[TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Interview With OK! Magazine Thailand, December 2014

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, SIKseekers! What’s our holidays present? Of course, more Sik! 😀

OK! Magazine Thailand Vol. 239, Dec 2014, just released an exclusive interview with Yoo Ah In. They had this interview when Yoo Ah In visited Bangkok for the Thailand Fanmeeting Tour last November.

Let’s find out some interesting stories from Yoo Ah In again. Here are the interview translations and scanned pictures from OK! magazine by Admin GF ^^

OK! exclusive
So Hot. So Real
Charisma of a young leading actor, rebellious image, “Yoo Ah In” the real one, no pretense


People don’t really like to hear a very honest words. But if those straightforward words can bring us to touch someone’s real personality who’s so sincere and not putting on a show, that’s a really good thing, isn’t it? Especially in the full-of-pretense entertainment industry.

Yoo Ah In is one in a hundred actors who dares to speak up his mind, shares his opinion openly on his works, his fashion style, and on everything around him. These got to come from a gentleman who has learned about life from his 10 years of showbiz experience. And, for sure, the utmost thing that one can get from Yoo Ah In is his extraordinary acting.

He made viewers head over heels with his roles; from Guroh (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), to a faithful king in love (Jang Ok Jung), and a sincere pianist who has a forbidden love with a women 20 years his senior in melodrama Secret Love Affair.

Having learned that this 28 year-old young rebel often came to Thailand for the private visit, Neo Creation managed to invite Yoo Ah In to officially meet his fans on the 29th November. In the first ‘Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting Tour in Thailand’, the confident young leading actor made a big impression on fans. He got a lot of screams from fans, and we noticed that he felt embarrassed many times [because of those screams] during the fanmeeting.

Yoo Ah In is very nice and cute. His congeniality, not only fascinated all fans, but also all reporters who got to interview him. And OK! magazine is one of the lucky people who had a chat with him. Yoo Ah In that we met is not a short-tempered guy, and he’s not rude as some people regarded. In contrast, he’s one of the most well-behaved Korean actors.

Yoo Ah In paid close attention to his clothes. He sacrificed an extra 10 minutes of his time to change his clothes, from black and white suit, to a blue sweater, after he saw the photo shoot location. Besides giving the professional shots, he revealed his honest thoughts in this short interview as well.

Q: Although this is your first official visit to Thailand, you actually have come here privately more than 10 times. What has fascinated you about Thailand?

Yoo Ah In (YAI): In Korea it’s rather difficult to live my private life, but here in Thailand I can walk on the street like other ordinary people, I can enjoy some delicious foods pleasantly, and there are many shopping areas, which I love a lot. In addition, hotels in Thailand are beautiful and they have swimming pools too. That’s why I always come here and I feel comfy every time I come.

Q: You’re known as someone who speaks up your mind and a straightforward person. Please tell us frankly the difference between Yoo Ah In and Uhm Hong Sik.

YAI: Usually, each actor has his own image, besides real character, to get recognized easily by people. I try to reduce the difference [between image and real character]. An actor changes after he gets a new role. But I’m still the same, as you can see~ I’m still an easy-going person, still like freedom, still live independently and indulge myself (laugh). I’m a very straightforward person. I express everything honestly, and that is the charm of my real character. I hold this as the principle of my life, which creates my self-confidence.

Q: You happened to say that it was difficult for you to get close to others [to become close friends]. So what should we do to get close to you?

YAI: Just speak your mind and be sincere to me, easygoing, comfortable, and no pretense, and express your true personality. I’m an open-minded person. As long as you’re sincere, I’m okay.

Q: Do you have close celebrity friends?

YAI: Actually, I don’t really have close celebrity friends (laugh). My closest celebrity friend is Jung Yoo Mi (Jung Yumi). I worked with her as the voice actors for animation “Satellite Girl And The Milk Cow”, and just recently I became a special guest in “Discovery Of Romance” where she played as the leading actress.

