[FAN STORY] Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting 2014: Thank you so much Yoo Ah In!

This is the story from our friend Ploy, supposedly the luckiest fan in Thailand Fanmeeting. She got to get on the stage and reenact the Sungkyunkwan Scandal “arrow practice” scene with Yoo Ah In (check the video & the game’s story here), and her funny question (more like a confession πŸ˜€ ) got his answer directly!

As we’ve written before, tickets for Bangkok Fanmeeting have different benefit based on the price. The VIP ticket holders got to attend the press conference, received a pre-signed poster directly from him in the press conference and got to High Touch (high-five) with him in the fanmeeting, while other ticket price categories received poster and or got high touch only.

Two weeks before the fanmeeting, the EO issued the new ticket batch in a very affordable price. The ticket didn’t have any benefits like others. However, they made a lottery for this batch so some of the people who bought the lowest price ticket could stand a chance to win the High Touch.

Here’s Ploy’s fan story~ ^^

I bought a ticket which gave me a chance to pick a ball [the lottery] for High Touch, but I didn’t have any luck. I picked the wrong ball. The staff teased me to try again, but I still got no luck. How stupid I was hahaha… So I exchanged [upgraded] my ticket to the one that had the High Touch benefit.

Before I entered the auditorium, they asked me to write a question and put it into the question box in front of the hall. I wrote to him that I tried picking the lucky ball many times but I had no luck, so I changed my ticket for the sake of YOO~β™₯

In the fanmeeting, when Ah In was picking the seat number from the box for reenacting drama scenes with lucky fans, I didn’t think I would get that chance. But who knows….He picked my seat number!! AAAAAAAHHHHHhhhhhh!!!!

When MC mentioned my seat number, I felt it was so amazing. When I came up the stage, I was so excited. I saw Ah In in front of me, he was so close. He looked really nice and got a super duper cute smile πŸ˜€

Before MC turned to me to ask about what I liked from him, I already knew what I wanted to answer. But you know, when I was on the stage I was too excited. My head was blank. I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say! lol!

[Note: MC asked her if she was ready, she replied that she wasn’t ready. So the MC playfully told other fans to replace her :p]

When I had to do the same scene in the series, I was so excited. I think he knew it because my hands were shaking~ lol. It was so terrific that he stood behind me and touched my hands. How could I imagine that was really happened to me! >\\\\<


After that, Ah In gave me a very warm hug. His chin was on my head >\\\\\\\\\\<

In the Q&A segment, Ah In picked my question paper. It was not a question, but rather, my feeling about why I didn’t have any luck with you. Ah In told me, “You’re a lucky girl, you were on the stage with me.”

I can’t believe that I got two lucky chances with YOO. I don’t know how to say it, but I’m so happyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Thank you so much YOO AH IN. I really love the way you are~β™₯

Ploy @ollPloYllo


PS: Before leaving the stage, Ploy asked the MC if she could keep the lucky ball for herself. She was the only one among 4 lucky fans who dared asking for the ball, and he gave it to her! Cool! Now she got the ball as the part of her precious memory πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing this story, Ploy!


One Response to “[FAN STORY] Yoo Ah In Thailand Fanmeeting 2014: Thank you so much Yoo Ah In!”
  1. Laura says:

    Cute! And lucky fan!

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