Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting Story Part 2

To refresh your memory, check Part 1 HERE.

And we just found another video of the beginning of this fanmeeting with Yoo Ah In soaring up the stage~^^ Before you read the story Part 2, check this video out~

[FANCAM – Yoo Ah In Thailand Fan Meeting Starts]


Now let’s continue with Part 2!

Thai Translator: Gift
English Editor: @Furbabe


– Games Segment –

[FANCAM by Prui] Lucky Fans & Yoo Ah In in the Games Part 1

[FANCAM by Prui] Lucky Fans & Yoo Ah In in the Games Part 2


MC : “Then let’s find out the four new leading actresses for Yoo Ah In-ssi! 4 lucky girls will get on the stage and act with Yoo Ah In, and get a Polaroid photo too.”

[Fans screamed, Ah In waved his hands. The crew brought a table with a big box on top of it to the stage and placed the table in front of MC and Ah In. Ah In stood up and picked our seat numbers from the papers inside the red box.]

MC: “Are you ready? Let’s see what number you got. Please open it… Who got number one? Which drama and which scene? Let’s find out…”

[MC called 4 seat numbers to get up the stage. Fans clapped. When the MC called the 3rd lucky fans, there were loud screams! And we saw the 3rd lucky fan was our friend Ploy!! πŸ˜€ ]

[Four lucky fans came up the stage and fans screamed again]

[MC asked their names and what they loved from Ah In]

1st fan: “Everything!”

MC: “So you want to say that you know everything about him? Like it.”

MC to 2nd fan [she has yellow hair]: “What’s your name? This is a foreigner leading actress!”. LOL!

[Everyone laughed. MC asked what she loved from Ah In, and she gave the same answer as the 1st fan.]

MC: “The same…everything. So, let’s do the battle with the first fan!” LOL~ “We need some different answers!”

[And the 3rd fan is none other than Ploy, our friend. We screamed for her. I think Ploy’s friends screamed the loudest so everyone laughed kkkk πŸ˜€ MC looked startled and said to Ah In like, “she’s got fans too”. Then he asked her the same question.]

3rd fan aka Ploy: “I love that he is a bad boy.” [We all screamed again]

[Ah In waved his hand, refused it, and laughed]

MC: “Do you love him if he has a mustache?”

Ploy: “Yes I do~” [Ah In covered his mouth] “I also love him without mustache too.”

MC: “Whatsoever… You want it all.” [He moved to the last fan]

4th fan: “I love his stares.”

MC: “Ooooh~”

[Fans screaaamed!]

[Ah In approached them all, opened wide his arms, and gave them all a group hug! Fans screaaaaammmmed sooo loud!!!]


MC [bowed]: “Jeonha~ Jeonha has 4 concubines. Jeonha is very extraordinary!”Β 

[MC explained to the lucky fans that they had to pick one ping-pong ball from the bowl to choose one number. Each number represented one drama scene they would reenact with Ah In. The giant screen displayed 4 squares labeled with number 1 to 4.]

[MC asked who got number 4, and tell her to see the giant screen. The number 4 on giant screen turned to a back hug scene from Jang Ok Jung. Fans screamed so loud!!]

MC: “1st scene: back hug for 5 seconds.”

[Ah In called this fan by waving his hand, and they stepped up closer to the front. She stood with her back in front of him. Ah In touched her shoulder while listening to MC. Fans screamed louder!]

MC [told fan]: “Stay still, don’t turn back and just keep smiling to the camera.” [Fans screamed again]

[There were 1 photographer that would take the Polaroid photo and another photographer for documenting the acts.]

MC: “When I said ‘action’, act like this photo (on the giant screen). And act like this for 5 seconds. During this act, staff will take a photo. Do the ‘jig klong’ [Translations Note: Jig = peck, Klong = camera. Jig klong means posing with eyes staring deep at the camera confidently]. When time is up, I will say ‘cut’Β  and you must separate.”

MC [made gestures like a PD]: “Are you ready? The first concubine! Are you ready? Camera ready?”

[Ah In stood closer to her and touched her shoulders. The screams were getting louder.]