Q: Is it true that you have a lot of phones for different purposes and relationship circles?

YAI: (Laugh) I don’t have many cell phones like that, I just have 2 phones. One stored all numbers, while another one my close friends’ only.

Q: Do you know that you go well with period dramas (sageuk)? Both Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Jang Ok Jung, they are fans’ favorites.

YAI: The advantage of sageuk is telling the culture, which is a unique identity of the country. It’s amazing and attractive. Nowadays in period dramas, we can use a normal (modern) speech that everyone can understand well. Personally, I like today’s sageuk.

Q: As a Korean fashionista, do you think that you look good while wearing a hanbok?

YAI: When I wear a hanbok? … Certainly. Recently I just filmed a new sageuk movie ‘Sado’ and I had to wear one. It felt very hot in summer and very cold in winter. But it was fun.

Q: How big do you pay attention to your clothes?

YAI: Although the real character is important, fashionable dress is just like our face that people can see first. Moreover, it expresses the personality and character of the owner, thus I try to dress up with style that most suits me, and I try the most fun style too.

Q: In the fashion shooting or drama shooting, if you don’t like the costumes prepared for you, what will you do?

YAI: I hardly wear the costumes that I don’t like. If I had to wear the clothes I didn’t like, it couldn’t be helped. But it might kill my mood a bit.

Q: Do you have free time for shopping or buying things?

YAI: Sometimes I have time to do it. I buy things via internet too, and in general stores and branded stores, and I go shopping in Bangkok too.

Q: Have you ever made a mistake on your sense of fashion?

YAI: Isn’t this too many fashion-focus questions? Just kidding! I like it (laugh). I think I made a mistake once. It happened on my first visit to Thailand. I was wearing short pants and long coat, and someone spotted me, took photo and posted it [on internet]. When I saw it I thought, “what was I wearing?”. But some fans praised and said that it looked good, and then people talked about it as a fashion style. And another time, I wore a very smart dress when I was having a hand-shake [fan signing event] with fans, but later I realized that I forgot to zip my pants! (Laugh)

Q: I believe that a free guy like you hate to be restrained by rules.

YAI: That’s it. How do you know? (Laugh)

Q: So, as you grew up and have been living as a celebrity for 10 years, does it make you feel uncomfortable?

YAI: I feel uncomfortable ever since my début, but I got to try to overcome this uncomfortable feeling, gradually step by step every year to finally become a unique actor who has his own image. And this, when I look back to the past, I think I did quite good. Regarding the uncomfortable feeling, it was caused by the strict rules [in his surroundings]. And when I tried to defeat these obstacles, people started to accept that this is my true self. [He meant to say that now people accept it as his true character]. Afterall, I’m a Korean. When I’m in Korea I know what to do. Because I work there, I know how to adapt myself in every situation. But when I go abroad, like Thailand, I don’t know about the culture and their expectations, so I must behave and do only thing that I’m capable of, to avoid too much mistakes.

Q: You will turn 30s in the next 2 years. What do you think of it? Is your 20s life worth it?

YAI: I’m satisfied with my 20s very much and I don’t want it to be over (laugh).

Q: What do you think of the comment made by senior actor Kim Yoon Seok [his teacher in Wandeugi/Punch]~ he said a long time ago that ‘In the next 10 years Yoo Ah In will be one of the greatest actors in Korea’?

YAI: You searched a lot of information about me (laugh). Personally, I was confident too that I would be like that in the next 10 years [he means that he had the same thought as Kim Yoon Suk since his début]. And this has been passed 9 years, so I only have one year left.

Q: Lastly, please say something to Thai fans who always keep following your works.

YAI: I usually came here only for traveling. But this time I got a chance to have an official fan meeting. I’m so glad but at the same time feeling worried too…I’m afraid whether I can still comfortably walk on the streets in Bangkok (laugh). Anyway, I think it will be a special time, and I hope this will be the starting point of a long relationship between me and all Thai fans. ***

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    I loved this i feel closer to yoo ah in than ever!

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