[VIDEOS & TRANSLATIONS] Yoo Ah In Plays PD in McCafé CF Stories

Yoo Ah In is featured in McCafé’s online advertisements on Naver front page 🙂


McCafé’s events advertisement on McDonald’s official website~^^


As previously reported, Yoo Ah In had his first directing début in McDonald’s McCafé commercial films with his Studio Concrete team, and he collaborated with the Beyond Closet for the wardrobes fashion.

In the McCafé CF part 1 (check here), Yoo Ah In is taking selfies and giggling over a cup of coffee while holding the camera in the fitting room, uploading his selfies to SNS, and happily receiving the responses, just to realizes in the end that he is locked out of the room, and recorded by the surveillance camera.

The story continues on part 2 and 3 in the commercial films which just released altogether on January 29th. Both of these CFs tell behind-the-shooting stories. As you can see, Yoo Ah In is having the time of his life being a good model-slash-PD, and almost taking charge of the whole situation.

He is undoubtedly an assertive, detailed, mood-maker and high-spirited model. And most importantly, he knows what he is doing and he is having so much fun with the site crews! 😀


McCafé CF part 2 : The Making Of & Choosing Style

McCafé part 3 : Choosing Music

Let’s check the supah cute GIFs first!


Now, here are the brief translations on each CF:

(Translated by @Furbabe)

CF Part #1

McCafé shooting

“Is it true that this will be up on instagram?”

“Is it okay if I upload this to my official instagram?”

Let’s drink McCafé!

“McCafé… McCafé…”

“Orange… instant pleasure needed”

Ah In smiles to the REC camera video and does various selfie expressions ^^

“Ok, ok, good!”

Typing on his iPhone

“Yoo Ah In McCafé directing début publicity”

His face pops up on the screen

Drinking while watching everyone’s reaction 😀

Someone from the other side of the door calls him to go out


Cheerfully wearing a cap

“Let’s do it well!”

Goes to the door, turns the doorknob but fails

“Huh? Whoa… (looking at surveillance camera) Are you just taking my pictures secretly?! ㅠㅠ”

Let’s drink McCafé!


CF Part #2  Yoo Ah In picks the fashion style

“I won’t do this twice!”

He laughs while posing

“Enough, enough~”

Let’s drink McCafé!

McCafé shooting

“Annyeong haseyo~^^ Annyeong haseyo~^^ “

Staff, “Oppa, can you take a look at the costumes?”

“Too heavy”

Staff, “Heavy? Well, what about the cardigan?”

“Is coffee advertisement not supposed to be this heavy?”

Checks his own dress on the mirror

Idea comes to his mind

“Haha.. Hey, what about this?”

Staff, “Wearing this?”

“Let’s try taking some shots several times, and I’ll change my dress after that”

They go on the photoshoot

Photographer, “It’d be better if you show the logo”

“I got it”

Ah In turns the cup around to show the logo

They check the VTR

“Isn’t it fresh?”

Staff, “Because of your costume”

Everyone applause

“What’s with that awkward applause?”

Everyone laughs

Let’s drink McCafé!


CF Part #3  Yoo Ah In picks the music

Let’s drink McCafé!


2015.1.8 McCafé shooting

Staff, “Please turn around a bit with the cup to look better”

Photographer gives instructions to Ah In while he keeps smiling

Photographer, “Do it slowly. Don’t laugh too much. Smell the scent”

Classics music at the background. Ah In smells the coffee

“Wait a minute”

“Isn’t this no different with what we always watch on TV?”

“This way, it just becomes a common coffee commercial”

Makes a smell gesture over the cup and laughs

“Whoever drinks coffee like this?”

“Since it’s a routine habit, it’s supposed to be fun~ you gotta have that feel…”

Photographer, “Well…”

“Wait a minute”

“Who picked the music?”

Photographer looks back, “Music…”

“Who listens to the classics while drinking coffee these days?”

Ah In searches the song on the tab

They resume the shooting with upbeat song and full of laughter


“Let’s watch it!”

“Thumbs up, thumbs up, thumbs up…”

Ah In bounces and bounces happily

“Yay yay yay that’s a wrap!”

Let’s drink McCafé!

😀 😀 😀


And last but not least, here comes some cute screencaps! ^^

Check more photos of Master Sik for McDonald’s in our Facebook Album.

© Yoo Ah In Sikseekland International Fans Community


Screencaps & photos: McDonald’s Korea, YAI Sikseekland Admin, DC

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  1. Laura says:

    Such a demanding but endearing boss! XD

  2. Phuong nguyen says:

    Everytime he smiles, i can’t sleep. Uwish he keeps his smile and happy forever. Thank you For sharing with us.

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