MC: “Don’t do anything yet, don’t move, just stand still. Just look at the camera and pose like…” [MC did the jig klong style in a funny way] “That’s enough. Not much. Ready! Action!”

[Ah In hugged her from the back, and they both smiled to the cameras. MC counted backward and said “cut!”]

[Ah In laughed, gave her another hug after they stood face to face, and pecked his cheek on hers. Fans screaammmmmed so desperately!! kkkkkk πŸ˜€ ]

[Since she got an extra free hug, MC jokingly said, “Seems that I forgot saying ‘cut’, so she crossed the lines!” Everyone laughed. The first fan accepted her polaroid photo from the crew. Sik bowed when she was waving him a goodbye.]

[Next, MC asked the giant screen to reveal the number 2 scene. It was Jang Ok Jung’s holding hand scene.]

MC: “I already told you that the ball-picking is important, but you were too considerate to each other~” (he continued in a girl voice) “you first~ you first~” lol

MC: “Then what’s up? Who’s number 2? Please, step up to the front. Just touch your hand and look at each other.”

[Ah In reached his hand to this fan.]

YAI [saw the screen]: “Must do eye contact too.”

[Fans screammmmmmmed!!]

MC: “3-2-1… Action!”

[Ah In took her hand slowly and they stared at each other for 5 seconds. MC counted the time and shouted, “Cut cuuut!” Ah In laughed, hugged her shoulder and patted her back. He gave her the polaroid photo and bowed.]

[MC asked the screen to show the number 1 scene. It was Secret Love Affair poster scene~ where Ah In and Kim Hee Ae almost kissed!]

[Fans screaaaammmmmmed SO loud and long!!!]

[Sik walked to the brim of the stage while tapping his chest and smiling. He took the bottle and drank the water.]

MC [to fan]: “What is your ball’s number?”

Fan: “I got number 1.”

MC: “Get very close to him but don’t kiss him!”

[Fans screaaammmmmed sooo loud frantically!!! πŸ˜€ ]

MC [to Ah In]: “Is this scene difficult?”

[While he asked him, Ah In looked at the girl and made hand gestures like pointing hands to his shoulders]

YAI [to MC]: “Uhhhhh~~” [laughed and smiled and looked at the screen]

MC: “Only 2 centimeters away from each other’s nose!” [Fans screamed]

YAI: “Uhhhhhhh… I’ll show you~”

[Fans screeaaaammmed louder and louderrrrr!!!]

YAI: “From the photo, it looks smart, but actually it was really funny while shooting that photo.” [Laughed]

MC [joked to fan]: “You have to place your face at the right angle, otherwise I’ll say cut. Get closer now~”

[Ah In and fan stood face to face very close, fans kept screaming and screaming and screaming!]

MC [to all audience]: “Let’s be quiet. This is an emotional scene~” [Fans could not stay quiet and just screamed again! LOL!]

MC: “Don’t scream. If you scream, they will laugh!” Kkkk

[MC counted 1-2-3 and shouted, “action!”]

[Ah In put both her hands on his shoulders, and then his hand on her hips. He looked into her eyes reaaaally close, and he drew his lips closer to her face!!]

[Fans screaaaaaammmmmmmmmed soooo long and wilderrrrr!!!! LMAO!!]

[After MC said “cut!, Ah In backed off, laughed and covered his hand for a second. Then he gave her the polaroid photo. He covered his face again and patted her shoulder. He gave her a light hug too! Fans still screamed and screamed desperately!! ROFL!]

[Overwhelmed by the atmosphere and overloaded screams, Ah In made a circle walk and he couldn’t stop smiling πŸ˜€ lol]

[And finally, the last scene: the arrow practice scene from Sungkyunkwan Scandal! We screaaaaammmmed loud again for Ploy!! kkkk]

[Ah In stretched his arm to show Ploy how to do this scene]

MC: “Looks like a Korean archer.”

MC [to Ploy]: “Are you ready?”

Ploy: “No, I’m not.”

