans.

After finished reading his letter, Ah In made a silly pose and smiled πŸ˜€ He bowed and waved his hand, then we sent him off the stage with big cheers. We also waited for him outside the building. When Ah In came out, we cheered for him again. He laughed and took pictures of us all with his cellphone!

And after waving his hand again, Ah In left in a black sedan.

Although I just knew Ah In recently, I felt really grateful that I got a chance to meet him, learn more about him, and even got his hug πŸ™‚


These are more fan stories from the lucky fans who won Ah In’s games/quizzes:

β€» “I won Te Koko Cloudy Bay 2011 wine, it’s Ah In’s favorite wine (it’s New Zealand wine, btw). I was really lucky, out of 500 people who came to this fanmeeting, there was only like 10% who got his presents or got to touch him or hug him. After the fan meeting we went to a restaurant where Hye Won and Seon Jae eat in Secret Love Affair. We had dinner there and reenacted that scene πŸ˜€ Then we bought a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday, accompanied with this wine~^^”


β€» “I won Ah In’s perfume! It’s expensive. The price is around $200 for a small bottle. I trembled like a huge vibrated phone when they announced my name as the first prize’s winner. I came up the stage and Ah In gave me his perfume. But I couldn’t speak properly to him because I was too nervous >.<”


β€»I won rock-scissors game and got to act with Ah In in Hongdae Holding Hands/Hug Scene ^^ I still can’t believe I could win the rock-scissors game, because I’m not good at it! My legs were shaky while I was getting up the stage. The MC asked my name & some questions:

MC: Since when did you become Ah In fan?
Me: Since I watched Guroh in Sungkyunkwan Scandal
MC: So before that, who you had been a fan of?
Me: I didn’t have any favorite stars before

Not because it was a norm to say that, but it was my true feeling. Just like most of us, I liked Ah In’s acting in SKKS, and then I found how interesting his personality was. I watched many dramas, became fond of the actors. When the series ended, I moved on. But this time with Ah In, through SKKS, I became his loyal fan πŸ™‚

After taking a polaroid photo with Ah In, we both reenacted the Hongdae holding hands scene. I got to see his face really close, he’s got a smooth little face! We held hands and hugged. I could hear audience in the front seats frantically screamed! πŸ˜€ I just had a birthday yesterday, and I told Ah In. That’s why he hugged me. This was the biggest birthday present for me^^”


β€» “I was the one with nickname “Autumn Sky” who wrote my wish and won Best Question. My phone vibrated, not rang. So, I didn’t realize that he called me at first. I was SO nervous when I took the mic and introduced myself. I was trembling and mumbling. We took polaroid photo. He told me, “You’re the one who wrote the wishes, right? You’re so eloquent~^^”

Ah In wrapped his hand on my shoulders without hesitation. It was a light hug, he was really warm, and he was not acting “formally” or fake, unlike some celebrities. After taking photos, we shook hands again before leaving the stage. The most unforgettable in Ah In is his eyes. They’re like a child’s eyes, a deep “filled” laser but friendly eyes. His eyes were very focused when he talked to each of us.”


Check more photos from this fanmeeting in our Facebook Album

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Source: Ainese, DC SLA Gallery, DC FK Gallery, DC YAI Gallery, Fans Instagram accs

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    Hope your life is going well. Always appreciate your fine posts, no matter if they are late. After reading YAI letter, all I can say is that I adore him forever and his beautiful heart. love to you all!

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    Thank you for sharing the story. His letter is very touching, he’s trully a beautiful soul.

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    Hope real life is going well. Always appreciate your posts no matter if late. Just adore YAI a beautiful soul.

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