Yoo Ah In Instagram/Weibo Update Dec.2014 ~ 05 Jan.2015: Work & Vacation

Having completed his Thailand Fanmeeting Tour on 29th November 2014, Yoo Ah In spent one more week in Bangkok for a vacation. He then headed to Shanghai for China Fanmeeting Tour, which was held on the 7th December.

After he wrapped up the fan meeting in Shanghai, Yoo Ah In flew straight to Tokyo, Japan, for the two weeks of vacation-slash-work with his team from Studio Concrete, before spending the Christmas holidays at home.

Let’s check out what he had been up to during the whole one month ^^

2014.12.02 – Stuck in the middle of Bangkok traffic jam with friends and killed the time by snapping photo and puckering his luscious lips πŸ˜€


2014.12.04 – Yoo Ah In wrote a heartwarming message to his Chinese fans in his Weibo account prior to the fanmeeting. Check the translations HERE


2014.12.06 – Yoo Ah In posted his reflection image from inside the airplane around 1.30 am, and said goodbye to Bangkok using cute icons ^^ What a late flight you had! Errr…did you pucker your lips again?


2014.12.09 – Yoo Ah In updated his blurred photo with background Shanghai high-rises in his Weibo at night, with comment, “Goodbye Shanghai, good night Shanghai”, after leaving China earlier in the morning.


2014.12.10 (1AM KST) – On the same day with his weibo update (different time zone), Yoo Ah In posted the same photo, but with different comment, “nite nite” ^^ Cute!


2014.12.13 – Yoo Ah In had a hearty Japanese dinner with his friends in Tokyo


2014.12.13 – Enjoying Tokyo from his hotel in Roppongi area, Yoo Ah In stood by the window with Tokyo Tower view outside. Look at his “startling” expression πŸ˜€


2014.12.14 – Another fun gathering with friends in Tokyo. Love his style! (Minus the smoking). And what a funny legs-wide-open pose :p


2014.12.14 – Yoo Ah In posted a picture of tree branches in his instagram account, still from Tokyo, around 7.55 PM KST. Looked gloomy, but it didn’t snow yet while Seoul was hit by a heavy snowstorm. Lucky YOO ^^


2014.12.17 – Yoo Ah In posted his sexy back photo while he was looking at the city of Tokyo in his instagram, and he commented, “Don’t look back”. Yes, just keep going forward, Master Sik!


2014.12.20 – Photographer Sik was back in Seoul and had some works begin with his colleagues. Must be freezing outside!


2014.12.24 – Of course he didn’t miss the Christmas party with his hommies, and kept taking pictures ^^


2014.12.26 – Yoo Ah In posted in his instagram again what seems to be either a Christmas cake, or spaghetti with spinach sauce photo, and commented with Christmas tree icon, as his way to say Merry Christmas to us πŸ˜€


2014.12.28 – Chef Sik is in action! Yoo Ah In was lending his skillful hands for ahjumma in a humble Korean eatery! What a good way to spend the weekend ^^


2015.01.01 – In a fun New Year Party with his friends, and still managed to take some pictures while having a bottoms up


2015.01.02 – Wide open leeegggsss! πŸ˜€ Having a relaxing Friday between the messy boxes. He was getting ready for another project with Studio Concrete. Love seeing his dirty shoes, btw πŸ˜‰


2015.01.03 – Yoo Ah In sent his New Year’s greetings and thoughts in his Facebook. Check the translations HERE. And in the evening, he attended his friend’s birthday party. He sure was having fun!


2015.01.05 – Yoo Ah In postedΒ Eddi Higgins Trio “Bewitched” jazz album photo in his instagram around 3.30 AM KST, with his comment: “Nite nite #EDDIEHIGGINSTRIO”
Eddi Higgins Trio is a jazz trio from Chicago which is hugely popular in South Korea and Japan. Some of their hits are My Funny Valentine, Someone to Watch Over Me, I Should Care, and Lush Life.

Through the 2001 “Bewitched” album, Eddi Higgins started his music career in Japan and gained fame as the album became popular. This trio played together until Higgins died in 2009. Here’s the video of Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered~


Such a soothing music for a good night [or morning] sleep ^^ Hope you and YOO have so much more fun in 2015!


Photos source: Yoo Ah In’s instagram, weibo, and his friend’s IG

3 Responses to “Yoo Ah In Instagram/Weibo Update Dec.2014 ~ 05 Jan.2015: Work & Vacation”
  1. Jen says:

    Such a happy camper. Love everything he does^^

  2. Laura says:

    Awww Chef Sik doing a good deed! β™₯

  3. Sow says:

    Can’t wait for his next art project!

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