MC [turned to audience]: “Who’s ready and want to be here instead of her?” [Ploy ran to catch him, like, “no no don’t!” kkkk]

MC: “I think you are not ready, and I’ll let someone else who’s ready to come up here.” [She grabbed MC’s hand and brought him to turn back to her πŸ˜€ ]

[Ah In gave a thumb up, like saying, “I’m ready”.]

[MC told them to get closer. Ah In stood behind her, MC counted again. Ah In took both her hands and stretched their arms quickly.]

[Ah In gave a cute smile to the camera, made a shooting scene and finally laughed after the MC shouted “cut!”. Fans screamed and screamed during this act.]

[Ah In gave her a pat on the back and the polaroid photo.]

[Before leaving the stage, Ploy asked MC if she could keep the ball! Everyone laughed.]

MC: “Oho!” [He repeated her word out loud] ‘May I ask for the ball, please?’ Even a ping-pong ball, she wants it!”

[MC gave her the ball. And there was another ball left, so he asked the audience, “And whose ball is this? Do you want this? Otherwise I’ll keep it~ and don’t hope that staff can get it back!”

YAI [laughed]: “And now I understand that Thai people like the love scene so much.” [Fans screamed loudly].

YAI: “Thanks so much that you all made me do it today~” [Bowed and smiled]

MC [referred to the 3rd fan]: “Had we gotten more time, she would brush her teeth first and reenacted that scene one more time.” [Everyone laughed]

MC: “Let’s have a break and watch the VTR.”

[Ah In waved both his hands and went to the backstage. During the short break time, the giant screen played a slideshow of his fashion photos and his fashion styles from now and then with upbeat music]


– Q&A segment –

[FANCAM by Prui] Questions & Answers


After the break, MC called Ah In’s name and he came out to the stage with big cheers from fans. He has changed his clothes to a more casual one; a white-blue-green printed shirt under a dark suit and black pants. He wore black shoes too. He looked so fresh!

In this session, Ah In handpicked fans’ questions [that we have written on a small paper before] from inside the box on the table in front of him.

MC: “This part is the Question & Answer. There will be 5 questions from fans.”

[Ah In drew out the question papers from the box, took out one and gave it to MC]

MC: “The first question is written in Korean!” [Fans laughed]

YAI [took the paper from MC’s hand, read it in perfect English]: “Am I beautiful?” [Laughed, continued speaking English] “Who?”

[MC tried to search for the question’s owner. He talked to a Korean fan sitting not far from him~ She waved her hand and said it was not her question. We all laughed. Finally MC found the owner. She sat really far from the stage.]

[Ah In stood up and walked up to the front of the stage to get better look at her, squinted his eyes, made hand gestures to tell her to get down and open her covered mouth.]

[Fans screamed loudly. Someone screamed, “Oppa, saranghae!” lol! We all including Ah In laughed].

MC [to fan]: “Please stand up and come closer.”

Ah In [looked at her with focus eyes]: “Quite beautiful!” [laughed]

MC [joked]: “Yoo Ah In-ssi is a very sincere person. I like him so much, he gives honest answer.” [Fans screamed and laughed]

[Ah In resumed drawing out the second question from the box and gave the paper to MC. Apparently it was written in English.]

MC [read in his funny accent]: “I’ve tried to catch 3 times to get the High Touch but I don’t have luck, so I bought 2 tickets because of you.”Β 

[My friends said, “It’s Ploy’s question!” LMAO! Note: Ploy will share her story and explain her question later in our next post πŸ™‚ ]

YAI: “Who is that?”

[People who knew her pointed at where she sat. When MC found out that this question came from the 4th lucky fangirl in the drama scene segment, he and Ah In looked surprised. “Ooh.. so it’s Ploy!” kkkk πŸ˜€ ]

YAI: “But you just came up the stage and acted with me, so you’re very lucky.” Heee!

MC [joked]: “From the last sentence, she wrote that she bought the ticket because of Yoo Ah In. I don’t think you can use this sentence, because everyone sitting here also came because of Yoo Ah In too!” [Everyone laughed] “So this sentence can’t help you.” Kkkk

[Fans screamed and applauded. Ah In closed his face while smiling embarrassingly. He patted MC’s shoulder as if saying; that was good :p]

YAI: “Thank you!”

[He drew the 3rd question out. It was another English question!]

MC read again in his struggling accent: “Do you like driving a car? How far have you driven the car alone? From Rika~ is this a Japan fan?”

[Oooh that’s our friend Rika-san! Weeeh!! We shouted, “Here! Here!” and pointed at Rika-san. Ah In saw and he remembered her! (Note: Rika has come to his fansigning events for several times before). He pointed at our direction right where Rika-san sat, said “Oooh!” Then he laughed.]

MC: “Okay next time we need 5 language translators for the very popular actor like you!” [We all laughed]

MC: “Your Japanese fan also came here!”

YAI [smiled and gave his answer to Rika in English]: “Seoul to Busan.”

[Fans applauded]

[And now the 4th question~ Ah In drew it out, opened the folded paper, then he nodded and said,”Ohhh….Thai!”]

[He took a deep breath while stroking his chest, looking so relieved! LOL! MC laughed.]

MC [read in girl voice]: “From Thai fan. My name is Sai. To oppa, what kind of Thai food do you like?”

YAI: “Pad kra prow moo sub” [Translation Note: it’s a Thai dish]

Fans: “Ooooooh!!” [clapped]

MC: “Yes, this is a very delicious dish~ this menu is very popular, all Thai people eat this since young. We can eat all day~ morning and evening we eat Kra Praw. If we don’t know what to eat, then we eat Kra Praw.”

YAI: “I just had this menu this morning too, and yesterday too.”

MC: “After you said that you like Krapraw, next time you come here you might receive hundred boxes of this menu! So you’d better tell us other dish that you can keep for a longer time.” [Everyone laughed]

[The last question~ Ah In drew and opened the paper again. He smiled, nodded and said, “Thai.” Another question in Thai.]

MC: “We’ve talked yesterday that your Thai nickname is “Keng” [a kind of basket]. This question is: do you want to try Khanom Keng?” (Translation Note: Khanom Keng is a sticky rice steamed in a basket]

MC: “Khanom Keng is a kind of sweet meat that Thai of Chinese descends use in Chinese ceremonies. I don’t know what it’s made of.”

Fans [shouted]: “It is made of glutinous rice flour!”

YAI [understood]: “Ahhhhh~”

MC: “It’s delicious like you.” [Fans screammmmed!! LOL! Ah In laughed πŸ˜€ ]

MC: “Once you try it, you just can’t stop eating. And a lot of this sweetmeat in the rituals. Not only one keng, there are many kengs. Do you want to try?”

YAI [laughed]: “Yes, I’d like to try it.”

Fans: “Similar to tteok (Korean rice cake).”

YAI: “Ahhh~ yes, I have tried it.” [Then he said something, but we couldn’t hear what he said except for the last sentence to MC, “please make a joke from what I said.” LOL! Addicted to his jokes, Sik?

[MC didn’t have any idea, so he and Ah In said in unison, “Let’s pass. Pass!” LMAO these two!]

MC: “Next time, let’s prepare this menu for him.”

Fans [shouted]: “I can make it! Come to my house and I’ll make it for you!”

[Ah In made a surprised face and laughed, “Really?”]

MC [bent and whispered to Ah In]: “Be careful. Thai girls are dangerous.” kkkkk

[Ah In pointed his finger at all fans and shook his head in regret like, “you’re all notty ones…” Teehee!]


MC: “Next is the 3 special questions from the floor. It’s just easy… Raise your hand!!”

[Many fans raised their hands immediately. Ah In picked them randomly]

Fan: “Where do you love traveling to?”

YAI: “Does it mean in Thailand? I love swimming so I love traveling to those kind of places.” [Translation note: places where he can go swimming]

[Another fan shouted, “My house has a swimming pool!” [Fans laughed and screamed out loud! She indirectly asked Ah In to come to her house πŸ˜€ ]

MC: “Someone here is showing off that she’s rich! She said she has a swimming pool!” [We all laughed]

Next question~ again, Ah In pointed at one of the audience who raised hands.

Fan: “What do you have to do before filming the kiss scene, what kind of candy that you eat before that scene?”

[Fans screamed loudly again. After getting the explanation from Jaeyon, Ah In took his water bottle and drank again before giving his answer.]

YAI: “I rinse with mouthwash and brush my teeth, but sometimes I just smoke.” :p

[Last question. Since it was the last question, fans screamed frantically asking to be picked. Ah In pointed at one person in front of him.]MC: “What’s your question?”

Fan: “I don’t know, I just raised my hand first! [She looked SO nervous and couldn’t say anything. She just freezed!]

MC: “Okay! So you should ask something that hasn’t been asked on the stage yet, something that has never been asked, something that he’s never answered before, or something so deep and so good!”

[Fans laughed. So much pressures, Mr. MC!]

[While waiting for her to utter the question, another fan shouted, “Do you have a free time tonight?”] πŸ˜€

[MC heard and repeated her words out loud. Everyone screaaaaaaammmmmmmed!!! Kkkkk]

MC [back to the speechless fan]: “So, now the question is…?”

Fan: “While you’re going for military service, do you want some dog watching over your house?” [ROFL! Fans laughed and screaaammmed!]

[Ah In still didn’t know the meaning of the question for a second and he kept smiling, but after he heard the translation from Jae Yon, he laughed and bent his body.]

[MC repeated the question but he reworded it]

MC: “Do you want someone to take care of your house during enlistment?”

MC [continued with joke]: “But if you let this fan take care of your house, be careful, all food in your home will disappear.” [Ah In laughed]

MC [still joked]: “And if you say yes, not only her but all these (fans) will go to your house. I swear you house will be messed.”

YAI [still laughed]: “This is not a question.”

MC: “Okay, let’s ask her again.”

Fan: “Did you eat the food [snacks] that we brought for you? We tagged them with ‘This is from JYA’ [Ah In Thai fans club].”

YAI: “I didn’t eat it yet, but I’ll check and I’ll eat it immediately. Thank you.” [He smiled and bowed. Aww so sweet!]

MC [said to fan]: “Don’t be sorry [that Ah In still hadn’t eat it yet]. I confirm it was so good. [Everyone laughed] Oh I’m just kidding!”

MC: “That’s all for 5 questions from the box and 3 direct questions.”

[Someone screamed out loud, like “Mooooreee!”]

YAI: “OK, let’s have one more question.”

[Fans screamed wildly]

MC: “Please give him an applause~ Yoo Ah In allowed one more question.” [Fans applauded. Ah In too, and he slightly bowed again]

[Fans screamed frantically and shouted his name from every directions to get picked, Ah In looked around and finally he pointed at one fan.]

Fan: “Which part of your body that you like the most? Why?”

MC: “Oooooh!”

[Ah In didn’t say a word but only smiled… and slowly pouted his lips, squinted his eyes and laughed~ kkkkk πŸ˜€ ]

[Fans screaaaaaaammmmmmmed!!]

[Ah In still continued pouting while raising his hand up, and his index finger pointed at his lips]

[And then he turned around a little and pointed at his butt. Lol!!]

MC: “Why lips?”

YAI: “I feel confident with my lips~^^”

MC: “Some said this type of lips is good in kissing.”

YAI: “Thank you.”

[Fans screaaaammmmed SO loud!!!]

MC: “And why butt?”

YAI [laughed]: “I’m just kidding!” [He laughed embarrassingly. Kkkk…]

MC: “So we finished with this part, and the next part is ‘Ain’s Room’. We’ll find one lucky fan to get on the stage, sip a cup of tea, make eye contact with Ah In in this tea time. Only one lucky fan will be here. Ah In will prepare for the tea. The lucky fan will have one minute of dating with Yoo Ah In, and can do anything during that one minute time.”

[The giant screen on the stage displayed the tea time scene from drama Jang Ok Jung]


End of β€œgames” segment

– To be continued to Part 3 –

Check more photos in our album here


Photos: SIKseekers, DC, Neo Creation, Baidu, iidoktong, icoffeelike, janeizm, and Instagram accounts

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